Friday 19 October 2018

2018 #18 Stamping Platforms: Gel-Shapes with EDY {by Christine Dark}

 2018 Topic 18: Stamp Platform Techniques

Well I'm not one to prick your conscience, (maybe its mine being pricked here!) but I am in awe that Chris has not only shared a handy gel-shape and stamp platform idea for you, but also that she has made a superb start with her Christmas cards. And all that with just one Darcy set of stamps and a fine touch of infusions!! I'm pinning this ! ~Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Chris Dark with you tonight and I'd like to share with you some cards I've made with the aid of my stamping platform.

I was a big fan of my platform as soon as I bought it - which is why I was attracted to create something for this topic. The platform saved me a lot of stamping card because those little un-inked areas you can end up with when you missed with the ink pad or didn't quite press down correctly are easily rectified by simply re-stamping with the lid of the platform. That was my main reason for purchasing, but there are so many more ideas for the platforms which you'll see this fortnight from all the PA bloggers who are blogging techniques. 

My technique here doesn't really need a stamp platform, it can be done with an acrylic block but having one does make things much easier. I've worked with infusions spritzed with water on gel plate shapes and this way I don't have any dripping of the ink, as the gel shape is already accurately placed ready for stamping down. 

A fine mist with the water spritzer is key here, I over sprayed on some impressions leaving a bit of seepage from underneath but I like the effect; I think it works with solid geometric shapes like these. On the card above I used a star shape and I've also used a square gel shape in another card, these are a much thinner version of gel plate shapes so I didn't find them as easy to use as a regular thickness gel plate with paint but as a solid gel shape for this technique they were perfect. 

I was lucky enough to play with one of Darcy's gorgeous new Christmas Stamp sets, this sweet polar bear comes from Set EDY 26. All my colouring throughout the cards is with Inktense pencils and colour pencils with backgrounds of Infusions in Slime, Lemoncello, Royal Blood, Rusty Car, Golden Sands and Emerald Isle. All my finishing touches are with white and gold gel pens, some ink spattering and on two of the cards I used the platform just for aligning my sentiment which eliminates wonky mistakes when your card is almost finished.

I placed my star gel-shape, sprinkled sparingly with Infusions, spritzed lightly with water then closed the lid of the stamp platform and stamped down.

After each stamping I re-positioned the gel star shape. 

After re-positioning it, the lid is closed down and the gel-shape is picked up on the inside.

I moved my card along a few centimetres on the platform base so that I could stamp off the edges of the card and I changed colours with each stamping. I continued until my card piece was filled.

On this card I used the square from the gel shape set and used them as backdrops for the wee three kings stamps from Darcy's set, I coloured to match the backgrounds and kept the rest of the card plain.

I used the platform to line up my word-stamping for this card, it really helps with aligning sentiments as you can see through the grid before you stamp that the words are in line with the grid.

Again the stamp alignment helped on this card and I had fun with the Infusions backgrounds here as well.

I enjoyed using the infusions to make my backgrounds, it's always fun to see the effects you'll get with the crystals and variations of colours within them and using the platform very much speeded up my process.

The other advantage of using the platform is it reduces dripping which I would certainly have had a lot of if I'd used an acrylic block and needed to spritz it before deciding on the placement.  Darcy's stamps are so sweet too and a real pleasure to colour in with plenty of open areas for using your paints, pens or pencils. I hope you'll join in with the challenge and have a try of all the variations of stamp platform techniques being brought to the blog for this topic.

Thanks for joining me tonight.
Chris x

Instgram: @chrisd999

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Dortesjs said...

awsome, love it

Helen said...

great cards; love the backgrounds and those super cute images

Miriam said...

Oh wow. These are great Chris. Great use if the platform and finished cards are brilliant.

Etsuko said...

Great gel stars background with infusion and love how you have used Darcy's new Christmas stamps. xx

Jennie Atkinson said...

Great use of the platform! and I love the finished cards.

Connie said...

These stamps are delightful and of course you, sweet talented friend, turn them into little pieces of art. I love visiting your blog!
Connie :)

Mac Mable said...

Great example of how the platform is so useful. So enjoyed reading the post, thank you x.

Darcy Marshall said...

Loving the 'wee three kings' the most, xmas puds have never looked so good. Those colours are just WOW!

Corrie Herriman said...

These are all fantastic but my fave are the three little kings ! Great colouring on the images ! x

mrs blue banana said...

Love the gelli background mini shapes... where can you buy those from, searches online only bring up squares and triangles 😔.... but awsome cards, thankyou for sharing