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2017 #17 White: White on White Mobile with ESA {by Alison Bomber}

2017 Topic 17: Shades of White

From all things rust to all things white. Quite a contrast in these Topics, but we do love a challenge, and working with shades of white can be exactly that, but once you start to look at texture, shiny vs matte or sparkle, you have the makings of a lot of gorgeous posts! Plus, I do think this fits nicely into an elegant Christmas theme too! Let's see what Alison brings ot this topic! Always a crowd-pleaser, I'm sure you will love this idea!

Hello all, Alison here from Words and Pictures with some white on white action for you... and I do mean action.  I have a mobile for you today - the very name meaning it's always in movement... yes, I set myself another photographic challenge!

I don't really know why, but the very moment I put Shades of White together in my brain with the idea of using Seth's stamps, the mobile jumped into my head.  I could suddenly see it... Seth's Wood Chips, some glossy white embossing over a softer chalky background, catching the light as it moved.  It's really unusual for me to have such a clear picture of where I'm going.  I'll leave you to decide whether I got there.

I experimented with a couple of different hanging methods - if I'd gone with string as the mechanism, then it would really have been hard to capture as they would all have been twirling crazily.  The wire I eventually chose means things are a little stiller, so you can get a half decent shot!

I thought I'd use the circles and stars to give the mobile a wintry look to go with the whites - snowballs/stars/snowflakes as the idea.

Seth's wood chips come in a sheet as above, ready to pop out the shapes, and he also cleverly planned them to have some matching stamps ESA03 and ESA04, which as you can see, fit the shapes. The frames are a nice bonus and offer all kinds of options as far as layering and framing go too. 

I used the Fresco Chalk Paint in Chalk on the Wood Chips - it's a lovely warm white.  I did a couple of coats, sanding in between so that I'd have a nice smooth surface.

Seth's sets ESA03 and ESA04 not only work with the Wood Chip shapes (or vice versa, probably!) but also with his StencilGirl 'insiders' and 'outsiders' stencils, and he has a wide range of Spellbinders dies that mimic the star and circle theme too.


For the embossing, I used Wow Bright White powder over Versamark ink.  On one side I've used the fabulous texty stamps from ESA04...

... and on the reverse sides I've used the graphic designs from ESA03 (except on the outline Wood Chips - they've got text on both sides).

The frame is made from the internal ring of an embroidery hoop and some coffee stirrers, all painted in Chalk, and glued together.

And for my hanging mechanism I went for the recycling option... wiggly wire from a used paper pad - and of course it's another shade of white. 

I love the sculptural effect of the slightly straightened spirals in the air, and of course it's incredibly easy to attach the elements - just bend and twist and you're done.

It wasn't the sunniest of mornings for the photographs, but I'm really pleased with how the embossing shows up, and it's even better when the light is brighter.

So for once I knew where I was going and there were relatively few obstructions along the way (just as well, as I was working on a very tight time restriction!).  I did try out the effect of inking the edges with some Vintage Photo Distress Ink on one of the stars, just to see if I wanted to go that way, but I washed it away again.  (You can see the temporarily-inked star in the photo with the still-curly book wire - see what you think.)  I like the clean, fresh look of the pure white on white.  I hope my shades of white give you some ideas to play with over the next couple of weeks. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Alison x
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Isn't the embossing on the chalk paint perfect! And I could not work out what your squiggly wire was until you said! A great idea Alison and as Frescos are equally happy outdoors as indoors, you could leave that outside too! ~ Leandra

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Kirsten said...

I love it! It was a great idea to use the wire, it makes the mobile much more textural and dimensional.

PaperArtsy said...

Lovely post Alison!! Nice white on white action!!!

Corrie Herriman said...

W(hite) o(n) W(hite)..... WoW ! Fantastic Alison ! So inspirational !
Corrie x

geezercrafter said...

Fab whitey project Alison.

Helen said...

what a beautiful mobile this is! Love the wire you used to hold it together too - great re-purposing!

Hazel Agnew said...

How sad are we, that we save wiggly wire! I have some of this too. The Seth shapes are amazing but, to me, what lights the blue touch paper, is the wiggly wire. A brainwave that adds so much energy to your piece.
The white on white is so "illuminating" and well done for having a picture. Meant to be. Xx 😜

laury55 said...

very creative, love your mobile

Craftyfield said...

Brilliant idea Alison, great décor piece for Christmas!

Dortesjs said...

awww stunning love the straightened spirals, the stars and ALLLLLL ;O))
just so inspiring and winterly christmas ;O))

pearshapedcrafting said...

Brilliant! Seth's woodchips and stamps really do make a perfect Wintery mobile, especially with your notebook wire (which is something else I can't throw away since I first saw you use them!) A really wonderful piece of inspiration! Chrisx

Mac Mable said...

Love the white on white and the shine of the embossing against the matt of the paints...creative and fun idea x

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Such a beautiful hanging decoration, the white actually seems to glow
Donna xx

Amanda said...

The white on white works brilliantly for using Seth’s pieces and stamps and brought together with your fabulous wiggly wire. Love it!,
Amanda x

Julie Lee said...

How inspired to use the wire, Alison! Your white on white mobile looks great. I love how textured it is - simply lovely! xx

Marci said...

Lovely white on white!

froebelsternchen said...

That's just AMAZING!

Jackie PN said...

Love the white on white,Alison! xx

Redanne said...

Oh wow Alison, your white on white mobile hanging is an absolute delight! Great use of Seth's fabulous stamps and your re-cycled wiggly wire idea is so very clever and it makes the whole piece so aesthetically pleasing - I love this!!! Anne xx

Dorthe said...

It is beautiful Alison,
I love the embossed sides of the figures, and all the whiteness, and yes, great use of the wiggly wire :-)
It looks so wonderful hanging outside , in your tree.
Hugs, Dorthe

Ruth said...

Wonderful white, so crisp, clean and clever! Love the idea, the mobile elements are stunning in one colour and just ‘work’! xx

Miriam said...

So beautiful Alison

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Beautiful creation captures so much light and energy. Fabulous use of shapes and stamps brought together with the creative strength of the wiggly wire. Love it!! Hugs Tracey x

Anneke said...

Love how the text turned out.
Great recycling idea that paper pad wire!
A very beautiful mobile!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is amazing, Alison. So difficult to manage the engineering and photography of thus!

Lucy x

Etsuko said...

What a lovely project Alison! And I imagined that this white mobile moved a little with the wind it's very fun!! I love the wiggly wires too. xx

Candy C said...

Alison, what a creative way to use Seth's wood pieces!! Wow, girl!! This is thinking way outside the bid! I totally love your white mobile! Very quirky and fun! Great tutorial.

Monika Gulyas said...

Wow Alison, you completed the Shades of White challenge perfectly :-) Great inspiration and I love your mobile decoration!!! Very cool design!!!

craftytrog said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!

Fliss said...

Absolutely stunning! Such wonderful use of Seth's stamps and wood cuts and the simplicity of design really suits them.
Fliss xx

Art By Wanda said...

Wonderful mobile!!!!!!!

Julia Aston said...

What a lovely mystical white on white mobile! Very creative design - love the stampings on the pieces!

craftimamma said...

What a gorgeous Winter mobile Alison. I love every aspect of it and think I need one hanging from our pergola over the back door.

Lesley Xx

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