Saturday 14 January 2017

SNEAK PEEK! {NEW Frescos} ...coming soon from PaperArtsy

SNEAK PEEK: NEW Fresco Chalk Acrylics
(samples made by Hazel Agnew with Seth's second paint set: FFSA2)

Round One of the NEW PRODUCTS REVEAL starts TOMORROW (...finally I hear you HOWL) we just have so many great designers doing great things this year! you guys are VERY lucky! So this is the FINAL TEASE. You can breathe a large sigh!

All our designers love to develop new paints, but when push comes to shove, they all quickly realise how tricky it is to make 4 colours that fit together and are unique when we already have 96 amazing shades. Yes there are still holes in the collection, but those holes don't always suit the designer doing a paint set, so its a bit like doing a weird jigsaw puzzle that is always evolving. Plus we love to reflect upcoming colour trends, so we juggle it all!

When Seth Apter created Set 1 of his paint early 2016, he offered a red, blue and yellow (Mahogany, Midnight, Terracotta) with an off white neutral (Buff). These primary shades allow you to mix and create other options, then knock back with the buff - endless options!

(Seth's First Paints FFSA1, sample by Nikki Acton)

When we decide new colours, after trying to create lots of versions of lots of possible new colours, the next thing we do is look at different real life combinations of possible new paints with existing colours. To make a new colour fit with maximum versatility, sometimes just a shade darker or lighter can make a big difference. We do lots of tweaking before we select the final shades.

Tonight is our final sneaky peek, and I just wanted to show you how perfectly formed Seth's second set of paint is ticking all of my 'practical' boxes, and Seth's need for his preferred personal palette! This was the final 'swatch' which hit the best possible 'jackpot'.

I love how when you combine his first and second sets, there is a cool and a warm side to the palette, when you jumble them all up its very reminiscent of 1970's retro as well! Bit scary! But look below and see how brown, patina green and orange works together in a mixed media sense! OMG. Perfection.

Key Lime and Patina are the 2 new colours. The Key Lime is slightly opaque, so it is amazing with Midnight, but also so on trend with Mud Splat! Look and the gorgeous warmth the 3 orange-red shades offer. On top of the Brown makes RUST! See! Proof below!
(sample by Nikki Acton)

So maybe when you understand what the options are with Seth's newest paints, you can see how indispensable they are going to be to your Fresco collection! THey will be available from stockists after tomorrow's announcement! Eeeekkkk!

Just 1 sleep to go until we start ROUND ONE of New releases. 

This year our new releases coincide with 2 tradeshows:
Creativation (formerly CHA) Jan 19-23, Phoenix, Arizona PaperArtsy Booth #1936
Stitches Feb 19-22, Birmingham, UK PaperArtsy Hall 12 stands G01 & G02

Dribbling with excitement...


Helen said...

oh I am so pleased to see new Frescos. Key Lime looks amazing!

Kaz said...

Great colours! a very big thumbs up xx

Kirsten said...

I like those colours, Key Lime looks great & I love Hazel & Nikki's samples, they're gorgeous.

Redanne said...

Wonderful colours and fabulous samples from Hazel and Nikki!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Loving the colours, great release x

Hazel Agnew said...

Just wanted to say that it's been a blast! Great easy to be inspired!! Xx

Steven said...


Craftyfield said...

Glad the reveals are tomorrow, I don't think I can contain my excitement any longer!

karens crafty corner said...

OMG! Another must have!!! 😍

Notations of a Crafter said...

Just love the colours I can see the next few weeks being expensive but don't tell the hubby 🙊

joy said...

Love the new colors. Excited to see more from Seth Apter

Neet said...

... and who leaves the UK tomorrow? Hope there are some left when I get back, Absolutely love love love these new colours. Seriously love them.
Hugs, Neet xxx