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2018 Topic 19: Tissue Paper {Topic Introduction and Challenge}

 2018 Topic 19: Tissue Paper

Hi again everyone, as things cool down weather wise here in the Northern hempishere, we all start to hunker down and twiddle our thumbs a bit. School kids are settled, Christmas is still a way off, so its time for some me-time for you! Well I'm sure you are all busy, but as the night close in, it does seem to make sense to door more indoorsy activities!  

Perhaps I can tickle your fancy with a new topic? This one was snapped up by our bloggers (they get to choose what topics they blog) so I'm guessing it might be popular with you too. It's all about translucency and texture. Humble Tissue Paper can be magical as the uses are so varied, it can completely transform a project, whether stained, waxed attached to fabric with maybe stitches or glue. Sometimes it is tricky to use because of its fragility, but perseverance pays off. We have a wealth of ideas this topic for your enjoyment, and don't forget to follow our Pinterest boards for plenty more ideas too!

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 18: Stamping Platforms Challenge...

The winner is: Flo Langley . Flo actually submitted a couple of gorgeous posts this challenge, and got the most out of her detailed stamps using her platform!

Thanks to everyone who joined in!
Email Leandra to claim your prize. 

Tissue paper has been around a long time, at least since the 19th century, it is very thin and translucent and has been used for packaging, cushioning and decoration. It is available in white and a whole myriad of colours, and more recently we find patterned tissue, from bold stripes and spots to flowers and text. Of course you can colour your own tissue with ink, and you can stamp all over it. Tissue paper has also been used as a musical instrument, the paper was wrapped around a hair comb and once blown it created sounds like a kazoo. 

Tissue paper is perfect for combining with thin wire, these two lightweight mediums can be fashioned into limitless shapes, for example this mobile. It was inspired by the work of Alexander Calder.

Catherine de Chabaneix, Sophie Cuvelier
As in the photo at the top of this post, tissue can create fabulous texture. Here a humble plate has been transformed and made to look so much more. 

A really magical use for tissue paper is stamping and applying to candles, if you have never tried this technique you really must give it a go. The paper melts into the candle and all but disappears, leaving behind the stamping. So clever!

Arielle H Gordon
Tissue paper has also been used as dressing making patterns for a long time, through expensive when new, they can be found in second hand shops for very little. they are beautiful shades of cream, yellow and brown and can be used in artwork. 

Etienne GĂ©linas 
Another decoupage example here, but instead of glueing to the front of the substrate the paper is attached to the back. This plate is clear glass and so the tissue paper and text will show through. 

Tissue paper, because it is so lightweight, makes the perfect substrate to use in jewellery. these pendants are beautiful. Don't forget resin paper is another version of this too.

Andrea Ockey Parr
Because tissue paper is cheap, absorbent and grabs even tiny details is makes for a great paper to use on gelli plates, you have to work carefully as the paint will grab the tissue and tears can happen. Work slowly and you can achieve magic. As the paint layers build the tissue becomes so much stronger and robust - perfect for sewing!

Linda Germain
More gelli action now from Birgit Koopsen, here she prints off lots of sheets and then layers them up. It is a great blog post, click through to see it. 

Birgit Koopsen
Tissue paper is translucent, this means you can paint on the back of the paper and the colours will show through. Watch as Leandra shows you how to do this technique. 

These leaves and tiny flowers were die cut from printed tissue paper and then dropped into UTEE in a melting pot, click through to see a step by step project. They are encased in UTEE, but still retain their delicate nature and translucency. 

Tammy Tutterow
Another video now, this time from Marta, watch how she stamps onto tissue, then tear out her images and apply them to a journal page before adding colour. 

Some coloured tissue paper will bleed when you wet it, this picture was created with 'bleeding' tissue paper . the paper is cut out and laid on the canvas then water is added, simple as that, the colour bleeds and the paper can be removed leaving behind the colour. 

Not all tissue bleeds in this way, so you will need to test your paper. 

Finally, using tissue paper with resin gives you a beautiful ethereal almost plastic substrate which becomes strong enough to make covers and pages for a little book. Click through to see all the stages this went through. 

Susan Weckesser
I hope that has given you loads of inspiration, tissue is something we all have and it is so versatile, Have a great 2 weeks and don't forget to link up so we can see what you make. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Leandra

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