Friday 14 February 2014

NEW PaperArtsy {2014} Products: Lynne Perrella Collection

Well, first of all Happy Valentine's Day! And there certainly has been an overwhelming amount of love received here at PA HQ this week from you all regarding our newest collections that we have revealed. Thankyou! Yes a lot of work does go into doing this, and for a very small company, I think we punch above our weight. Good things come in small packages though right?

Well you might not have received a whole bunch of diamonds today from your loved one (or perhaps you did), but for the rest of you but we've got 5 amazing diamond stamp sets here for you to consider! We are seriously thrilled with this early 2014 release from Lynne Perrella. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Lynne you should. I like to think of her as a wise enabler. She exudes the most wonderful manner in class that just gets you to dig deep and discover talents you never knew you had inside.

Her way of creating stamps is fascinating, she researches, collects items, ponders, and then when she's ready, she starts to collage elements and images together. You can see she has her go-to people or faces that she often works around, and I feel like we are sharing a small part in the lives of Lynne's ladies; gradually getting to know them from different eras, or dressed for different occasions. 

I have collected 'face stamps' for years, and Lynne's design style is one that I clicked with many years ago when I bought plenty of her Acey Deucy Wood mounted stamp designs. He unique design style still screams from these new stamps as loud as it did all those years ago. 'People' stamps like this are great as you instantly have a focal point to work around. Lynne's stamps are so quirky that you can take them in all kinds of directions, and it always just 'works' right. This ticks my ever-important 'versatility' box when it comes to crafty purchases.

As luck would have it, this year, we have developed a 'script' theme that gently weaves its way through many of the PaperArtsy collections, and Lynne, by the powers of the universe, and her ever perceptive muse has also utilised fonts, scripts, fountain pens and coordinating postal elements. So we couldn't be happier with this latest release from her. We got our ducks in a row this year...or is that flying ducks on the wall! Well these will certainly be on the walls of many shops over the coming weeks I am sure!

{NEW} Stamp sets from Lynne Perrella

by Helen Chilton
by Leandra Franich
by Helen Chilton
Our amazing past guest designers did a great job the very last minute making samples for the Trade Show Art Boards. As some of them won't be giving me their pieces until after I have scheduled this post, I cannot feature them all, but I have received yesterday some amazing pieces from the following, or pinched digital piccies from them:

Helen Chilton is a Lynne Perrella massive fan, and its clear she couldn't stop making stuff!
LPC028 by Helen Chilton
LPC029 by Helen Chilton
LPC029 by Helen Chilton
LPC029, LPC026 by Helen Chilton
by Helen Chilton
LPC029 by Helen Chilton

Gillian Simson made this lovely little chunky canvas piece, this image seems to be popular among our designers so far!

LPC027 by Gillian Simson
Alison Bomber also found the LP zone, and here are just a few of her gorgous smaples, do go look at her blog for more!

LPC026 by Alison Bomber

LPC026 by Alison Bomber
LPC028 by Alison Bomber

Sue Carrington seems to have managed loads of samples for us, and again she has come up trumps with these, check out her blog for more.

LPC027 by Sue Carrington
LPC027 by Sue Carrington

Julie Ann Lee I'm not quite sure how Julie Ann managed to fit in more samples with her GD spot this week, but she has. 

LPC027 by Julie Ann Lee
LPC027 by Julie Ann Lee
All the new Lynne Perrella stamps will be available via your local stamp store in the coming weeks. 

Shops with Trade accounts can order online direct from PaperArtsy now, or in person at the Craft Hobby and Stitch International Trade Show, NEC Birmingham, Feb 16-18. PaperArtsy is stand A42, situated as usual in the back left hand corner of the main hall. Shipping of all new products starts immediately: Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014.


Hazel Agnew said...

Congrats Lynne and PaperArtsy, they are delicious!! Xx

Michelle said...

Love these!
Fabulous inspiration projects too. Wonderfully fabulous!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh wow I am a huge Lynne perella fan and these samples blow me away! I think we need lp fresco colours as they work so well in vibrant tones!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I love every one of these sets & the samples are stunning.

Helen said...

Beautiful stamps and wonderful samples - well dine everyone!

Julie Lee said...

Congratulations to Lynne and PaperArtsy for creating such an amazing collection yet again!!! Congratulations also to the GDs for coming up with some superb samples. I'm off to check out their blogs for more inspiration. Julie Ann xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous samples ladies! XxxX

Lin said...

3 words,,, LOVE THEM ALL xx

Words and Pictures said...

So exciting to be a part of it - and fabulous seeing how each designer takes the stamps and creates something of their own. Thank you for letting me play!!
Alison xx

sam21ski said...

Thank you Lynne for creating such fab stamps to add to the already wonderful PA range.

Great samples from the team again, can't wait to have a proper play myself.

I have managed to get hold of 2 news sets so far, so not bad going!!

Had a quick play with them today too which is even better, but shall dabble lots lots more after my holiday!!

Sam xxx

sam21ski said...

Thank you Lynne for creating such fab stamps to add to the already wonderful PA range.

Great samples from the team again, can't wait to have a proper play myself.

I have managed to get hold of 2 news sets so far, so not bad going!!

Had a quick play with them today too which is even better, but shall dabble lots lots more after my holiday!!

Sam xxx

Alison said...

Love each & every one!!!
Great samples too!
Alison xxx

Maz said...

Wow! These are fab - love them! x

Keren Baker said...

These are all amazing. Those colours too? Wow. Love the images- so beautiful!

Evil Edna said...

Anonymous said...

What marvellous goodies you're bringing out -- just amazing. And the colours on the samples show up so wonderfully. How on earth will I EVER be able to catch up on my Wish List? It's longer than my arm, and growing daily!!! I love everything I see!!
Love - Sally xoxo

craftimamma said...

More stunning new stamps! Well done Lynne and PaperArtsy they're beautiful. I already have two sets and can't wait to have a play.

Lesley Xx

massofhair said...

Slowly coming around, like 3 of LP latest releases. The Designers all did an amazing job, fantastic samples!

So good to see Paper Artsy growing & growing. Thank you for all your hard work:-) x

Linda M. Cain said...

Absolutely STUNNING pieces one and all! Sooooooooo thrilled to see these new stamps and can't wait to get my hands on them!


maria's knutselplezier said...

AMAZING!!!Great stamps , and great designers!! I love these amazing project , one by one real ART!!!Wished I could do a workshop with them!!!The stamps get on my wishing list, of course, happy me that my birthday has to come soon!!!(haha)


chrissie said...

Amazing stamps and wonderful craft creations using them

Chrissie x

Etsuko said...

Amazing Lynne Perrella new collections!! LPC is my favorite stamps, and these are stunning samples.

APG Jamie said...

I simply love these!!!

Liesbeth Fidder said...

Wow !! Wonderful stamps, AMAZING samples ladies !!! :-D

Cocofolies said...

Wow wow wow!!!! What could I say more...? AMAZING samples by everyone using these gorgeous new stamps, everything is really gorgeous. Coco xx

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow absolutely awesome new products, I think I'm going to end up buying a few products a week for the next 6months lol. Kezzy :-) xxx

Unknown said...

I love Lynn Perella stamps and the resultng art samples are amazing.