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NEW PaperArtsy Products {Kay Carley} Jan 2018

NEW Eclectica³ {Kay Carley} Jan 2018

Kay goes from strength to strength, and her designs are so beautiful and delicate. She's really enjoyed developing stencils that work well with all the designs too; you can mix and match, but sometimes they directly partner up. I think you're going to have fun with these!

Hi everyone, Kay here to show you my newest stamps designed for PaperArtsy

Last year I designed sets of stamps all based on wildflower imagery but for 2018 I couldn't think of what other wildflowers I wanted to draw so instead I've mixed it up a bit and gone with some 'completely made up, doodled imagery'!! You will find that most of the mini stamps in this collection will work perfectly with all of my new stamp sets as well as the older ones and as you will see from some of my samples, you can mix and match the stamp sets too!! I particularly like to add 'layers' when I'm creating so you will often find images on each of my stamp sets that can be used for backgrounds. Combine these with the new stencils and there is then so many choices and possibilities! However if 'clean and simple' is your thing this can easily be achieved too.

Today there are 3 blog posts to enjoy, from myself, Ellie Knol and Helen Chilton. It is always lovely for me to see how others interpret my stamps and as you will see (in the next post at 7.30pm) Ellie has given the stamps a soft almost ethereal feel whereas Helen (in the post at 8pm) has gone with bold, striking layers. Our blog posts will publish within 30 mins of each other. My very sincere thanks to both of them for helping me out with this release :) !!!

Let's start with some ideas with each of the new products.

 Eclectica Minis
This year we are excited to release 8 mini stamps under Kay's range. Minis are small credit card sized stamps. They are super handy images that are designed to work with the bigger sets, or they could be stand alone designs that can be used on a tag or card front. 

The codes are Eclectica³ Mini 25 (EM25) through to Eclectica³ Mini 32 (EM32).

Below are a few piccies of how I have used some of the above minis in my creations for this release!


Only a very posh birdhouse will do for my little birds complete with windows and a door!! With this mini stamp set you have the choice of either having a hanging birdhouse using the dotty line as a chain or use the post for a standing birdhouse.


This is the smaller butterfly which is such a handy size to pop in among your imagery - I often like to stamp mine onto a separate piece of card, cut it out and shape it before gluing into place as this adds great dimension to your project and brings the butterflies to life....well....almost!!!


This picture shows the larger dragonfly from EM27 so as you can see both sizes are extremely usable to dot around flowers etc... You will find that for EM25, EM26 and EM27 that you need to snip between the images on each mini with a pair of scissors so that you can use each stamp individually :)

EM28, 29, 30 & 31

When I designed these three flower framed minis I always pictured being able to use them as a triptych although of course they work really well individually too. (The words added here have been taken from EKC12.) Plus you can see that I have stamped and embossed EM31 as a border along the top and base of the triptych. Originally I had designed EM31 as a swirly branch that the birdhouse could be hung from but it makes great borders and accents too!


EM32 was again designed to go with the birdhouse mini but these little flowers are just the right size to dot around the base of the larger flowers from the stamp sets. I have snipped my mini flowers apart from each other so that they can be used individually too.

Stamps Sets (A5 size), Stencils (6.25" x 7")
As you can see in this section below, Kay has created a beautiful array of stamp sets that we sense are going to be super popular. Not only will they work with her previous designs perfectly, but there are also stencils that fit well into the mix too, some of which directly partner the stamp set, and others that are more general in style.

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 12 (EKC12)

Hopeful Blooms

This shows how I like to create layers using my stamps and this year I left enough room between the words so that they could be snipped apart and used individually. You might also spot a couple of my new stencils in the background too!

You will find that this background sprig is available as a stencil too which is super handy to have to use with all the other stamp sets but here you can see that I used PS080 very faintly as these tall grasses work perfectly with the tall flowers even though this stencil wasn't designed specifically to go with this stamp set!

PaperArtsy Stencil 075 (PS075)

Pastel Blooms

I created this panel to show you what can be achieved just using this stencil on it's own without incorporating any of the images from the matching stamp set at all!! I honestly believe there are just so many different ways of using this whole collection as they all mix together so well :). If you wanted to, you could simply doodle around these flowers with a fine pigment pen and they would then look as if they have been stamped! Or stamp the flowers from EKC12, cut them out and 3D them to create even more depth to this very simple panel.

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 14 (EKC14)

Purple Blooms

As I keep mentioning there are just so many different possibilities when using items throughout this collection - although this stamp set does have it's own words I chose to use words from EKC16 as I felt they were rather apt! You can see that those mini EM32 flowers made an appearance on here too!

Although I haven't done it for this sample (as I chose to add a 3D butterfly instead), these  tall flowers look really great when cut out and 3D'd which is really easy to do being that each flower is separate.

PaperArtsy Stencil 076 (PS076)

Purple Blooms

You can see that I used the stencil on this sample to create some background imagery and depth before stamping my main imagery. Of course the really great thing with stencils is that you can 'flip' them and have your imagery also going in the opposite direction!

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 16 (EKC16)

Spring into Summer

This stamp set has got two sizes of trees on it. Here I stamped the larger one and used the smaller tree from the co-ordinating stencil to create this 6x6 card but being that you have two sizes of trees on both the stamp set and the stencil it opens up the possibilities of creating so many different sizes and types of projects.

