Sunday 1 February 2015

NEW {2015} PaperArtsy Products: Paint

Hi Everyone, Leandra here with the first of a whole week of New Product blog posts! 

Yes this really is the most exciting time of the year for us. The planning for all this started several months ago, and here we are, finally able to share with you over the next 7 days all the newest PapertArtsy products, ideas and inspiration for 2015!

On the shelves now at your favourite PaperArtsy stockist...
The really great news is that this year we have worked closely with our stockists to co-ordinate these new releases. We have been shipping NEW items worldwide, so you should be able to find all our new 2015 products at your favourite PaperArtsy Stockist NOW! We have shipped to Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland and throughout the UK in the last few weeks. If you want to continue to enjoy a healthy choice of independent retailers in your local area, and online then please, buy our products from your favourite PaperArtsy Stockist.

Tonight we have a few things to share in this blog post:
  • Show you a video about all the new colours. 
  • Show you pictures of all the new and existing Fresco colours
  • Show you some fabulous samples with the new paints too.
Fresco Chalk Acrylic Paints are amazing, on everything... 
Fresco paints have been a revolutionary product for us and you! We launched our range of paints in February 2011. We are now into our FIFTH YEAR selling this range! Since we started we have released over 100 colours.

They are an easy to use, affordable acrylic craft paint, with a fabulous, fashionable colour palette, the coverage is awesome and they work on any surface to dry to a super-duper matte finish suitable to write or stamp on. They dry fast. So they tick all the boxes that you need to tick for mixed media, textile art, journalling, scrapbooking, cardmaking and way more!

Fresco Chalk Paint characteristics...
  • High coverage on all surfaces: wood, metal, glass, paper, card, chipboard, Crackly Tissue, Crunchy waxed paper, Metal Card, Smoothy stamping card, Metal charms, plastics, ceramics, get the idea...they can be used on any surface./
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor they are hardy!
  • Water- based acrylic means clean up in water is easy, and you can water them down to make sprays of whatever opacity you desire.
  • The extremely matte, chalky finish is perfect to stamp over with all kinds of inks, pigment, dye, and yes even distress inks can be used over these paints as they happily sink into the 'tooth' of the chalk.
  • A variety of opaque, semi opaque and translucent colours allows you to enjoy the features that high, medium and low coverage paints offer. Eg high coverage means one coat is all that is necessary, or use the low coverage for building depth, shading, or blending both wet in wet or wet on dry. Translucent paints are perfect for colouring in stamped images.
  • No need for undercoat, gesso or primers, use direct onto any surface.
  • Bang on trend, appealing colours specifically to designed to all work together harmoniously, light, medium, dark, super-dark in each of the colour families.
  • Frescos are suitable for altered art, mixed media, journaling, interior design, fine art, Scrapbooking, card making, textiles and general craft projects.
  • Ideal and easy to write directly on for journalling or add additional colour and detail with a huge variety of pens, pencils, crayons, water soluble colours, dye sprays, mica sprays, inks etc
  • Can be diluted with glazes (or water) to add to versatility of use, increase translucence.
  • Permanent once dry on all surfaces and can be mixed with textile medium for permanance on fabric for washable items.
  • Super-Fast drying and durable, the dry nature of this paint means warping and buckled card is a thing of the past!
At this time of year we tend to tweak and improve the range of colours we offer. We like to have a basic set of 72, and then the Limited Edition boxed sets are extras, only available for a short period of time, usually around 6 months.

So we have re-jigged the paint families yet again, and yes we have brand new colour charts that arrived at HQ last week, so those will start going out to retailers, and in every order we ship. It's a great tick-list. 

Check out this video 
It's all you need to know about Fresco Paints for 2015

New Frescos for 2015...
The newest kids on the block are bright, funky and totally delicious for summer.

4 NEW blue-purples
and 4 NEW bright blues

We also have 2 new Limited Edition Paint sets... 

These brights from Lin Brown
And these seaside stunners from Jo Firth-Young

So lets show you the 72 basic paints in their newer, slightly amended 'families'...

We have three sets of greens
...the grey-greens

the more neutral, fresh greens

and the warm yellow-greens

We also have 3 sets of blues, 
...the grey-blues

the new bright blues

and the turquoise blues

When it comes to purples, there are now 2 sets
the pink-purples

and the new set of blue-purples.

Next up pinks
... we have the dusky pink tones

and the brighter pinks

In the browns, another 3 sets 
...the neutrals (note Chalk has been added in here)

the purple tone browns

and the warm browns

As far as rich colours go we have 
...the bright reds, yellow, oranges

and the more rustic, autumnal version

The basics, Black white, greys...

The glazes

...and finally the metallics

The discontinued colours are...
The following are only available while stocks last (some may already be gone), so if you need to stock up now is your chance to get: 
Pea Coat
Baltic Blue
Ice Blue
Mud Splat
Mocha Mousse
Irish Cream
Cinnamon an
Very Berry
They were great paints while we had them, but even though we are always a little sad to wave goodbye the flip is how exciting it is to have some exciting new colours to play with!!!

Fabulous Samples from...
Here are a few samples using the newest paints! We have loads more art with new paint to show the rest of the week, but we can't give too much away too early!!

Sue Carrington - Stamping Sue Style
I used Crackle Glaze with Smurf underneath Oyster Blue. Next I stencilled using the four bright blues. The flowers from ELB04 are stamped onto black card using the four bright blues

This tag was painted with Caribbean Sea, then stencilled using some of Lin Brown's Limited Edition Frescos {Set 3}. The house is stamped onto crackled Fresco Finish and the flowers are stamped onto Smoothy card using Tangerine Twist and Banana. 

