Wednesday 12 February 2014

NEW PaperArtsy {2014} Products: Eclectica³ Lin Brown Collection

Welcome to the first night of several revealing all the NEW PRODUCTS we have developed for 2014 release at Craft Hobby and Stitch International Trade show that starts on Sunday.

Tonight we show you all things new from Linda Brown. The history to this Eclectica³ {Lin Brown} collection originates from when Lin took a City and Guilds course in 2012 which really inspired her to utilise fabric a lot more in the art she creates. You will see this in some of her stunning samples below how she has done that of late.  Last year, the 3 stamp sets we released were rubber representations of stamps she hand-carved, to create flowers for feature pieces in her fabric creations.

At the same time we released 5 die sets, so you could die cut flowers, butterly, branch, leaves to add dimension. We also released 6 co-ordinating chipboard sets calle Eclectica³ Chipboard Shapes (flowers, branches etc) that are fun to use with all of Lin's other elements, again, for dimension and texture.

In the summer months of 2013, she added a fourth stamp set, with much smaller elements to create more detailed backgrounds. 

{NEW} Rubber Stamps
So for 2014, we have added a lot of new things to Lin's  Eclectica³ Series. As we have previously in recent weeks, she now has 2 'quote plates' :

ELB06, ELB07, PS002, FFLB1 by Leandra
ELB05, ELB07, PS003, FFLB1 by Leandra
So what have we NOT yet told you about? Well quite a lot I do admit! Lets start with the stamps.

With script becoming an important part of Lin's work, we felt fine detail stamps, in traditional PaperArtsy style, with script etc laid on top, would perfectly compliment the quote plates Lin has created. 

Remember, her flowers heads etc do not have identical petals, so the trick is to die cut the shape first, match the notch, and then stamp the image over the top marking the petal on the EZ mount side of your stamp to the 'notch'. 

Another great tip with the branch, is to snuggle the rubber stamp into the die, and then press it onto the acrylic Flexi block 'handle' now the shape of the stamp will perfectly match the die cut paper. You can see we have made 2 branches, so you can stamp the front OR the back of the die cut piece of card.

Lin's dies are amazingly sharp. Our manufacturer makes them from stainless steel, which is a higher grade of steel than other dies on the market. They stay sharper, and the blade feels like you could almost cut yourself on it (be careful). We love these dies. The blades are quite deep, so you will have no problem cutting Grunge-paper for example. These dies will go through any die cutting machine, just adjust your sandwich to whatever you would normally use for spellbinder style dies.


Some of you may have already noticed the stamps have 2 styles; with borders, or without borders

The stamps with borders will fit perfectly within the area of your die cut shape. See below
ELB07 by Lin Brown
The stamps without a black line border have been designed to be slightly LARGER than your die cut shape. SO in the sample below, you can see the image goes all the way to the edge of the die cut shape on the tulip layers.
ELB08 by Lin Brown
This means you can stamp an image and see a nice design across the entire shape. It's just another way to give you different options. You could, for example, stamp the larger image in a light colour ink, then come over the top with the border image in black as a kind of feature. I'm sure you will think of many ways to use these stamps. It's all about texture, layers and versatility.

{NEW} Limited Edition Set of 4 paints
But that's not all. Lin also has a Limited Edition Paint set. 

She developed the colours, and as you would imagine, they are the typical warm, autumnal shades that she adores. 
Chartreuse is translucent, but I'm wondering if we should make the labels for Tikka and Seaweed semi-opaque too, they have slightly more coverage than a translucent. Tikka is a bit like pumpkin soup, except more orange, and a much higher coverage. Chutney with one layer you see warm raisin tones, but as you add layers, its more of a mahogany brown. These are all wonderful for building interest, depth and warmth in projects.

{NEW} PaperArtsy Stencils
And, yes,  you're eyes don't deceive, Lin has also designed stencils, 6 fabulous designs, again, designed to work as layers in whatever project you tackle. 

