Sunday 7 June 2015

2015 Topic #11: Hidden Objects {Challenge}

Topic 11: Hidden Objects

Hi everyone, Leandra here

Well this is a bit of  tricky topic isn't it! For a start, how can we show pictures of things that are 'hidden' ??? Well we do love a challenge, and I have plenty of images, and even though there is no video from me this week, I have sourced 2 other videos for you to watch to get your heads ticking...more of that in a bit

For now, as you might be aware, we are currently up in the north of England at the Stamp magic show in Doncaster. No doubt by now we are hopefully packed up and driving home, but the upshot of our activity is that there is no one around to draw the challenge winner, so we will announce it here tomorrow. 

So very sorry for the anticlimax, but do check back this time tomorrow by which time Darcy will have updated this post to announce who has won!

Darcy here...

What a great topic to explore bottles was ...who knew so much could be done with bottles. I can see a lot less bottles going out in the recycling box now. From tiny accent bottles to large vases and garden lanterns, textured paper vases and some fantastic paint effects. Well done everyone! 
Sooooo, the winning name from Topic 10:Bottles..goes to...Georgina Ford from Kaardvark's Leandra back with you tonight to explore Hidden Objects.

First up this really caught my eye...technically its not hidden...but the words on the page infer that it is, and that's good enough for can see more pictures here on the flickr feed

In the same it hidden...isn't it?? I don't mind, but there are pockets involved, and transparent or not, they still fit the vibe! I love this idea, and really great if you have collected holiday mementos for example.

Another one for the is-it-hidden-or-isn't-it category, I do love a bit of a glassine envelope! With the vintage theme, this piece it looks stunning!

This is exactly what I had in mind fro this topic...stealth journalling..and I love how these sleeves are custom-made as are the tags inside! It's the brainchild of Michelle Ward, and if you go here to the post, it's part of her Crusade Series, you will found a downloadable printable, and more instructions on the rest of the project and process. I love Michelle's use of colour and composition, well worth a look!

So this is another wrapped up fact if you go to the post, you will see they have tied up all kinds of objects! I like that not only are the items hidden below...well almost! But if you go to the post, there are boxes etc tied up with no access allowed, and no sense of what is inside. So you can wrap in all kinds of ways!

This next example is from Robin-Marie Smith, circa 2010! Again, it's a simple pocket with hidden contents, journalling style. There is a wealth of colour, texture on her blog, I adore her style, so cheerful and full of sunshine.

Here's an actual book made from envelopes. I have heaps of these, they are quite dinky in size, and great if you want to keep special things or vintage items a bit more private. Here's the link to the post.

And here is another idea, this is from a French blog, and there are several ideas using a correspondence theme for travel journalling/ scrapping. I love how she has used airmail envelopes to scrapbook onto, it looks so cool around the edges! Check out the post here from some more fabulous ideas!

Here is another pocket style idea...

...with an instructional video

...And the cousin to pockets is of course flaps

I found this one from a Faber Castell Blog Hop. It's mail art and boy that takes me back! We used to send mail art regularly way back over a decade ago!! It's so much fun as the recipient gets very excited about how beautiful the outside looks, so they are itching to see what is inside! Perhaps you might like to send something to somebody this week, and decorate the envelope?

Now this one is a bit different... Crafty Dogma on Flickr has created a collage, but the face is kind of hidden, or looks almost shrouded, Whatever it is, I really like the effect that the person is kind of hiding behind something...I think the use of white helps contribute to that impression.

Here is another face, but it's a face behind a face which is very clever, inferring quite a bit about the ageing process. It's from a tumblr account. I think its wonderful imagery!

...this little guy is hidden, and in a bit of a pickle too by the look of it!

This one is also interesting. Objects on fabric, with what looks like a soft layer of muslin glued/ stitched over the top and moulded carefully around the items to show their relief. In crafting terms, we tend to do this in a similar way with objects slathered in paint or gesso. 

Niches also work for this topic, especially if you put doors on them!! Like the Shadowbox below....see the door to the left? Itching to open that!!

And lastly, here is a totally stunning book...well more like many books inside books! With a fabulous message about patience buried in the centre! Check out the video below. 

You must go to the site of the book artist Randi Parkhurst! You can and watch the video here or click play below to see how she has impeccably constructed these books.

So you have 2 weeks to think about what you can hide and where! If you are still stuck, check out my pinterest board here for this Topic. I will be pinning loads more over the next 2 weeks, you can follow this and many other PA related boards here

You can also follow the PaperArtsy pinterest page here.

Whatever you choose to do, we can't wait to see it! Don't forget the challenge is open for 2 weeks for you to join in!


Topic 11:Hidden Objects. 

You are welcome to share your ideas and link up your creativity to this page.

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1. The challenge is a chance for you to show how you have been inspired by a particular technique of the fortnight. Your entry should contain:
- a mention of which post inspired you and why, and 
- a link in your blog post to that original post on the PA blog.

The whole concept of this challenge is 'play along with us'. You are encouraged to put your own twist on ideas you see on our blog. We love to see how you are inspired!

2. The link you put on our linky page must lead directly to the specific post on your blog where you have explored the technique/ idea mentioned in point 1 above. Don't link to the home page of your blog, or we will be unable to find the post to leave you comments.

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4. We prefer your challenge post is created exclusive to our challenge, but if our topic fits perfectly with another challenge, then of course your post may link to both if you feel it is appropriate.

5. You are most welcome to use stamps/ products/ substrates you have to hand from a variety of companies, we do not expect you to exclusively use PA products - it's lovely when you do though!

6. You can enter as many times as you like in the fortnight. We don't want to restrict your creativity or participation! Link closes at 17:00 Sunday June 21st (London Time)

7. The winner of the random draw will receive a £50 credit to be redeemed on the PaperArtsy Website, the credit includes VAT and postage. We request that one of your purchases is an A5 rubber stamp. You can add any other items to your basket, but the final total should not exceed £50

8. Each Sunday fortnight the winner will be announced at 19:00, also, in the same post, the link for the next fortnight will be posted. It's your responsibility to claim your prize coupon from Darcy: email her

Good Luck! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Helen said...

well this will be a proper challenge!!

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A challenge and a half, love all the inspirational ideas!

Unknown said...

Er, yep! This topic certainly requires a thinking cap.... or two! Lots of possibilities though.

Just wanted to add I think there were some gorgeous entries into the bottle challenge over the past two weeks and I'm annoyed with myself for not getting a move on with an entry myself. Its not as if i dont have enough bottles large & small waiting for some tlc. Good luck in the draw everyone.

Lesley Xx

Julie Lee said...

Oh, I adore hidden things! I really want to join in this one so much! xxx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Love this topic and hope to be able play. Great inspiration x

Ruth said...

What a great challenge theme, such work and detail in the second video...definitely inspiring! Ruth x

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I am so sorry I missed this linkup!! What a great inspirational post!! I will sit down again later with my tea and go over each and every tid bit again!! ")

SCarol said...

Ooh, what a great challenge! Love all things hidden and interactive.

Etsuko said...

Congratulations to Georgina! Very exciting challenge and great ideas. xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Great inspiring intro. Think my ideas are on a different track. Congrats to Georgina!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Such a thrillig topic - love it! I hope I will find the time to take part :)