Saturday 8 April 2017

2017 #5 Bible Journaling Page {by Wanda Hentges}

2017 Topic 5: Blue and Ochre

Journalling has become such a big trend, and in the last 2 years, journalling directly onto bible pages has also become extremely popular. Companies are now making products specifically for Bible Journallers, and our own Wanda is one of those clever ladies! Here's the clincher...fresco chalk paints are so nice to use on those paper thin pages, they don't even buckle them! Lets see how Wanda does that!

Hi everyone!!  Wanda Hentges, Art by Wanda blog, here.

It's always exciting to be here on the PaperArtsy Blog and I hope you are glad to have me back!!!  I've decided to share something that I haven't shared here before, a Bible journaling page.  Even if you don't do Bible journaling, the same techniques can be done in an art journal or even on a card.  

I started Bible journaling about 1 1 /2 years ago and really enjoy digging into a scripture and then doing some art while meditating on it.  The color theme of Blue and Ochre seemed perfect for doing a page for my post. Fresco Finish paints work great for Bible journaling!!! The translucents are wonderful if you don't want to obscure any words and the others work great in the margins.  Plus they dry quickly minimizing any wrinkling.    

I'm using Kay Carley stamps from set EKC06 and the Lin Brown stencil PS044. 

I prefer to prep my page with some clear gesso to prevent any bleed through of product on the thin pages.  The picture below is the backside of my finished page.  You can see some shadows but nothing came through even though I've used layers of paint including some thinned with water.  I applied the gesso with Tim's large Collage Brush.  

Pumpkin Soup is a great ochre color and a translucent paint making it wonderful for the background.  Most of the time I work so everything can be read (or most everything).  Using a brayer to put the paint on created faux texture and even in the heaviest areas you can still read the text.  (a mini brayer would also work)

I love this new stencil!!!

I didn't want to have to do a lot of precise painting for the flowers.  Stamping with a light ink (Sky Blue) gave me an outline to follow but was also easy to cover using a brush just to dab the paint in the general area of the flowers.

I stamped over them with black and got a bit off at the top of the flower to the right.  I told myself it was not a big deal and all would be well.  I really do tend to stress when things are not just so.  Then, when I had stamped the small flower on the left with blue, I hadn't pressed well enough for the whole image to show so in my attempt to stamp all of it in black I pressed too hard, slid the stamp since the book wasn't completely flat there and smeared the black ink.  I almost painted over it but then decided it doesn't have to be perfect, it's ok, it just looks like a lot of shadow.

I used a wet brush and extra water when adding in the Glass Blue paint so that I could just dab the brush down and let the paint move on it's own giving the flowers a more realistic look.

A dab of Pumpkin Soup in the centers worked well.  I also painted roughly around the flowers with Pumpkin Soup partly for shading and dimension which worked well but also because that excess blue where I was off with the black stamping did still bother me just a little and I was hoping somehow the Pumpkin Soup would make it all better and it did.  It really knocked it back and made it look more like a shadow.  Yay!!

The center of each flower has a dot of glitter marker (plus a few stray spots because I got a finger in the wet glitter and smeared it).  

I stamped several of the small flowers with black, used the back of a paint brush to put blue dots over the black spots, added extra blue dots around the flowers, and once the blue was dry used a white gel pen for a little highlight dot on each one.  I love how this makes you think there is a whole field of flowers!!!

Dina Wakley Media Tape, paint and stamping makes for custom washi tape that matches my page.

Usually when I'm going to journal a verse or passage I like to take some time to do a little research.  This gives more meaning and helps me to spend more time thinking and putting the information into my heart and life.  Quite often the English word being translated from the Hebrew or Greek word/words doesn't convey the whole meaning or we get used to thinking a certain way about a word and forget it can be more.  To finish a page I like to include notes about what I have learned or want to remember. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post!!  I certainly had fun!!!  Blue and ochre are a wonderful color combination and there is still a little time to whip something up and enter it into this current topic.  Happy Creating!!!

Until next time!!!  
Hugs, Wanda


I'm amazing how the paint performed onto such delicate paper Wanda! And the pages looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us ~ Leandra

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Helen said...

Beautiful decoration of your Bible page.

Hazel Agnew said...

This is so beautiful Wanda, I love all the tiny details that you added to the flowers and clear gesso on the pages is a great tip! Xx

Mac Mable said...

So beautiful and so very appropriate. Such pretty colours and stamps x

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is lovely wanda, youve done kay's flowers so beautifully!

Lucy x

snazzyoriginal said...

Stunning Wanda x

Unknown said...

Beautiful Wanda. 😊

Artmadnana said...

Gosh, those flowers are just perfect on this bible page Wanda. I love how you stamped first before painting over the stamped area to then stamp over again in black. That was such an effective idea. I must try that. Perfect stamping for this colour theme. I love the verse you chose to illuminate too. Wonderful.

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Oh Wanda this is stunning. X

Etsuko said...

It's a gorgeous pages Wanda, fabulous bright background and beautiful flowers. xx

Turid said...

What a great page and great reminder of how we need to wait in total trust. Love the colors. Especially the blue frescos. Thank you for sharing!