Thursday 22 October 2009

Taking a Breath before the next weekend....

Nearly time for ArtsyCrafts Number 2. Busy little beavers we have been here at PA world HQ all week to get ready for another round. Lin and the LB Crafts team has been flat our re-ordering stuff that we *need* to have for you, and it's all arrived from the USA in less than 4 days! She pulled some strings!

Tonight another 50 people are packing their bags and making their way to Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes. Everyone will be arriving tomorrow eve and Saturday morning for a fun filled weekend of techniques, ideas, new products and the chance to make new friends, and for some of you an opportunity to hook up with some older ones.

 Last weekend I was struck by how friendly, warm and supportive the atmosphere is at ArtsyCrafts events. Naturally this is how we hope every event we organise could be, and it was such a joy to realise within every group throughout last weekend there was such a wonderful creative vibe of enthusiasm, enjoyment and encouragement of each other - it was a delightful, extremely supportive learning environment, and made our job as teachers a very smooth path, and an extremely enjoyable experience. Thank you to all who came and contributed to it being such a success. I hope you learned lots of new ideas, and will put them all to good use.

Now I really can't wait for this weekend to do it all again!

The way Lin and I decided to organise ArtsyCrafts events is a little unusal compared to other weekend events that I have taught at in the past. Because we let people indicate their colour preferences, we aim to provide an opportunity for you to use your preferred colours, plus you get the chance to try others combinations that might be new to you. This system means you can work within or beyond your comfort zone, but best of all, it provides plenty of opportunities to make new friends, and by the end of an AC weekend there are many people who have swapped email, blog and facebook details. I am sure this style of organisation is at the core of ArtsyCrafts events being such warm and freindly ones.

You can see here some of the lovely colour schemes we have generated for this event with these table samples we use to indicate the kinds of effects you can create.

 Here are the class notes and kits ready to hand out.

So what is in store for you this coming weekend if you are about to join us in another weekend of learning?

A few snippets from last weekend might whet your appetite, although I'm sure you are very excited already! 

There are many people already asking when are the next ArtsyCrafts events? Well I am happy to let you know that we have booked the last 2 weekends of March 2010, so you can start putting the pennies in the piggybank ready for that. We will announce booking information shortly. Usually there is a priority booking system for recent AC delegates, followed by a month of early bird pricing available for everyone.

Lastly, on a personal note, my Dad and his wife Sue (behind Hugo in the piccie below) were here in the UK for a fleeting visit from New Zealand this last week. We caught up with them for a couple of meals, one of which was Monday night after ArtsyCrafts. Mark took this piccie, which is a nice one of us all (except Mark, of course). The only reason I am taller than Courtney is because I had on higher heels! But you have (L-R) Dad aka Roy, Leandra, Courtney (15), Sue with Hugo (9) in front, Millie (11) and Ella (13).

We had a really lovely evening with lots of laughs, good food and wine, and we all slept through the alarm the next morning...Kids got up and out the door in 20 minutes !!! Who knew that was possible, a big improvement on the usual 90 minutes!!!

So for those of you coming to ArtsyCrafts on Friday night, let's meet up in the bar at 8pm for a relaxed chat before the event begins!

See you there!!



Helen said...

the more snippets I see, the more jealous I get! maybe in March...

P'tite Plume said...

It is fabulous!I would like to know studios like that.

kjjc said...

I'm so envious too Helen. Determined to make the one this time next year-if I get a place.

Lesley Edmonds said...

Oh I do envy all those packing their bags. I had such a great time last weekend and learnt so many new techniques and skill using new and exciting products.

Leandra, Lyn and the team work so hard to make the weekend fun and entertaining as well as challenging.

You'll love it!!!!!!!!

Lesley x

Carol Q said...

I need to do this! what a lot of work is involved for you all though. Hope you have another lovely creative weekend. Oh - great family photo too!

Siobhan Brignull said...

i am so good, Ididnt go to the craft barn so could save my pennies, hope you have a fab weekend and looking forward to March, Siobhan x

Tracy said...

Oh how i wish i could be there,please please come to Scotland.hugs

Gill said...

what a fab weekend - thanks to all involved


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Love the clock with the faux crackled glass. Looks awesome! What are all those tubes of color in the boxes? Are they some kind of paint? They look intriguing!