I'm sure you'll agree, its wonderful to have elements like this that all work together so perfectly with our Grunge Paste, as well as Lin's stamps, and now her own paints.
Various stencils with GP, ELB paint by Linda Cain
PS003 by Lin Brown
PS003 stencil with GP and Frescos by Leandra
ELB Stencils, Fresco paints and MN stamps by Linda Cain
PS004 by Lin Brown
PS004 by Lin Brown

PS004 by Lin Brown

I'm sure after all that excitement you would love to see what the designers have been up to in the last few weeks, secretly beavering away with all things new!

Lin Brown of course has managed (with one working arm since surgery) to heroically put together some gorgeous samples. Lin has designed her stencils to work in tandem with her stamps, be it a background, or a flower layer, and some of the stencils like PS003 and PS004 have patterns that are used on top of others. For example, in the first sample below, the flower petals are stenciled in French Roast, and the spots are stenciled over the top to fit perfectly with Nougat Paint.
PS004, PS005 by Lin Brown
ELB07 by Lin Brown
PS002, PS004 by Lin Brown
PS003 by Lin Brown
ELB07, PS004 by Lin Brown
PS002, PS003, PS005 by Lin Brown
Next up is Joanne Wardle with her fabulous minimalist style. She always manages some striking Clean and Simple cards, a refreshing approach.

Carol Quance has been using the paints to great effect with another new product to be revealed later in the week!

Sue Carrington created these striking flower cards using the stamp and dies sets in numerous ways.

Jo Myhill despite a crazy few weeks in her life, Jo has managed to create some goodness for you to see too.

Linda Cain ...could not resist working with Lin's products once stuff fell in her lap, and has literally gone into art-hibernation creating all kinds of lush things, like this gorgeous 'gal' with her flower crown.

Please take some time to visit all the blog links above for more samples and ideas from each designer about how they have used this new series of products. You will be amazed!

All Eclectica³ Lin Brown stamps will be available via your local stamp store in the coming weeks. Shops can order online direct from PaperArtsy now, or in person at the Craft Hobby and Stitch International Trade Show, NEC Birmingham, Feb 16-18. PaperArtsy is stand A42, situated as usual in the back left hand corner of the main hall, with a coffee cart nearby.  Shipping of all new products starts immediately: Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014.

PaperArtsy is launching many products at the Stitches show this year - their biggest new release of product ever!  Drop back every night this week to see each co9llection revealed.


sam21ski said...

Absolutely fantastic new range from Lin, but I have to say, those new paint colours are just stunning. I can say that from personal experience as I actually have a set in my hands as we speak. Next on my list is the LB08 stamp set - lovely stuff Lin

Sam xxx

Julie Lee said...

What can I say about such lovely, flawless designs? I love the dies and the sentiments and the stencils. They are all brilliantly adaptable and they go so well with all the other PaperArtsy designers' work too. These examples are gorgeous and I'm especially excited about the possibilities of using them with fabric. Lin's new colours are so exciting and different too. This is all so inspirational and exciting I just can't wait to get started with these. Julie Ann xxx

Unknown said...

So basically my next three wage packets should just go straight to you??????

Craftyfield said...

There is so much in this post, I am going to need a few days to digest! Love how the new products complement and extend the previously released Eclectica stamps and dies. Well done Lin! (and all the other DT for their gorgeous creations)

Hazel Agnew said...

Love the combinations of all the elements Lin. They give us endless possibilities to explore. I, too look forward to experimenting with fabric. Love your fresco colours. Need to add to my collection. Well done. X

Helen said...

Loving all the samples - it was a privilege to be able to see some of them in the flesh on Sunday at Stevenage - not to mention BUY some of the new products - well, quite a lot, actually.. Am loving the stencils. Thanks to Lin, and all the team at Paperartsy once again.

Gabrielle said...

