Wednesday 12 April 2017

2017 #6 Travel Journal {by Jennie Atkinson}

2017 Topic 6: Resin

Have you got time to prep a journal cover for yourself or a friend? Jennie has shared some of her great secrets with infusions in this post and in the process creates a delightful memoir. Read on... 

Hi everyone Jennie here with you on the PA blog tonight with a project for the Resin challenge. I am only newly "into" Resin having great difficulties in getting it shipped here to Shetland. But I managed to get some Resin products delivered to family on the Mainland and have now had the chance to experiment a little.

As you all know I love the Vintage Ink and Dog stamps so I have combined a some of the Travel and Ephemera plates, along with two types of "resin" to create this small holiday journal - all ready for my travels later in the summer!

As I will be packing this little journal into my suitcase I wanted to make sure that everything was relatively flat on the front cover, so have chosen elements which have been able to be glued down well.  As usual I have looked for Ephemera style stamps:

I made the papers for the journal cover first adding texture with Grunge Paste and a fabulous stencil from Scrapcosy's recent release and then spritzing a sprinkling of Sleight Blue Infusions here and there.  

Many of you have asked how I manage to get such a light colouring with the Infusions. Well first of all I do paint my paper with a Fresco Paint, in this case Chalk, which means the colour and water do not sink into the paper. I also use A LOT of water! dabbing it off whilst drying with a heat gun. To show you how much colour I take off, this is the state of my kitchen towel when finished!

Having established my base background colour I then turned to the Resin embellishments. This piece of light board was die cut and then painted with Chalk Fresco Paint to give it a base. Again I added the Sleight Blue Infusions with lots of Water.

After some over-stamping with Potting Soil Archival Ink I went in with the Infusions again and this time let the walnut stains really settle as I knew I would need a darker colour for the next step.

And then the fun part of adding Ultra Thick Embossing Powder - I say fun as I do find it goes everywhere ! and I always wonder whether my stamp will ever survive the stamping into the hot embossing. But it always does!  It is difficult to take an adequate photograph but there is a lovely depth to the script-stamped UTEE.

And so to the experiments with the two-part Resin. I added some Infusions to the mould before adding the resin in the hope that my white resin would be beautifully coloured, but sadly it didn't work!

I gave the resin a coat of Fresco Chalk Paint so the Infusions had some tooth to grab on to and added layers of the Sleight Blue Infusions until I got a good depth of colour. I managed to paint the Gold Fresco in such a way that it looks crusty and old, heating with a heat gun to get it to bubble.

And then fun time decorating the journal. 

I have used stamps from all three sets both on the cover and also for the embellishments. As you all know I love how all these little stamps can create layering labels.

A simple signature tied together with string will give me my journal pages and there is a little pocket in the front for some of the smaller tickets I like to collect. I always find a simple ribbon binding also works well as these little journals can get a bit bulky!

I really love how using the same colour Infusions has resulted in a lovely range of colours and the Resin pieces are very solid and will stand a fair bit of abuse in my bag!

A simple but I think quite effective little travel journal which will be fun to write in and record my upcoming holiday with my two old school friends in Crete in May. I do like these small journals as I don't feel "threatened" in terms of writing in them, they fit perfectly in a small handbag and actually look rather cute on my craft room shelf. If you would like to know more of exactly how I made the journal (which wasn't really the purpose of this post) then please visit my blog HERE where I have included a few more details of sizes, etc.

As always thank you for joining me and have a great crafting week!

Jennie x Live The Dream

I love how the journal looks perfectly ready for Crete too, the colours have a lovely nautical vibe. I think you might need a sepia pen for your journalling notes while away! Trying to think how we can use the infusions to tint the resin, and all i can think is perhaps if they were mixed in with part A (or B) of the resin before combining the 2 parts, then you may have had more success. But no doubt some resin expert will let us know! Have a great trip Jennie! 
~ Leandra

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Craftyfield said...

Lovely project Jennie! If the Infusions don't work with resin try paper clay in the moulds, I made seashells in this way that look almost real!.

Kirsten said...

That is so gorgeous!!!

Helen said...

Wow, Jennie!! What a beautiful journal!

Julie Lee said...

A stunning project and a really lovely post, Jennie. I so like the way you share your experimenting with us! There is so much to learn and to look at with this gorgeous journal! Thank You also to Craftyfield for her suggestion about using Infusions with Paper Clay - definitely one to try!

Dortesjs said...

This is absolutely beautiful

Jennie Atkinson said...

Thanks Craftyfield. Yes I have used Infusions with paper clay but as this was a "resin" challenge I was experimenting with the resin!! But the next time I have the resin out I'll try mixing it with Part 1 as Leandra has suggested. I'll report back!

And thank you for all your lovely comments x

Miriam said...

Gorgeous project Jennie - such a lovely, soft, project... perfect!

Hazel Agnew said...

Great project Jennie. Love everything! Xx

Artmadnana said...

Gosh, what a fab journal cover. It's going to be even more wonderful when full of your photos, jottings and ephemera from your holiday. Would be even more wonderful to see the finished version!

Wendy Mallas said...

This is totally yummy and gorgeous and right up my straße! 💖

Lys said...

Just fabulous! I love the elegant creamy and brown colours, and the resin elements are gorgeous!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Great journal Jennie and I love your use of Infusions,

Lucy x

Marci said...

I really like this journal. It looks very appropriate for travel.

Etsuko said...

Really beautiful the Travel Journal, fabulous natural colours, how to use a very effective UTEE and resin. You are surely looking forward to bringing this journal on a trip with your friends. xx

Julia Aston said...

What a beautiful journal using these wonderful stamps and resin items! Love the colors and layered design on the cover! Julia xx

Words and Pictures said...

Simply beautiful - a true Jennie journal!
Alison x

Corrie Herriman said...

Fantastic !
Corrie x