I just couldn't resist adding my little bird flying in to land into the grass on this sample. You could even add the standing bird onto one of the tree branches :).

PaperArtsy Stencil 079 (PS079)


This panel shows how you can use the matching stencil to EKC16 very simply by itself if you so wish. To me this is just crying out to be done with Grunge Paste! (PS. I have a confession to make.........this stencil really caused me a headache to get right but I think it was worth it in the end and I now love it!!)

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 13 (EKC13)

Daisy, Daisy

My flowers with straight stems have made a come back for this stamp set because as I'm sure you all know by now I love to have flowers that I can bend and manipulate but at the same time if you want to create more 'stylised' flowers and keep the stems upright you can do that too ;). (Dare I mention that 'p' word many 'possibilities'!!! Lol!!)

Don't forget you can always add your own doodles to any of the imagery, just like I did here.........adding white dots trailing down around the main stems of the daisies. You can also see that I used stencil PS080 as a faint background for my flowers. This is just a perfect stencil to add foliage in amongst tall flowers.

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 15 (EKC15)

Lovely Day

With this stamp set I thought it would be fun to offer you 'components' to build your own flowers which can also be layered up if you so wish. You'll notice that I used some mini's too! Personally I think this stamp set  would also be a fab set for journal pages ;).

This curly stem also makes great background foliage and don't forget that the straight stem in this set doesn't have to remain straight!

Eclectica³ Kay Carley Set 17 (EKC17)

A Quiet Walk

Although this has many layers it was really quick to achieve as there was no painting required just different colours of ink pads. Having different sizes and types of grasses makes this sort of 'layered stamping' really easy to achieve. (The little yellow butterflies were stencilled using PS080.)

The only extra detail I added to the imagery was little white highlights to the black grasses using a white gel pen. Although this grass set  works really well on it's own it was really designed to be used in conjunction with all of my other flower stamp sets so I'm sure you will see elements from this stamp set popping up a lot on my future projects!

PaperArtsy Stencil 077 (PS077)

Embossed Swirls

Instead of sharing a finished sample or panel for this stencil (as you will have already seen this making an appearance on some of the samples), I instead wanted to share a technique with you as the fabulous thing with this stencil and also stencils PS078 and PS080 is that they are background stencils which can be used in their entirety, meaning that you can pop them through your die-cutting machine with an embossing mat and emboss them :). You won't ever get a 'deep embossed impression' like you do with an embossing folder but you can certainly achieve a light embossed background. For the second picture, I painted the embossed background with Mermaid Fresco then lightly rubbed Wisteria Fresco over the panel with a wet baby wipe to pick out the embossing.

PaperArtsy Stencil 078 (PS078)

Embossed Pinwheels

This takes the same previous background idea but adds another layer to it. This time after lightly applying Wisteria with a wet baby wipe, stencil parts of the design onto the background with Snowflake Fresco.

PaperArtsy Stencil 080 (PS080)

A couple of ideas using PS080

Again, rather than showing you a finished sample I thought I'd show you what the stencil looks like on it's own without anything detracting from it. This is another stencil that could be run through a die-cutting machine with an embossing mat to give a lightly embossed impression but as you will have seen from some of the samples already I have used it a lot as a background for my flowers, as in the second picture, where I keep the imagery very much tone on tone. But see how it looks completely different in the first picture, when you stencil it using different colours. You could then add some cut out stamped imagery over the top of this which would look really effective. Or add this stencil as your final layer over a stamped composition using Grunge Paste. I'm VERY tempted to use that 'p' word again..................but I won't!!

Finally I thought it would be great to show you a few more samples where I have mixed and matched stamps and stencils as I just couldn't stop playing with these products!!

Where Flowers Bloom

Above using EKC12, EKC17 and PS075 (EKC12's matching stencil!).

May All Your Weeds

Above using EKC13, EKC17, EM27, EM31, PS077, PS078, PS080. (Lots of stamps and stencils on this one - lol!!)

See the Beauty

Above using EKC14, EM25, PS075 and PS077.

Bold Bloom

Above using EKC15, EM25, EM31 and PS076.


Above using EKC16, EKC17, EM25, EM26, EM31 and PS079.


Above using EKC16, EKC17, EM25, EM32, PS077 and PS078.

Grassy Field

Above using EKC17, EM26 and PS080.

I hope that all these samples have given you a few ideas as to how this collection can be used but more importantly I really hope that you feel inspired to have a go at using these stamps yourselves and creating some wonderful projects and works of art.

Kay xx


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Beautiful Kay

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Oh Kay what a fanradtic collection. I love them all! Beautiful samples too.

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Wow! You HAVE been busy. Congratulations! Lx

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Lots to choose from with these new stamps and stencils. The samples are beautiful.

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So many beauties!!! The little birds and the birdhouse became one of my favourites!!! But I love them all!!!

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Absolutely love your stamps and your beautiful samples!

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These new stamps and stencils are just lovely, Kay - I particularly love the meadow grasses, and those blossom trees are so pretty. Congratulations on another fab release!
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