Friday 28 April 2017

2017 #7 Full of memories {by Ellie Knol}

2017 Topic 7: Found Objects

In this post Ellie creates a gorgeous Forest Floor, almost fossilized scene with the perfect mix of found objects and foliage stamps. Treasures might have been washed down a stream, found on a beach or carefully treasured from the forest floor.

Hi everyone Ellie Knol from PAPER-STAMPS-COLOR here .

Lovely to be here on the PA blog tonight. I've chosen to share with you a board with ... yes .. found objects. 

I really like this theme.. Why?
I have been collecting items (mostly from nature) all my life, even later on when we had children. Looking for tiny seashells (for example), could keep us on the beach for hours and hours. Especially my daughter and I were looking for them. The boys were always running around trying to keep their kite in the air, or making sand castles. 

Nature speaks to me.
The colors, the texture, the smell... it's fascinating. 
AND these colors, AND these stamps, AND the stencil ... they made me choose for this topic!

Wanting nature to frame nature, I used some branches from a prunus. Next time I will do it a slightly different I think, but in the end I like the non-perfectionism of it.

I first made a template of what I would add, and the placement of it. You may notice that I changed a few details as I went! This is where the FUN started! 

These keys have been lying around in my garden for a quite a while now, for a purpose....  to get them rusted. Now they are suitable for my project.

I added a little blue (Fresco Finish - Beach Hut) to it. I also used this blue paint (watered down) to color the background. It is a translucent chalky acrylic paint.

The white accents on the branches have been done with Fresco Finish - Snowflake

The theme ochre is all about rust (and the color of it) as far as I am concerned. 
And the blue reminds me of all the blue skies I've seen in life. Or the color of the ocean .. 

I like the effect of the background details like the stencilled structure paste, and the background stamping, and the bookpaper, and the drippage of color.
 .. I LOVE these new stamps from Lin brown, set ELB33

And this stencil was used in the background too. PS021

Do you see all the treasures in these tiny glass jars? Some tiny little shark teeth, tiny tiny seashells, and some other teasures from sea.

I've also added some seeds from a tree. And an ice cream stick! Stamped on it after painting it with Fresco
AND finally a close-up of my favorite section of this project : 

New miracles made by nature, treasures, to be found everywhere... All leaves get transformed by nature differently...  

I like weather-beaten leaves...and have lots of them. 
The fabric, color, script, stenciling and dots give it a finishing touch!

Do you also have some treasures lying around.. use them in your art. Maybe you'd like to approach it very differently than me, but go make them artsy in some way. You might want to put them in a bigger bottle and decorate it, with maybe a label stating what's in it, or where you found it, or the date you found it. 
I have more plans to use these treasures in my future art! 

Hope I've inspired you to go create (with found objects) today!
Ellie Knol 

Owner of : 

Oh this really makes you think about all there is to appreciate in the environment around us! I love you jars full of precious finds, and the twig-frame is fabulous, just perfect! Thanks Ellie for sharing this with us, it's fantastic! ~ Leandra

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Helen said...

what a fab project Ellie - gorgeous colours too.

Ellie Knol said...

Thanks Leandra!

Corrie Herriman said...

Beautiful Ellie !

Words and Pictures said...

That's a delightful piece, Ellie - love the colours and the number resist in the background, and all your collected natural elements are wonderful.
Alison x

Doudoulina said...

Gorgeous project, whimsical and full of details! Love how you successfuly integrated all the elements using color.

Miriam said...

Fab project Ellie.... Love this!

Etsuko said...

This is wonderful project Ellie. Fabulous the branches's frame and great interior...beautiful colours. xx

geezercrafter said...

Fab project Ellie. Love all of the branch elements, this must hold lots of memories for you. Very inspiring post, love the use of stamps and stencil.

Kirsten said...

This is so gorgeous. I love all the found elements & the background is beautiful.

Julie Lee said...

What an exquisite project, Ellie. I love how delicate and mysterious it is! A lovely interpretation of the topic. xx

Ellie Knol said...

Thank you for al your nice comments! It's hanging on the wall!

Hazel Agnew said...

What a wonderful project Ellie. There is so much interest, I keep looking and seeing more treasures! Fabulous! Xx

Jackie PN said...

Ellie, What a beautiful piece! I love the organic-ness of it! The stamps you chose are perfect with your found objects! xx

Enny said...

Wow Ellie, this is so beautiful, gorgeous, stunning ! Love the little treasures, leaves, the wood, colors, so many details. It brings back memories to me also, as I used to search for seashells, beautiful leaves, etc.... Love, Enny

Artmadnana said...

Gosh. This is absolutely stunning chat an inspiring piece of artwork. There is just so much to see in this. So organic. So calming for the viewer. A wonderful interpretation of the theme.