Sunday 15 January 2017

NEW from PaperArtsy {Zinski Art - Part 1} Jan 2017

NEW: ZinskiArt Collection {Part 1}

We have a beautiful release of stamps for you tonight from Elena Guzinska aka {Zinski Art}. Elena joined us late 2016 with a release of the cutest most adorable monsters you have ever laid eyes on. Now they have a garden of flowers to play among, and you will see many of her first release stamps pop up in the samples below. Naturally, the stamps were all designed to work together!
Elena is a long-time illustrator, and her talent to create designs that ooze humour and a mischievousness is infectious. We just know these stamps are going to be a big part of your creative life in 2017!

So let's take a closer look at the actual stamps. She has some very unusual concepts for flowers, and some fantastic phrases that work perfectly with these and her previous release.

Here's a video introduction and some samples using these new stamps for you to check out!

As ever, we have some super talented crafters who volunteer to help us work with our newest stamps. I'll hand over now to Elena who will introduce her support crew tonight,. She has some of her own work with these new stamps to show you too.

I hope you agree, Elena has created a beautiful array of products to enjoy this year. But (woohooo) there is more to come in February, this is just 'Part 1', the rest are revealed late February!

~ Leandra

Hi everyone, Elena here to show you my newest stamps designed for PaperArtsy.

I am so excited about this release because these flowers are much loved designs, originally from my own art journals. I've doodled them over and over for years, and they've appeared on birthday cards, wall art, a canvas bag and even a pencil case! I can hardly believe I have them right here as stamps to use for future projects. How great is that?
Tonight I invited Wendy Mallas and Lauren Hatwell to help make samples with these new products. Please go and check out their blogs, where you will find more detailed information about these stunning samples and the techniques they used to create them. Well worth a visit!

Let's start with Wendy MallasI love Wendy's tongue in cheek little pieces of art style.  She shows how the monster stamps go so well with the flowers; they're a match made in Crafty Heaven. She mixes it up into a delicious bowl of doodle soup.  It just goes to show that you can give people the same tools and they'll make a million different versions.

Time for me to let Wendy tell you about her samples now:-

'I'm Different!' using ZA06 by Wendy Mallas
This time it was the quote that inspired the tag.  By taking some of the similar elements from the sets, i.e. the quirky birds (like me!) and making one of them "different", it fitted the sentiment perfectly.

'In your Bird Box' using ZA07 by Wendy Mallas
I'm drawn to patterns and there are some lovely stamps in this release to satisfy that urge.

Although this isn't quite a repeating pattern, it was more than enough to make some nice frames within a square card.

'Peek a Boo' using ZA07 by Wendy Mallas
The holes in the flowers made a perfect home for some hearts to accentuate that they are clearly besotted with each other.  Then the monster escaped for fun and frolics amongst the flowers.

'Smiley Flowers' using ZA08 by Wendy Mallas
Just a small part of a stamp can still be perfect for smaller projects.  I added a smiley face to one flower, while daisies bring their own smiles.
~ Wendy

Next up we have Lauren Hatwell. Just when you think flowers are flowers and monsters are monsters, Lauren comes along and mixes everything up. I absolutely adore her creative playfulness, where she sees things that would never ever have entered my head. She inspires me with her ideas and talent for making beautiful projects with utter perfection.
She's shown  me how versatile these stamps are and I can't wait to make Lauren-style projects with them.

'Watch the Birdie!' using ZA05 and ZA08 by Lauren Hatwell

I love all the little bird houses on plate ZA05 and this just tickled me.

The birds are so comical. Elena has such a way with expressions that each one seems to have it's own cheeky personality.

'Spots and Dots' using ZA06 and ZA08 by Lauren Hatwell

I wish my garden looked like this. Just magical! It was really nice for me to use Fresco paint rather than pens for this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

'Naughty Birdie' using ZA07 by Lauren Hatwell

Honestly! WHO thinks of putting holes in flowers!? I just love them; and it looks like those naughty birds do too...!  

I can't help thinking a little monster would look great here too... but which one? I should HATE to leave anybody out! That would never do!

'Fish or Flower?' using ZA08 by Lauren Hatwell
Well I HAD to play around with things a little bit didn't I....! 

