Sunday 24 January 2016

2016 #2: Romantic Hearts Wall Hanging {by Liz Borer}

 2016 Topic 2: Hearts
2016 Topic 2: Hearts
2016 Topic 2: Hearts
2016 Topic 2: Hearts

Hi there, Elizabeth here again. Today the topic is 'Hearts ' and I have unashamedly created a very pretty , romantic Wall hanging because there is a particular date in early February that will be with us all too soon.

The base of the Wall hanging is made from heavy card or thin MDF painted with white Gesso. The background is made from white fabric. I cut the fabric larger than the base and allowed a little extra to use later. I made the fabric quite wet and then sprinkled Brusho colours over the fabric (I used Gamboge, Violet, Crimson and Scarlett). I coloured the fabric this way because I wanted the colours to spread and blend together. This created some interesting colours especially when the gamboge and violet mixed.  

Once the fabric was dry I ironed it and then stencilled all over it using various stencils. I covered the whole fabric using Nougat paint. Where the different stencils came close I dabbed paint onto the fabric to fill in the gaps. When finished I had a patterned piece of fabric with the bright base colours showing through the stencilling .  

I then took another piece of white fabric and coloured it the same way but used less of the violet Brusho (because it's a very deep colour). This piece of fabric was much pinker than the first. When it was partially dry I screwed it up to create creases and dried it with the creases in place. Once dry I used the firm side of a piece of cut and dry foam to carefully rub Chalk paint over the fabric to colour the creases. Again I ironed the fabric once the paint was dry. 

I cut three hearts from cardboard to use as backings for the fabric and cut the fabric slightly larger than the card so that it could be wrapped around the card. The fabric was then stamped with a script stamp from HP1216 and then flowers from HP1009. I used Archival Inks Jet Black and Plum, alternating the colours on the different hearts. To make the hearts puffy I stuck wadding onto the card bases before sticking the fabric over the hearts and folding it around the back of the card .  



Once the hearts were complete I felt that they would not stand out from the background as the colours were too similar. So I mixed a little violet Brusho with some Matte Glaze and rubbed it around the edges of the hearts. I mixed some of the gamboge with Matte medium and painted this over the flowers to add interest.    

The first piece of fabric was adhered to the base, folding and sticking it around the edges. I then stamped the butterflies from HP1506 randomly onto the fabric using plum and jet black Ink. Finally I stamped flowers from EEB06 over the fabric using plum ink .   



The quote was stamped onto fabric painted with Nougat. The frame was stencilled with texture paste to create some interest. Once dry I painted it with violet Brusho mixed with Matte Glaze. I then rubbed White Fire Treasure Gold over the frame, around the edges of the base and around the edges of the hearts .   

I finished the hanging by sticking lace across the base and then sticking the hearts in place. I rubbed some Royal Amethyst Treasure Gold onto four little hearts and then attached beads and pearls onto the hearts with Glossy Accents glue. I also stuck similar beads to the main hearts. Some of the flowers on the hanging were made from left over coloured fabric die cut with a spiral flower die. These had to be stitched to create the flowers. The hanger at the top of the piece was made from coloured jewellery wire wrapped with lace. The little hearts were hung from the base using the same wire. Finally I stuck on the framed quote and the flowers .

I never know exactly how one of my projects will look until they are finished, but I enjoyed creating this and exploring fabric painting. I hope this project inspires you to try some of these ideas. I'll be back again soon with another project.

Such a wonderful detailed and intricate background to this wall hanging Liz, the colour pigments from the Brusho Powders are beautiful. Love how the fabric hearts have been created and how they add dimension to the center piece. Thanks again for sharing your creativity with us. ~Gillian

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Miriam said...

such a fabulous hanging. So much detail in it!

Miriam said...

such a fabulous hanging. So much detail in it!

Helen said...

How beautiful, Liz!! I love the Brusho stained fabric, and your hearts are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

oh wow-this is just stunning with some super interesting techniques too!

Craftyfield said...

Love how you painted the fabric, amazing how defined the stencilling is. Beautiful project.

craftimamma said...

Lovely and so vibrant! Wonderful use of stamps on the pretty fabric and I love all the beads.

Lesley Xx

craftimamma said...

Lovely and so vibrant! Wonderful use of stamps on the pretty fabric and I love all the beads.

Lesley Xx

Kirsten said...

Beautiful wall hanging!

Julie Lee said...

I love your use of fabric, Liz! Such a gorgeous wall hanging that brightened up a gloomy Sunday! xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Sumptuous is the words that springs to mind. I particularly love the little dangly hearts. They're such a lovely detail. Lx

Etsuko said...

Fantastic hanging, great background and fab embellishments. Lovely three hearts are so gorgeous. xxx

crafting maria said...

love, love, love. xxxxx

Susan Battensby said...

Beautiful project, gorgeous colours and lovely details.

Maria Luisa- scrap said...

Hermoso proyecto!!