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NEW {2014} Products: PaperArtsy

Well, we have nearly finished revealing all the new products we have been developing for the last few months in preparation for the week ahead at the Craft hobby and Stitch International Trade show.

Under the PaperArtsy Brand we also have some new products to announce.

{NEW} Chatsworth Paper Collection
I am really excited about our new 12x12" paper collection pack; Chatsworth. 

In rich warm tones there are some neutral papers in shades of Sepia, there are a few in rich, warm golden-green and autumnal shades, plus the compulsory blues feature too. Thrown into the mix are some dark papers, really useful for matting and layering. 

If you look closely there are also a lot of script elements, sometimes soft and subtle, and sometimes a bit bolder. There are also plenty of blank areas for stamping directly onto the papers. 

In a pack you will get 4 each of the 6 double-sided designs, that's 24 sheets of paper. The weight is the same as Thorndon Hall was,  240gsm, and the paper we use is our Smoothy stamping paper: high quality Italian paper. The inks are all eco friendly vegetable based, so we tick all the enviro-friendly boxes as usual, and we choose to use our wonderful local printer who is just around the corner, so we are supporting another local business.

Here is a piccie of us packing up the papers with our automated munchkin packing machine - consists of Franich munchkins walking around the table (LOL). The light was a bit rubbish (raining again), so the colours look more washed out than in real life. Anyway, it's all packed up and ready to ship out. It smells divine!
Here's three 5x7" samples I made the other night using the Chatsworth Papers stuck onto our new White/Grey Board substrates. You can see I have done a mash-up of JOFY, Lin Brown and PaperArtsy GrungeFlower dies with Treasure Gold onto the 'Crunchy' waxed paper flower head. I also used ELB paint set with a touch of Beach hut. These are samples for the classes I will be teaching each day at the Stitches Trade Show this weekend. I reckon those retailers should be able to churn these out in 40 mins no worries!

{Coming Soon} New Hot Picks Stamps
Not too far away are some new Hot Pick stamps. Mr PaperArtsy is playing his cards pretty close to his chest on this one, but I don't think you have long to wait. Here's a sneak peek of one I stumbled across in his drafts file! (shhh) Can't wait to use this!

{New} Canvases and Canvas Boards
For some time now we have been selling deep edge/ box canvases, as below, and now we have some larger sizes available 6x16" and 8x20"

We also are adding a range of flat canvas boards; 8x8", 9x12", 10x14" and 10 x 20". We love these because they are easy to stamp on because they don't dip in the middle - watch the texture though, you may need to smooth it back with gesso or grunge paste. They are also really nice to cover with Chatsworth papers, and then work on them from there.

{New} Grey-White Board
Yes I know that sounds a bit odd (the grey-white thing), but these 'boards' are 3mm thick Grey board, and it is coated with white paper on one side. The white is like a layer of magic, because now you can paint, and stamp to your hearts desire, and the result is going to be beautiful fine detailed images, because the white side of the grey board is smooth! These are fantastic for construction style projects, is very easy to glue them together to make boxes etc, and they are perfect for bespoke book or journal covers. We have sizes 4x4", 5x7", 6x6", 8x8", also a nice fit with our canvas sizes. We are selling them in packs of 4.

{New} Treasure Gold
We had been tipped off pre-Christmas that there might be some new TG colours in the making, but I think Mr TG got a bit sidetracked, adn they are in the deep south of the UK that has been suffering from lots and lots of water, so the best plans eh?....But for now, you'll be pleased to know we do have the favourite colour of crafters around the world.....lilac! It's a stunning pale shade that I think you will *need*

All the new PaperArtsy products will be available via your local stamp store in the coming weeks. Initially shops can order online direct from PaperArtsy now, or in person at the Craft Hobby and Stitch International Trade Show, NEC Birmingham, Feb 16-18. PaperArtsy is stand A42, situated as usual in the back left hand corner of the main hall. 

We are closed until Wednesday. Shipping of all new products starts Wednesday Feb 19th


Steven said...

all yummy stuff!!

Helen said...

The Papers are fabulous - but cant wait for new hotpicks - yay!!

craftimamma said...

OMG, I'm in hock for the rest of my natural! Fabulous stuff! Vowed I wasn't buying any more papers but they are so up my street and that Hotpick glimpse is beautiful! I can see I will have spent my quota within 5 minutes of getting to Ally Pally!

Lesley Xx

margaret said...

Oh what can I say love the paper still have the previous lot but cant bear to use it !!and Mr P stamp plate OMG that looks amazing when can I get my hands on that lot!!! Margaret

Unknown said...

Think I might have to get me some of the papers-and the Hot Pick stamp as well-and the grey board

Craftyfield said...

Love the papers they are perfect for scrapbooking and the colours will work with the sort of pages I have in the offing. I am excited to see the new Hot Picks too...who knew invoices could be so arty!

Julie Lee said...

So many lovely new things! Good luck at 'Stitches'! PaperArtsy is going to be HUGE! Julie Ann xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous new goodies! The papers are beautiful & yes, I will need that new lilac TG.

Lucy Edmondson said...

I am so excited about the new paper. Still love my thorndon hall,

Lucy x

Linda M. Cain said...

Perfection with the Papers! Fantastic for stamping and backgrounds! WHOO HOO!


Unknown said...

Those papers look yummy x

sam21ski said...

Fantastic, can't wait xxx

Hope you're all having a fabulous time at Stitches playing around with all the new products.

Sam xx

butterfly said...

Oh, I see... I thought it was all one post before... so HERE is where I should say how excited I am about Mr P's sneak peek!!
Alison xx

Redanne said...

The Chatsworth papers are fabulous - I did say I would not buy any more......

massofhair said...

Looking forward to Mr P's new Hot Picks, huge fan of his designs. The sneak peek is divine...

So many new products, you weren't kidding around when you warned us were you lol.

Hoping some of everything will still be available in Sept when you visit Port Sunny:-) xxx

Cocofolies said...

mmm... looks also fantastic!! Looking forward to seeing all these new products closer at VS! Coco xx

Anonymous said...

Aiy! I almost missed this post! More lovely goodies! BEAUTIFUL colours -- want them, too! Wallet is in debit!!!
:-) Sally

Yorkie girl said...

I have that need feeling coming on again. Tx

Pat said...

What gorgeous papers! The new hptpicks in the offing look just my cup of tea and lilac TG what can I say. I just wish I could get to one of the shows you demo at. xx

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow yet again gorgeous new products. I lurvvvve the papers, I really wish they were 8by8 as well, but I'm still going to buy them lol. The paper has amazing quality. Kezzy :-) xxx

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