Thursday 1 October 2009

A big cheer for DIng and Dong

I had every intention of showing these to you last night, but at midnight I was at the supermarket stocking up on foodie supplies so the kids can get through the weekend without sufffering from starvation!

So what did we do yesterday? Pressed loads of clocks, trimmed up all the subs offer minis for Craft Stamper Magazine, priced up new stock just in fgrom the USA, arranged Viva and kaiser paints onto the shelves for the show this weekend, priced up all the metal tools, packaged up some new moulds and tools available as individual units, oh and pressed more Ink and The Dog Rubber....busy busy busy....

We have a big box of subscription offers for the November Craft Stamper magazine going up to the Artisan show with us, so if you want to subscribe to craft stamper magazine, then you can get your hands on an Archie on the spot!! (see yesterday's post for images)

I am also teaching 2 classes at the Artisan show this weekend. One of them is an Archie book project (stamped textured metal, with Rum and Raisin papers onto an Arch shaped wood base (class S7 1:00pm Sunday), and the other is making a pair of earrings using ferro texture and Viva precious metal paints (class S4 2:15pm Saturday), and PaperArtsy Bijouterie findings. You can book for these by contacting the show organisers Meridienne themselves, or I think if there are places left, you can also book at the show on the day. Classes are only 5 pounds each and they are about 45 minutes in duration.

And now for the BIG announcement and REVEAL......

Here is Ding and Dong, the newest addition to the Squiggly Ink family. We shall be using some of these stamps at the ArtsyCrafts events coming up at the end of October, and they are a LOT of fun! And they will all be available at Artisan this weekend could you possibly resist????

Ding and Dong 1

Ding and Dong 2

Ding and Dong 3

Ding and Dong 4

Ding and Dong 5

Ding and Dong 6
Ding and Dong 7
Ding and Dong 8

Ding and Dong 9

Squiggly Mini #31

Squiggly Mini #32

So if you can't see it by looking at them, the concept on some of these plate is "build-a-bird" with the round clock faces being the tummy, there are a variety of "bird heads" and "tails" and of course "legs". Oh this is going to be so great.

You could make this with copper metal little kiwi...

Or maybe this..bless him, Archie all grown you didn't know his legs were that long and lush! Oh err!

Here he is up close and personal...

Then there is Alfie the phoenix...his partner in crime

And Gertrude the majestic....who tries to keep them under control

So no doubt you get the idea about build-a-bird!! 

Please post a comment and LMK if you like my new babies. We love early feedback on stamps.

And I know it's just a little frustrating that they are not online in the shop yet, but they will be from next week, so practise among yourselves the art of patience for a few more know you can, just spend the time planning your projects in your journals!

We have to get the Artisan show done and dusted first this weekend, and we are up to our eyes getting ready for that...I love going to shows, and this is the first we have done in about 4 years! I can't wait, it's going to be such a great weekend, we have a fantastic show offer, buy 5 stamps and get the 6th free...this applies to all stamps of the same size either minis or A6 plates!! Hope to see you there!

Leandra (the skippy one) (taking deep breaths)


Anonymous said...

Love the mix 'n match birds Leandra. Can't wait to see what you've done with them for the artsy crafts weekend. May see you at Artisan.

Rosemary Spiers. x

Unknown said...

I am loving the new stamp range ... a lot! Have a great show!

Anonymous said...

oooo interesting! But I dont know if I can practise the patience thing though lol

Helen said...

OMG they are just FANTASTIC. Now I want all of those and all the clocks - not fair (on my wallet!) Patience never was my virtue - but I suppose if I have to wait ....

Ellen said...

oh wonderful set of birds I've fallen in love with Phoenix, I might need to rehome him.

don't you know that p....ce is a dirty word in the craftsbook

have fun at the show

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Saturday when I'm off from North Yorkshire to the Artisan show - chance to get hold of some of these.
Very disappointed though that as I already have a subscription to Craft Stamper I can't get an Archie.
Hope to see you Saturday
Kate Bentley

Anonymous said...

I will definately be buying these at the weekend - Leandra - I have always loved your stamps but they get better and better!!! I am sooo excited about using these that my head is swimming with ideas!

I am already booked onto your Sunday workshop - see you there..


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Yowser, just look at them. They'll certainly get the creative juices flowing.

I likey like.

Luv Dee xxx

Artyjen said...

Love to make composite things these look so fun! Have a good show...just wish it wasn't so far from me.

Sid said...

Fantastic new range, gorgeous stamps and the uses are endless. Love how you have used them too !!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Oooo I think we may be using these in Milton Keynes........????
Lesley x

Carol Q said...

OMG feel a major spend coming. fab samples Leandra

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

They all look fantastic, can't wait to see them on Saturday.

Sarah Anderson said...

Really enjoying all the new stamps you're bringing out; these ones are great fun!
I've given myself tomorrow am to play with the clocks ready for Port Sunlight - can't wait :)
Have fun at Artisan

Neet said...

I think these are great - what fun I can have with these stamps. Your samples are gorgeous and I must get out my metal tool kit and have a go when I get the stamps.
Unfortunately am away next week, busy all weekend with commitments so no show for me but have a great time. I am so envious of those who are able to take your class. You are the best!

P'tite Plume said...

This product is very interesting! Beautiful and original.

Anonymous said...

It is a great concept that you can mix and match the plates to build your own favourite birds.
Enjoy the show.

Sandy said...

The new stamps are great. Love how you can interchange all the pieces. Of course, that means we NEED all the pieces. Wishes for a great show.

Sharne Gregory said...

The new range of stamps looks great. Its a pity I cant get to the show.

craftimamma said...

I was thrilled to watch you demo at the Artisan show, for the first time today Leandra and then bought some of your wonderful goodies.

I also wanted to say thankyou for the water! I was the lady who got the really bad tickly cough (a pesky reminder of a virus I had a few weeks ago) and you kindly gave me a bottle of water. If you hadn't I would have had to miss some of your fabulous demo so thankyou once again.

Lesley Xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

these are gorgeous Leandra, think 2 is my fave but there are lovely bits on all of them, your dastardly plan may well work and I'll have to buy more than 1, wonder if the bank would miss any money, it would be a good cause, dont you think, LOL,

Piddawinkle would like you to know that these comments are only made in friviolity and should not be taken too seriously by bank officials.

crafty chris said...

Linda and I were booked on your Sunday class - but unfortunately we couldn't get there as Lin was poorly. The stamps are great! managed to buy some at Port Sunny! I love building birds! new craze!