Wednesday 7 October 2009

Metal Working Ideas Part 2 - Puffing out stamped images

So once you have mastered the tape sandwich technique on copper featured yesterday, why not try adding some glimmer mist? This sample left is patina blue, and Garden Fairy green on Copper metal. I was heading for a verdigris effect. The stamp is the fleur de Lys from Crowns and Castles Plate 8.

Of course you can also stamp on coloured metal like appletini, periwinkle, Kiss me Pink or my particular favourite, pearl. I find pearl one of the most versatile colours of metal, because it's so pale and has a very matte finish, which makes it easy to change the tone with glimmer mists to suit the colour of the project you are working on.

Today we're going to take a look at one of the other techniques I demoed at the Artisan exhibition this weekend just been, and that's how to puff out a stamped image. Of course, clocks are well suited to this idea! And we have lots of scrummy new clocks.

So how is it done?

  • stamp the image in stazon onto the metal of your choice.
  • outline the part of the design you wish to 'puff' with a pointed teflon tool.
  • Flip the metal over (wrong side up) onto the deepest mat of the mat set, and with a paper stump, gradually rub the metal until it starts to give. This is an odd process, because the friction and gradual stretching of the metal means you will feel it suddenly 'give' and become easier to work. No need to press really hard, just go for a gradual stretch.
  • Once you are satisfied with the deepness of the embossing you have achieved, flip the metal over to right side up, and place it on the acrylic mat from the mat set. Use the paper stump again to flatten the surrounding areas inside and outside of the puffed section. This is called refining, and it helps tomake the popped section stand out, and it also helps to keep the surrounding metal flat and tidy.
  • Working on a wad of paper from the front, use the perforation wheel to outline the clock face either side of the puffed section.
  • Use a course dot wheel on the black section around the edge of the clock face
  • Use a teflon tool to add random dots to the centre of the clock face.
  • Now we need to support the puffed section. You can use a lightweight polyfiller from the hardware store, but i prefer to use glossy accents. This is a hard-drying glue, and serves the purpose of filling AND sticking card to the back of the metal at the same time. Fill the recess, then add extra glue around the flat section, use your finger to smooth out the glue on the fla sections, then press card onto the back fo the clock.
  • Fip over, and ensure the metal is pressed onto the backing card. It will grab within a minute, and then you can trim out the metal and continue to work with your embellishment. The glue will set up overnight.
  • The card backing allows you to secure the metal embellishment to your project easily.

Here is a closeup so you get a better idea of the texture.

Here is the pearl metal. Stamp the flower (egg and Nog Plate 4) onto pearl metal. Outline from the front, flip onto fat mat and puff with a paper stump from the back. Flip back to front, and on acrylic mat, flatten surrounding areas and centre of flower. Fill with glossy, secure to card. Use the edge of your acrylic mat to draw a frame around the flower. Edge the frame with the diagonal wheel (set C) , draw another line with the teflon tool outside the diagonal, and then draw random squiggles inside the frame with the teflon tool. Apply black kaisercolour paint with a piece of Cut n Dry foam to the pearl metal and cover the entire piece. Take a piece of paper towel, and gently rub away the excess paint...I said gently!  Do this before the paint dries. Note how the paint accents all the recessed areas. Now you can spray with glimmer here I used Creme de Rouge and Walnut Gold.

So that's today's tutorial. Can't promise the next installment in this series tomorrow as it's Mark's birthday (I am really bad at remembering birthdays!) so tomorrow i am going to make up for the last 2 years of forgettery and treat us all to an evening out for some shopping  for a few bits and a meal. I am looking forward to it immensely.

In the meantime a treat...Ding and Dong are now online!


craftimamma said...

I watched you do the bottom piece on Sunday but I had already forgotten how you got such a straight edge with the diagonal wheel so this tutorial is brilliant for filling in the bits I've forgotten as well as bits I didn't see.


Lesley Xx

Helen said...

Great tutorial, will go shopping now the new stamps are online! Happy Birthday to Mark, have a lovely night out.

Carol said...

Many thanks for the tutorials - brill :)

Happy Birthday to Mark for tomoz and hope you all enjoy the shop and meal :)

Anonymous said...

The tutorial is great - thanks Leandra.

Hope you all have a great day out.


Ellen said...

thank you for demoing this again for the ones who couldn't make it to the shows. my fingers are itching to have a go at this.

Unknown said...

Great tutorial and enjoy your meal :0)

P'tite Plume said...

Thanks for this tutorial, it's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hello Leandra:
I just browsed your blog (haven't had much time lately, and have been falling behind), and nearly FLIPPED!!! What a lot of catching up to do . . . but I certainly got there are the right moment -- am going to make a printout of your tutorial and then get out some of my gorgeous TSS things and WORK ON THEM!!!!!!! Have some of the new paints arriving any time now in the mail, so have to try to get myself in gear!
My Leandra Wish List is growing to dangerous proportions AGAIN!!!! I love lots of the newbies, and want to play with your fantastic, fun Ding & Dong birdies (have to buy them first, of course!!!), and make lovely chipboard Archie stuff!!! Want, want, want --- when will I learn some moderation?
Oh well, never mind!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK, from down here in the sunny south! Still hoping that you'll make it this way sometime and come and visit (with Linda and her Mark???!!!).
Lots of greetings from Toulouse - Sally xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family had a lovely day together. Those days you will remember forever.