This was such fun to make. I love the versatility of Elena's funky flower shapes. The possibilities are endless.
~ Lauren

So now it's time to show you what I've made with these new stamps. I've made a couple of journal pages to share with you tonight as my journal is so key to my creative life. It's where all my ideas begin.

I've made a short video here showing the process for one of my designs. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Project One: Honest
using ZA05/ 06/ 07 and 08 by Elena

First I've made a journal page layout

Step One: I stamped everything in place. I wanted to use one of the little monster stamps and this one from ZA04 seemed perfect.

Step Two: Next I stamped the branch from ZA05 slightly off the page on both sides and drew a washing line in pencil to position it.

Step Three: I painted the whole layout using Fresco Finish Chalk Paints, watered down for the smaller details.  I stippled the paints with a firm flat brush for the background to give a mottled finish and added dots behind the peek-a-boo flowers by dipping the end of my brush into the paint.

Step Four:  Using a fine detail pen, I mimicked the stalks of the leaves at the bottom that little Herbert has pulled out of the ground and drew a small hill beneath him so that he's not floating in the air. He doesn't have wings...yet.

Step Five: Finally, I added a frame for the quote, smudging the sides with a charcoal pencil, and hung it from the washing line. Then I doodled simple little lines for grass and continued it around the sides to frame it. Last but not least, I inked the edges of the page. You can see how those last few touches really pull everything together.

Project Two: I'm Different 
using ZA06/08  by ElenaZinskiArt

Another Journal Page for you

Step One: First I stamped everything in place. 

Step Two: Now for some simple doodling.  You can see I've added a scallop border, a squiggly frame and some daisy stalks.

Step Three: I then made a background using a series of circles, dots and splashes with Fresco Chalk Finish Paints. I also added some mica powder mixed with water to give it sparkle. When everything was thoroughly dry, I stamped on the leaf fronds from ZA06

Step Four: I used some spare pieces of my background to cut leaves and added some more doodling.

Step Four:  To finish off, I mounted the stamped card onto the background piece and used my white pen to fill in the border stamp to make it pop. A few more doodles to pull everything together and it's job done.

Thank you so much for joining me this evening.  I really hope you've enjoyed seeing the samples that we've all made, and that you fall in love with these fantasy flower stamps. Nature is beautiful and it never ceases to inspire me.  I hope these inspire you to create, doodle and colour with abandon.

I would love to see your projects, so please feel free to share photo's to my Facebook Page. You will find the link below.

Thank you to Elena and her team for kicking off 2017 is such fine form! They've set the bar incredibly high. I'm pretty sure these stamps are going to become a staple of your crafting diet!

All tonight's wing-men have detailed step-outs on their own blogs, so take a look. Just follow the links:

Elena (Facebook Page)

These stamps are available now from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist, as you know, we urge you to support your local independent retailer by shopping with them regularly. 

Those stockists who have ordered recently to be ready for this release are listed below.

Don't forget to leave some love for Elena in the comments below!!

Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
(Zinski, JoFY, ESC, EKC, EKD, EEG, ETS, LPC, Infusions, Frescos)

Treasured Memories Scrapbooking, Duncan, BC

(Frescos, Infusions, EKC, EEG, ESC)

Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia
(ETS, Infusions)

Artistree Workshops, Fulton, New York,

(Zinski, EKD, EKC, EEG, ELB, ETS, ESC, Ink and the Dog)

Clay with Me, Colorado

(ELB, LPC, ESA, JOFY, Infusions, Frescos, EKD, EKC, ESC, EEG)

Creek Bank Creations, Indiana

(MN, Zinski, Jofy)

Ephemera Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky 

(Fresco Chalks, Lynne Perrella, Seth Apter)

Frantic Stamper, Oregon 
(Zinski, LPC, JoFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, ESC, EKD, EKC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps, Roswell, New Mexico

( Frescos, Infusions, LPC, ESA, EEA, Zinski, MN, ETS, HP, Treasure Gold)

Simon Says Stamp, columbus, Ohio www. 
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, EEA, EEG, EKC, ELB, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Stamplistic, Cleveland, Ohio Picks, LPC, JoFY, ELB, Squiggly Ink) 

The Queen's Ink Savage, Maryland

(Infusions, ESA, LPC)

Seth Apter, New York
(ESA, Frescos)