Lin, this new release is awesome! I'm so proud of you and thankful that Leandra and Mark bought more of your amazing ideas to us. Yay!

craftimamma said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! My credit card has done a runner for fear of overuse! Lin I am going to have a devilish job deciding which products to buy and which not to when I get to Ally Pally. I can't see one single thing that I don't love but the quote sets were already on my list and now I agree with Sam that ELB08 have definitely got to be added along with the stencils. I'd agree with Jax except I'm retired. Wonder if OH would mind not eating for a while ;-). Wonderful additions to your collection Lin.

Lesley Xx

JoFY said...

Fantastic stamps, paints, stencils! well done Lin - fabulous designs as ever...

& everyone's samples are so gorgeous!!

what an inspiring bunch you are!


Lucy Edmondson said...

Fabulous additions to the ones of yours I have, Lin, and gorgeous samples. Love the stencils which will work so well with the stamps,

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Wow the samples are so rich and they work so well together, it's going to be hard to pick which to get xx

Alison said...

Fantastic additions to Lin's range, lovely to see stencils included.
Great inspiration from everyone too, I love Linda's art doll!
Alison xxx

yoursartfully said...

Wow, it's been quite an evening. Thank you to everyone for all your kind comments. A huge thank you to all the designers for making such awesome samples with my new lines but the biggest thank you goes to Mr & Mrs PaperArtsy for believing in my ideas enough to turn my dreams into reality.

Lin x

massofhair said...

Ooohing & aaahhhing over such lush gorgeousness. Fab releases huge congrats Lin, Leandra & Mark:-)

Rebecca said...

I'm singing this... Awesome ­čśŐ
Happy craftin

Deborah Wainwright said...

Really loving the colours as I've been playing since Sunday. The stamps and the stencils are really fantastic and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Good job it's payday next week.

Miriam said...

Oh my word!! Such an amazing collection from Lin. I so need, yes need, these. Fabulous!!

Words and Pictures said...

Stunning new releases, Lin - and what amazing inspirational makes from the whole team!
Alison x

nefertiti said...

Fabulous collection from Lin!!

finnella03 said...

So lovely to see Lin's fabulous pieces, love them all. So hard having to work last Sunday knowing you were all getting to see and buy the new things!

finnella03 said...

So lovely to see Lin's fabulous pieces, love them all. So hard having to work last Sunday knowing you were all getting to see and buy the new things!

Kathi said...

Fabulous new releases and absolutely gorgeous samples!

I had better win the lottery!!!

Etsuko said...

Just wonderful Lin's new releases!! I want sentiments, flower stamps, stencils and new LE fresco paints, Ahhhh what i do? xx

ellen vargo designs said...

stunning new products from Lin - I'm in LOVE with the paint colors! And the stamps/stencils are just so perfectly LIN - samples from Lin and other DT gals are truly gorgeous! Congrats to all!

Anonymous said...

WOW - what absolutely fabulous new goodies, and what sumptuous samples! Unbelievable!!! I hardly dare to come to the blog on other evenings this week to see what our Mr & Mrs PA have up their sleeves! I want the paints -- I want the stamps -- I want the stencils! I'm in very deep doodoo!! But . . . I still say a huge thank you to Lin and Leandra and Mark. xoxoxoxoxo Sally

Mell Pell Mell said...

Great products - great projects!!!

Cocofolies said...

Wow wow wow, fabulous set of new products designed by Lin, love them!!!!! And awesome collection of gorgeous samples by everyone, thank you! Hugs, Coco xx

Maggie said...

Gorgeous Gorgeousness! love all the samples and the new releases.


craftinka said...

Love the stencils and can't wait to see you in Paris in April hope you'll be coming to VS this year? Big hello from Paris :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously gorgeous samples & I love all of Lin's designs, especially the stencils. Watching Leandra work with them at Stamperama was a joy.

Geraldine said...

Wow, love this new collection from Lin. Everything is stunning, and all the samples are beautiful.

Unknown said...

lovely collection Lin's, this colors are radiant, this project splendid!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow I neeeeeed it all, I have managed to buy the paints and one of the stencils already so really excited to use them. Kezzy :-) xxx