Tuesday 6 October 2009

Artisan Show Samples with new stamps

We had such a great time at the Artisan show this weekend. It was wonderful that so many of you fllowing the blog mentioned how much inspiration you have had from the posts in recent months. Thanks for giving us that feedback, it's wonderful to get comments from you all and helps us know what your preferences are.

I know how hard it is to remember all that you see at the show, so I'm going to post some of the samples I made while demoing on the blog this week so you can see the techniques I showed. Often you can't stop for long when there is a whole show to see (although there were many people who came back several times for another dose!). I do tend to demo a different thing every 15 mins, so here is Part 1 of a summary of the weekend for you to use to remind you of the ideas you saw, and how they were done. 

It's also a quicksie tutorial for the many people for whom metal working is a new thing. We have restocked all the tools on the website, so I shall link to those products where appropriate in case you "need" any stash.

We also sold a truckload of Viva decor products at Artisan. They are such fantastic colours to work with, and I hope you enjoy using them. I have re-ordered today, just now the website is very low on stock, but the replenishments should be here from Germany within a week. If you have to have any of the colours mentioned, just jot down the colours you want, and you can always phone us on +44 (0)1277 212 911 and we will set aside product for you once the order arrives. 

Metal Working Methods - Part 1

'Flat' Embellishments (tape Sandwich technique by Lin Brown, LB Crafts)

  • stamp image in stazon onto metal
  • Apply humungo double sided metal adhesive to the reverse side of the copper metal
  • Apply card to the remaining sticky side of the humungo
  • Outline key design lines of the image with a pointed teflon tool. (in Basic Kit, or individual tool here)
  • Cut out with strong non stick scissors.
  • Apply image with adhesive to your project

This sample uses the collage stamp from Ding and Dong Plate 2 (this will be online soon)

Same technique, plus the clock face was embellished with a texture wheel (fine dot, Ten Seconds Studio Basic Tool Set), the edge was done with a diagonal wheel (TSS Wheel Set C, or you can use half of the Herringbone wheel to get this effect too)

Here is a 'build-a-bird'  from Ding and Dong Plates 3 (head) and 4 (clock) stamped onto the aluminium metal which is available as a roll or a small 4 sheet A5 size starter pack. The teflon pointed tool was used to add dots to each of the number circles and the bird's beak. The diagonal wheel (wheel set C) was used around the edge of the clock, and the perforated wheel (Wheel set D) added a fine dash to the bird's head feathers.

Here is the clock from Clocks Plate 1 cut out to use an an embellishment on a small chipboard arch. Note how you can shape the meal to give movement such as was achieved with the wings of the clock.

And here is the rest of the arch. Better detail of this technique will follow in another post later in the series. In short the metal was shaped on a big Daddy Mould 4 with a paper stump, followed by a rounded teflon tool and then refined with a pointed tool. Next the raised diamonds were flattened with a paper stump and also refined with a pointed tool. 

This piece was stuck to the mini chipboard arch, and then distressed with black kaisercolour paint, sprayed with Creme de Rouge Glimmer Mist and Interference Gold Glimmer mist. A small row of ball and cups was created and squashed with the second largest ball and cup tool (available in a set of 4, or as an individual tool). The edges of the metal were etched with a fine herringbone wheel from Wheel Set C)

Similar idea here, except all the numbers were puffed out with a ball and cup tool while leaning on the fat mat of the mat set (available large or small).

So keep checking back for Part 2 in the series of metal working methods!



Isabelle Norris said...

gorgeous samples !!!

Julie said...

Fabulous and great to be reminded of the techniques!

Sid said...

Great Stuff and lovely samples !!

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing these - wish I could have been there. Can't wait to see Ding and Dong on sale, need some now....!!!

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

So gorgeous, So inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing

Dee xxx

Sarah Billingham said...

It was great to see you in action at the show Leandra, even more inspirational to actually see a piece come to life as it was worked on.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to share the ideas and techniques you have demonstrated.

sue law said...

Great samples Leandra and thanks for sharing. It was great to meet you at the show, you are truly inspirational. I've already used half my pot of ferro!!

Anonymous said...

Great samples Leandra. Really enjoyed teh show.


Carol Q said...

Penny had a fab time at the show Leandra - most of it spent either at your stall or in the workshops! LOL The Viva products are great fun to work with.

craftimamma said...

I so enjoyed your wonderful demos at Artisan on Sunday. I could have stood by your stand all day to watch all your brilliant techniques.

Thanks for taking us through them again on your blog.

Lesley Xx