Stamp Fever, Orange, California

(Frescos, Jofy, Infusions)

Aldridge Crafts, Attleborough, Norfolk
(Zinski, Jofy, EEA, EKD, EKC, EEG, ESA, Frescos)

Art from the Heart, Harrogate, Yorkshire

(EEA, ETS, ESA,Infusions)

Birds in the Barn, Marks Tey, Essex
(Zinski, Jofy, EEG, EKC, EKD, ESC, ETS, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Blade Rubber Stamps, London
(JoFY, LPC, Frescos)

Countryview Crafts, Potton, Bedfordshire 
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, EEA, EEG, EKC, EKD, ESC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Craft World Scotland, Glasgow
(EKD, EKC, JoFY, ETS, Zinski, ESA, ELB)

Crafty Snippets, Billingshurst West Sussex


Craftylicious, Mildenhall, Suffolk
(Zinski, Jofy, EEG, ETS, ESA, ELB)

Dandie Crafts, Caerphilly,

(Fresco Chalks, Kay Carley, Tracy Scott)

Everything Art, Powys, Wales 
(EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

Keep on Crafting, Burt St Edmunds, Suffolk
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, ESC, ELB, EKD, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Loobie Crafts, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, 
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, ESA, ELB, Frescos)

LouLouPurple, Gwynedd, Wales

Papermaze, Ipswich, Suffolk 
(JoFY, EKC, ESA, ELB, Zinski, Infusions)

Paper Story, Norfolk

(Infusions, Treasure Gold)

Rowan Tree Crafts, Carnforth, Lancashire

(Zinski, stencils, ETS)

ShabbyChic Stencils Ltd, Stourbridge, West Midlands
(Jofy, EEA, Zinski, ELB, Frescos)

Simply Crafts, Cardiff,

(EEG, ETS, ESA, JoFY, Frescos, Infusions)

(Zinski, EKD, EKC, JoFY)

Stampers Grove, Edinburgh, Scotland 
(Zinski, JOFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, EKD, EKC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Swanstitch, Deal, Kent


That's Crafty, Romford, essex 
(Zinski, Jofy, LPC, EEG, EKD, EKC, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent 
(Zinski, EKD, EKC, ESC, ETS, Frescos, Infusions) 

The Craft Barn, Merstham, Surrey 
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, EKC, EKD, EEA, ESA, ELB, Fresco Chalks, Infusions)

The Craft Box, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, ETS, ESA, Fresco Chalks)

The Craft Den, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
(Zinski, EKC, EEG, EKD Jofy, ETS, Frescos)

The Forget me not Kraft Kabin
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS, EEG, EKD, Fresco Chalks)

Whichcraft, Wallasey, Merseyside 
(Zinski, JoFY, Fresos, ELB)


Expression Hobby, Marcinelle
(Frecos, Infusions, Zinskis, EDY, EEG, Jofy)

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso

(ESA, Fresco Chalks)

Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, EKD, ETS, ESA)

Toutencolle, Dun sur Avon
(JoFY, Infusions)

Stempeloase Munich 
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, ESC, EKD, EKC, LPC Frescos)

Stempelfee Shop
(Zinski, EEA, EEG, EKC, EKD, ETS, ESA, Infusions, Frescos)

Creafine, Papendrecht 
(JoFY, ETS, Infusions)

Hobbycompleet de Duif, Leeuwarden 
(Zinski, EKD, EEG, EKC, JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Infusions)

Papillon Hobby, Hendrik Ido Ambacht

(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, EEA, ETS, Infusions)

Scrap & Co, Klarenbeek


Stampingcorner, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel 
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, ESA, Lynne Perrella, Frescos)

The Stamping Cottage, Schaijk

(Fresco Chalks, LPC, ESA,  Zinski, Hot Picks, ETS, JoFY, ELB, Infusions)

Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland
(Zinski, Jofy, LPC, EKD, EEG,  ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA)

Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria
(JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Time To Create, Modanville, NSW
(Zinski, ESA, ETS, EKD, EEG, ELB, ESA, Infusions, Frescos)

Mandy's Card, Taipei
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, ESA, ELB, EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

TIny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba

(JoFY, Frescos, Infusion)


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Gorgeous, gorgeous stamps and samples x

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Alison x

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Linda said...

Great job guys ...... love, love, love the new release x

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