Sunday 1 November 2009

ArtsyCrafts - 2 fabulous weekends

What can I say? Lin and I are both totally overwhelmed with the wonderful feedback from the delegates who attended both of these events. We think we have now found a format that works really well, operates at a nice pace, and creates a warm friendly and supportive environment suitable for newbies and experienced alike.

 So many people told us in their evaluations that this altered art weekend was the best they had ever attended, which was the biggest compliment to us we could ever hope to receive. So take a look at the pictures below from the event, because maybe this kind of thing is somrthing you might like to attend in the future. We had people in the last 2 weeks travel from as far away as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Devon, and even some international,"across the ditch" people came from France, Holland, and Norway. So if you live in England, the location near Milton Keynes is very central, and close to Luton airport. So don't try telling us it's too far away, we won't believe you!!! LOL

We provice everything for the weekend that you need. In fact if all you arrived with was a pair of Tim Holtz scissors, you would be set to go! Here is the table set for the first class, with step out colour notes, the class kits, and lots of goodies on the table to work with. We issue each person for the whole weekend with a metal working kit, so you have a basic tool set with paper stumps, a mat set, sanding block, glues etc for you to use whenever you wish.

Each table also had one of these samples to refer to so you could see how the colours might work together.

We were very pleased that just about everyone got all their projects finished at the event, so the timings were pretty much on the button for all the classes. People seemed to enjoy all the projects and techniques we taught, and everyone met new people and made fantastic new friendships.

Here are some of the projects we made in various colour groups. Below is French Maison (blue and beige),  Autumn Days (warm tones of rust, olive and brown), and English Rose (soft pink and cream). We also had Peacock (rich greens, blues and chocolate with gold and copper highlights), Cappucino (coffee coloured shades of brown), and Country Charm (pale soft shade of duck egg blue and pistachio green with silver highlights.

 Within the groups there was the opportunity to ramp up the colours or tone them down based on your personal preference. So it was fascinating how a table could have huge variations by only using some of the colours, eg just using green instead of blue and green, or by creating the project rich instead of pale with cream or white base.

The rooms were quite spacious, with an area for the shop at one end of the room. With 5 people per table, and supplies in the centre, there is plenty of room to flap your wings, and yet you can still reach what you need.

As you have probably gatheredhe theme was "time" and the main project was a large clock which we created over 3 sessions. We also made a mini box decorated inside and out, a small arch shaped concertina book and a UTEE metal clock embossed embellishment with grunge wings, perfect to decorate a diary or journal cover.

The techniques and products we focussed on were viva Decor Terra texture paste, Kaisercolour paints, and Viva Decor precious metal colour paints. Our aim during the weekend is to use most of these products a few times in different ways so that people grow in their confidence with those products, and understand the versatility of how to work with them in a variety of situations. Each event we also try to incorporate an item with UTEE, and so we had a session with the melt pots too. Melt pots are always a new thing for some of the delegates, but it's nice to show how versatile they are.  And of course the glue of all these sessions are Lin and my specialty areas; Metal and Stamps. We incorporate new techniques and ideas with Metal and stamps in all the sessions so that people learn many ways to use these products together.

If one thing came through in the evaluations forms is that it is very evident to the delegates at ArtsyCrafts events how much preparation Lin and I put in. It is very important to us that people go home with full colour step-by-step notes for each session. We impart so much information, that it's nice to have a professional resource to refer back to when you are at home and wondering "how the heck did i do that?" 6 months later!

"A bit of me time" Mini Box.
This was a cute little box which we painted, decorated with stamped/ coloured papers, and then adorned the inside with metal embellishments.The outside has a fob watch with a cracked face on the cover. The sides of the box had cuttlebugged metal on them.

"Storytime" Arch concertina book
The cover chipboard and pages were all painted with Kaisercolour paints, stamped, and we did some masking, adding more paint for depth, and decorating insdie the arch with metal birds on pearl metal.

"Time Flies" UTEE Embellishment
The clock with wings was our UTEE class. Lin worked out that using UTEE on top of embossed metal is a great way to support the metal instead of using a polyfiller type product from behind. So we stamped an image onto pearl metal, embossed (puffed out) the metal, then glimmered it and finally added a layer of clear UTEE. this was cut out with a cookie cutter. To this we attached wings made from painted and stamped grungepaper.

"Tick Tock" 
So to our big project, the clock. We taught this over 3 sessions. The face of the clock was textured with Terra which we stamped into. Once dry we painted it with acrylic paints, and sprayed with glimmer mist, and added some Viva Precious metal colour accents to the high points.

We also painted some metal to match the colour of the clock face so that we could stamp on this surface for embellishments on the canvas, however, some people opted to do these directly onto the copper painted metal.

The base that the clock rests on is a large rectangular canvas. This was painted, and stamped. with pale colours. Then overstamped with Viva preciuos metal colour.

Then we added quotes in black, and together with the metal panels and painted embellishments, plus the clock numbers it all starts to come together.

The 4 metal panels to go on the canvas had been embossed on the Ten Seconds Studio moulds.

 The panels were painted and perhaps glimmered to antique them.

We also created some other clock metal embellishments (the painted/stamped pieces mentioned before), and of course the numbers for the clock were also stamped onto metal.

It was wonderful to look at all the artwork that was displayed around the room as each person developed their own version of each project. We were amazed how the artwork different even within a table.

Here is a group photo of weekend number 2, we never got a piccie from the First weekend, but we'll make sure to do this at future events! 