Alison (butterfly) from Words and Pictures 
You know I love blue and you know I love translucence and light... so how happy am I that there are new Fresco translucent blues?!  I used Glass Blue and Blueberry with the little glass bottles from Hot Pick 1109 to create an ATC capturing the blue glass look I love.  I added Glossy Accents to the bottles so in the sunlight they really shine, and of course, the whole effect is very glassy indeed!

Wanda Hentges -  Art By Wanda 
I am totally lovin' the new colors PaperArtsy has added to their line of paints.  On this journal spread I've used the new colors Smurf, Wisteria, Lavender (mixed with matte glaze), Blueberry (mixed with matte glaze), Blue Oyster. From the Lin Brown Limited Edition {Set 3} I used Banana, Tangerine twist, and Bougainvillea. These were supported by colors Snowflake and Hyde Park.

Anneke De Clerck - somefiddlingonthekitchentable
I used PaperArtsy Grunge Paste and a Tim Holtz layering stencil to start with to make some tecture on the tag. I coloured it with paints from the new Limited Edition Lin Brown {set 3}... I'm totally in love with the bright colours!  Stamps are sneakey peeks from Sara Naumann's new later in the week to see more of her new stamps!

Darcy Uk - Art and Sole
Here I have combined all the brand new blues and purples with the Limited Edition colours of Banana and Tangerine Twist from Lin Brown. The background is layered and brayered, then Ellen Vargos scratchy stamp is added. The flower heads are created with one of Ellen's bolder stamps. The stems are deli paper, painted, splattered,stamped. Finally the tags are painted with China blue, and the whole page is edged with Blueberry. 

I used the seaside stunners from the new JOFY collection on this mail art, applied with a brayer onto a postcard along with images from ESN13.

For this card I have used China, Glass Blue, Smurf and Blue Oyster applied again using a brayer and incorporating images from ELB05 and a JOFY Stencil {PS009). I then used a Graphite pencil to highlight/blend.

Finally I applied the gorgeous new bright colours from the Lin Brown collection onto a piece of Smoothy White Stamping Card using a brayer. The images are from ESN13, EEV01, EEV02 and HP1303. I then mounted onto a Kraft Tag.

Thanks for dropping by the PaperArtsy blog, remember, your favourite PaperArtsy stockist has all these new Fresco Paints in stock now ready for you to get your hands on!

We'll be back tomorrow night with stunning artwork and amazing new products that you will NOT expect to see from the very talented Linda Brown! See you at 7pm back here. There might be some sneaky peeks on her blog for you to see....shhhh!

PS Remember that you still have a week to join in Topic 2: Shiny Stuff challenge, it's open until Feb 8th. So go get your magpie thinking cap on and make something!


Linda Jones said...

Love the colour families, so much easier. Can't wait to see the rest of the new products 😆😆😆

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I adore the new colours, especially the blues - and think the new colour families look fantastic. Can't wait to start shopping!!

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Gabrielle said...

Love the new colours and, whilst it is sad to see some old favourites go, new ones are always welcomed with open arms! Can't wait for the second reveal!

Unknown said...

Fab colours! Love em! :)

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous new colours, especially the blues & purples. Thank you for the excellent video & for showing the paints in their colour groups, that is really helpful. I love all the new samples, they really show off the colours. A terrific start to the week.

Julie Lee said...

Such a wonderful range of colours - second to none - and many thanks for the gorgeous samples, which really show so effectively just what can be achieved with Frescos! Lovely post! x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh so exciting to have new fresco colours! Loving everybody's samples. Especially love the bright colours!

Lucy x

Craftyfield said...

I am pleased that the translucents purple Blueberry and the blue Southern skies have been added just what I have been after!
Alison's bottles are so realistic, very clever!

pennylopes54 said...

Love how you have presented the colour families here!

Fliss said...

Wow! Stunning new colours, especially those gorgeous blues and purples and all the artwork is amazing!
Fliss x

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Love seeing the colours displayed on the flowers. It makes it easier to see how they look together. Thanks for that. Hugz

finnella03 said...

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Jane said...

What a brilliant video, so useful to group the colour families together. Really summery new colours too. I will definately be adding to my collection x

Miriam said...

I adore FF anyway - but these new colours are amazing!! I love the new 'groups'. Love, love, love!!

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massofhair said...

Huge Congrats to all at Paper Artsy HQ, fantastic start to the week, some lovely new colours in the blues and purples:-)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the colour families, I will be taking notes.
Such beautiful new colours. Never would have imagined the day I would be excited about colour!
Fabulous array of artwork, showing casing the talent of those artists but also the amazing new paints and stamps.
Exciting times.

Kathi said...

I love, Love, LOVE the new colors, especially the blues. However, I will miss Sky dearly, so I will stock up while I can.

The samples are all fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

craftimamma said...

Fabulous presentation of the new (and old) paint colours from the video to all the wonderful projects. I already have a rather long wish list and it's only the first night, lol!

Looking forward to the rest of the week with great anticipation.

Lesley Xx

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So exciting to see new colors, your paints are my favourites

Sarah B said...

loving the new purples and blues - great samples - can't wait to see the next reveals xxx

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Isabelle Norris said...

Hey Leandra,
Hope you are well. Which shop in Canada sell your paints?

Neet said...

Just love your paints - love the finish they give - and the colours are amazing. Now I need to check my list against this blog post and make a list of the next ones I want.
Hugs and Merry Christmas to you and the family
Neet xx