Wednesday 15 November 2017

2017 #17 White: French Boudoir with Squiggly Ink {by Liz Borer}

2017 Topic 17: Shades of White

Liz has created one of her trademark projects for this post. Lots of wonderful details. If you want something to get your teeth into, this is a great idea and works so well in this colourway.

Hi there everyone I'm so glad to be back with another blog post for PaperArtsy. 

I've been very quiet recently due to many things happening in my life which include my daughter's wedding and moving house! Needless to say my craft stash is in great disarray due to the move so I had to use the stamps I could find. As for the embellishments, well again I had to use what I could find in the chaos.

Instead of my normal style of describing how I did this I am writing it as an inspirational piece as well as some description of what I did.This is mainly because I made the box I used into a kind of printers tray with apertures. I did this because I wanted wide, flat divisions between the apertures so I could decorate them. I used greyboard for this and white foam board behind the divisions to create the 'walls'. The added advantage to this was that I didn't have to paint them as they were already white!

I decided that I would need some colour in this project to make the white stand out. Therefore I painted the frame with London Night. Once dry I applied Crackle Glaze randomly and once dry I painted the whole frame with Chalk. This allowed a little variation in colour but kept the frame basically white.

Next I found a floral stencil and spread Grunge Paste through it onto the frame. Again it's white so I didn't have to paint over it. I rubbed a little Treasure Gold in White Fire over the raised areas. Frame finished!

The greyboard panel was painted with Lake Wanaka and then with Chalk. I then sanded the white off in places to get a subtle grey colour before using more Grunge Paste through a different stencil. I added more Treasure Gold as before. 

I stamped some script (from Stamp Set HP1303) using Watering Can Archival ink which I used for all the stamping as it blended with the colour scheme. I also created a very subtle effect stamping flowers from EEB03 and iridescent embossing powder.

The backgrounds for each aperture were cut from a piece of card that I had painted first with Chalk. After that was dry I applied Lake Wanaka, London Night and Mermaid paint randomly over the white base coat using a wet wipe and just swirling the colours over the card. To add some gold I mixed the Treasure Gold with alcohol ink blending solution to make a paint and rubbed this here and there over the card. Finally I swirled more Chalk paint with a wet wipe over the colours to lighten them.

So that's really all I wanted to say about the box and frame.

To complete the backgrounds of each aperture, I stamped and embossed with Ivory embossing powder various designs onto the card prepared above.

Top left and middle left  used EEB05. Middle behind lady I used HP1305. Top right I used HP1009 and Lower right behind bucket I used EEB03.
I left the others plain because they were covered by embellishments.

Before I started this project I had decided to decorate the frame as I have described but I hadn't really thought about how I would finish it. When I looked at the colours and the finish it reminded me of a French ladies boudoir which is why I have set out the embellishments as they are .

I made the bookcase out of greyboard and painted it with Chalk paint. The books are also greyboard painted white. The beauty of these paints is that they adhere to glass so I painted the bottles white.

The stamping on the books and bottles is from  the stamp from HP1216 which is mainly words.  A tiny fragment of this stamp looks great on these little pieces.

Most of the embellishments are painted with a base colour before adding white on top. In this picture the bucket was painted with Lake Wanaka and Crackle Glaze before the white. 

The poppy seed heads were painted with London Night before dry brushing with white. I added a little glitter embossing powder to them.

Frame: I stamped the face from EEB03 onto a scrap of the background paper and embossed with gold.

The gold 'jar' was a Christmas glass Bauble painted with White Fire Treasure Gold and while painting it I also painted the bottle gold. When that was dry I added Crackle Glaze with white paint over it. I liked the effect of the gold showing through the cracks.

Again I made the table from greyboard and a wooden knob, painted white. I stamped the little bottles as before using HP1216.

Obviously I have added other embellishments but I just wanted to comment on how I coloured Some of them.l hope you have enjoyed my ideas and perhaps they have inspired you. 

Bye for now.

Wow, what a stunner Liz! I love how the tiniest elements all come together perfectly. This is simply beautiful!! ~Leandra

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Helen said...

oh, Liz this is so beautiful!! Congratulations to your daughter and I hope your craft room in your new house is soon all organised!!

Craftyfield said...

All these miniatures look wonderful in that printer's tray, just like a small version of a dresser!

Miriam said...

This is beautiful Liz

SewPaperPaint said...

What an amazing project and beautiful use of these stamps! I love the soft color and tucked away little treasures. Hugs, Autumn

Daniele said...

Lovely to see your work Liz, so pretty and detailed, a really grest project x

Kirsten said...

My very first thought on seeing this was "Marie Antoinette"! I think she would have loved to have this beautiful piece in her boudoir.

Unknown said...

Amazing Liz, so many details, it is stunning xx


Words and Pictures said...

Just magical - all those tiny bottles and jars, and they do look amazing with just that touch of stamping. Beautiful shades of white and White Fire!
Alison x

Anneke said...

Lots of lovely details, wow! Fabulous project Liz!

Corrie Herriman said...

How beautiful is that ! Gorgeous !
Corrie x

Artmadnana said...

This is so beautiful Liz. I love looking at all of the contents. Such detail! What a Labour of love. I keep going back to see each little aperture time and again. It really is exquisite. I'm reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton at the moment so this is particularly evocative for me. A real cabinet of curios. Delicious. A great interpretation of 'White on white'.

Urban Mermaid said...

Wow, Liz this is so gorgeous! Do you sell these or smaller versions? I would love to give these as gifts to my friends and family. Love it! x

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is absolutely glorioys, Liz. Always love your delicate and beautiful wirk,

Lucy x

Lys said...

A pure delight, so elegant boudoir! I love it!

Art By Wanda said...


pearshapedcrafting said...

This really is so beautiful!

CastleKelly Crafts said...

An absolute joy Liz, so lovely. X

craftimamma said...

How beautiful! So much detail it keeps pulling you back for another look.

Lesley Xx

Unknown said...

This has to but the best shadow box I have ever seen, it’s absolutely stunning, so much detail in every section. Beautiful xxx

Mac Mable said...

So much to look at and be inspired by. Amazing and so creative x