Colours choices at ArtsyCrafts events

When people register with us to attend the event, they indicate their colour preferences from a list of up to 10 options. We count up everyone's first choices, and this determines the colours available at the event. For this event, 'French Maison' was so popular we had 3 tables of that colur scheme (soft blue and beige) and we were thrilled that practically everyone at the event got their first available colour choice to make the main project (clock).

When making other projects over the weekend we allow a free choice system so that delegates can have a go at a different colour, which means there are about 2-3 opportunities to try something different. This system also means that you don't know who you will sit with until you arrive, and at the end of the weekend you have met so many new people, that even those who came with friends were happy to have made many new ones too.

Lastly can I say a huge thankyou to all who came and made the event such a success and so enjoyable. Both groups each weekend were so lovely to teach. Even those who were out of their comfort zone jumped in boots and all to give every project 100% effort and it really showed in the results. We were in awe of the wonderful and inidividual ways you all expressed yourselves. And of course Lin and I couldn't do it without our fabulous helpers. Here we all are in the picture, from the left Jo, Lynne H, Lin, Karen and Leandra.

This was the 5th ArstyCrafts event we have offered, and with so many new people and committed fans who have attended every single event, we anticipate the march 2010  weekends will sell out fast. The popularity and high quality of these events have created a demand point where we could probably offer 3 weekends, but we cannot fit this into our schedules. So with this in mind, we expect it's likely to be a bit of a rush to book places. To be fair to everyone, we will be announcing the details in full for a few weeks before the booking date commences. If you are on either the LB Crafts or PaperArtsy mailing lists, you will get an email, otherwise sign up to this blog or Lin's blog (LB Crafts) where the same info will also be made public. Start saving now, we have a fabulous theme lined up and Lin and I have already had a meeting where we have sketched out some potential class ideas! I think you will love it...we are buzzing about it !!

If you attended one of these events, please can I ask you to leave a comment on this blog post and a link back to your blog post about the weekend so that people can come and take a look now and in the future your opinions of ArtsyCrafts weekends and the items you made.

Have a great weekend, now that the rough winter weather has arrived, it's perfect to start thinking about Xmas cards and gifts...maybe you could make small clocks for gifts???



Linda M. Cain said...

WOW! WOW! and WOW! Simply Stunning, and I for one know how much time and effort you gals must put into this event.
Kudos to you both...I am in AWE!

Your Friend in ART,

Linda Cain

Sid said...

Looks like all had a fab time and I am so glad it went so well !! Some fantastic creations by the looks of it too.

Sarah Anderson said...

I can see myself coming back to this post over and over, there's so much wonderful stuff to take in. How generous of you to share the weekends so brilliantly in this post...thankyou!!! The samples are stunning, you can see the tremendous amount of quality work and time you put into the weekends. I just LOVE all that texture you get working with paints and the metal. Hmmm, wonder if I could get my family to pay for a weekend in March as a birthday pressie. I'm off to ask!!!

Unknown said...

This is just one of my blog posts ... with one of my creations ... trust me I will be talking about and blogging about the weekend for ages yet ... I had such a fabulous time ... Thank you soooooooo much to all involved!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Phew...thought you'd forgotten us blog hoppers!!! I "need" to be there in March!!!! Everything looks so gorgeous and glad it all went well. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful samples.x

Zoechaos said...

Just seen one of the boxes with Lin at Ringwood Fabulous does not do it justice. Will have to come back again and again to glen all the information here and see if it is possible to get to one of the next classes. You deserve a good rest now & hope you are very proud of all you acheived.

Burnice said...

Had an absolutely fantastic time and am still "harpin'" on about it. Didn't know I had it in me! Definitely will be attending another one. Thanks again.
Burnice x

Rachel Greig said...

Wow - looks like you had a fabulous weekend, and those projects are just divine!!!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

my metal stamp fingers are itching to get going, great article in Craft Stamper as well, Siobhan

Karin said...

I had a fantastic time and can't wait until the next event. A huge thanks to everyone who was involved in the event.
I've made two blogs posts so far and you can find them here and here

Wezz said...

LOVE love love what you showed in the pics!! The projects are great, the techniques look like fun, and the whole weekend sounds like it's perfectly organised! Maybe I need to sign up some time soon and come see for myself! :-))

Wezz -

Trish said...

I had a WONDERFUL time (2nd weekend), and loved every minute of it. Here is my post
I I certainly hope to come again!

Jester said...

My sister & I attended the second of the two weekends and it was great! We were worn out by the end but enjoyed ourselves so much. We learnt several new techniques and made lots friends.
You can see what I made here.
I would definitely recommend these weekends. Lin & Leandra are both excellent teachers.

Bethan said...

Hard to believe we actually crammed all that in!! Bril weekend look forward to doing it again!!


TinaB said...

I had a FAB time xx Loved it xx

Thank you to everyone x

Sandra Hall said...

Hiya Leandra
I had a fab time at the artsycraft weekend! learned so much and bought so much! Unfortunately had to leave early as my friend was ill the whole weekend..
The whole team worked together brilliantly and you all obviously put in loads of work to make it run so smoothly - fabulous projects, great techniques... the jobs a good 'un
Sandra x

Sally Bowman said...

I had a wonderful time, and am counting the days until next the next one!! Even my husband liked what I made (clock is in the lounge!); sometimes that's not the case! I'm technologically incompetent, so no photos or blog to share, just a HUGE thank you to Lin, Leandra, Jo, Lynne and Karen for a fantastic weekend.I don't know how they kept up their energy levels for the second weekend, but it was such a success.