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NEW PaperArtsy Products: Lynne Perrella {March 2024}

A note from Leandra:
It's a classic Lynne Perrella release today. With each series she brings, there is a research rabbit-hole she goes down, and this one was triggered by antique carpets and rich tapestries. 

It has a bit of an exotic bazaar vibe that evokes a sense of bustling markets heavy with the scent of spices and beautifully spiced cuisines. These characters could be from your childhood stories of ventures across desert and sea, across the Eurasian silk road historic route, discovering beautiful cultures, customs, foods and fabrics. I am sure you will be caught up in these tales of  new lands, where cultures learned and traded with each other providing opportunities to enrich language, understanding, education, cultural experiences and wealth.

This is always how Lynne Perrella creates new designs for us all; heading down a research worm-hole, then using design elements from that research in her stamp series. In this case you will find sequin adorned fabrics, tapestry inspired patterns, faces framed by elaborate head-dresses, scarves and hair embellishments .... lets hear from her now for a deeper insight into her creative process.

Design Notes:  Silk Road Collection
By Lynne Perrella, for PaperArtsy
Spring 2024


I have a vast collection of exotic fabrics in my studio….mostly odd fragments and cuttings….and the colors, sheen, textures, and variety of these ethnic elements inspired this latest collection of rubber stamps for Paper Artsy.  

My self-imposed challenge was to translate colorful, tactile, shimmering textiles, into linear black/white artwork.  I wanted the stamps to convey the lavish mood of weavings, tapestries, antique carpets, and rare adornments.  Plus, I wanted to add an additional sub-theme of postmarks, travel documents, and mysterious ephemera.  “More is more” when it comes to intricate patterns and details, and I know the manufacturing methods at Paper Artsy will capture every nuance.  Since their make-ready process begins with a mould, all of the subsequent details are literally “baked in” as the rubber melts and hardens, to depict elements as diverse as soft, silky fringe and wisp-like threads to rough fragments of tangled yarns.

From China to the Mediterranean, the Silk Road linked all cultures of Asia with distant Europe.  Along the way, trading posts and exotic bazaars became markets for goods, services, and eruptions of cross-cultural sophistication.  

Pre-dating photography, this ethnographic mix was often captured by artists who created portfolios of hand-painted costume plates and archives.  These are some of my favorite volumes to collect for my studio art library.  Half of the fun of any design project is research; and even if I do not take a “purist” approach, I love being surrounded by books, files, and pages of notes.

My inspirations came from the costumes and scenery of the legendary Ballet Russes (1909 – 1929), to beyond-lavish silent film regalia worn by Rudolph Valentino……as well as Persian miniature paintings, and Uzbek robes.   Gems, glistening cloth, studded leather, and detailed patterns ranged from delicate feathery prints to bold/choppy ethnic rug motifs.  I experimented by putting cloth directly on the copier, to see what details I could capture; although all the images are hand-drawn.

I never take a “purist” approach to my design work, or my collages. I love “The Mix”, and I think artists will enjoy exploring these stamps as they also add bits of fabric, glittering faux gems, painted cheesecloth, and more. Dare I say, even some edgings of colorful glitter would also be a fun touch. (never underestimate glitter!) 

I also enjoyed imprinting the intricate designs and hand-coloring them with markers and colored pencils. Once a collection is complete, I enjoy doing temporary “still life” set-ups in my studio, to get an overview of the stamps and see them with color added.

When I’m designing a collection, I like to imagine how the images might interact or “talk to each other” and for this collection I designed an exotic pair; male and female.  Both of these images include design elements of feathers, as a subtle reference to birds and their plumage.  

Also, I noticed how many unique ethnic tribal costumes included feathers of all kinds, plus cowrie shells, bits of mirror, and other adornments.   The documents framing the characters are from old court ledgers from India, with endless stampings, imprints, notations, and scribbles.

This is just a sneak peek at the complete collection, which includes three full stamp sets of  images.  Travel the Silk Road – you will find mirror-studded cloth, silky fringe, cut-work embroidery, exotic coins, splendid tassels, intricate patterns, and opulent costumed characters.   

The journey begins now! 

Lynne Perrella

Red Rubber Stamps (A5 set)
Price: RRP €23.00 +VAT    
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Lynne Perrella - A5 stamp set 066 {LPC066}

The characters in this sheet all ooze strength, determination almost giving warrior signals. Strong women (and one man) who look like they have live life and learned much along the way! You sense each character has their own story to tell of battles won and lost, and love interests left behind while they each learn how to succeed. 


A simple representation, a splash of colour, for a character who you can see has determination and courage. She is dripping in embellishments, and her eyes suggest that she wears these emblems with dignity and understanding.

Torn colour is a nice way to add a focus, it gives her warmth and life.

A 'fabric' pattern is repeated around the edges, such a simple way to create a coordinated background


Part of a mini book telling the story of the Prince and Princess from LPC067. This haunting image from LPC066 has eyes that portray battles won and lost, wisdom developed. 

She seems to be a warrior who knows her destiny, and maybe she is planning a strategy to win back land lost in  honour of those who have fallen in her name. She is proud and she will survive, while passing on her skills, passion and wisdom.

The deep browns of 'Just Walnut' crystals enhance the kraft card to give it some age and distinction. In contrast, Mattints in Squeezed, The Pink and Glow with a hint of Dragonfly are the perfect addition to bring character to this face. 


With each battle won and milestone reached, a new mark is added to the face of this warrior, denoting respect and honour earned. A small tag, hidden within a booklet.  

Lynne Perrella - A5 stamp set 067 {LPC067}

This trio of characters look like they are off the set of  an amazing epic desert film set from the 1950's, adorned with turbans, jewels and head dresses that command respect and honour. But in my imagination, they are on the way to a very important event ....
Queen Power

The majestic Queen of this desert tribe wears an heirloom tapestry robe, a riot of colour and embellished heavily, each segment weaving a story from her family's history. 

Atop her head, a crown denoting her majestic position within the community she reigns.

It is so easy to conjure up stories around these images, and so I felt led to use Walnut and Kraft card as a repeat layer to reflect the dry and sand-worn climate I feel she belongs in, hot by day, cool by night.

Check out the base layer where unique patterns found within the stamp designs were used to create a base layer 

The Prince

It seems this prestigious family are travelling for a celebration, and this particular celebration is calling for all their best robes, laboured over for many months, and designed to create a big impact on those watching their arrival! 

The sun is beating down, and this Prince seems to be lost deep in thought about his responsibility - for the first time he is to be wearing the mantle of his father, and the responsibility is heavy on his shoulders.

The Princess

She also seems calm, but perhaps there is a hint of anxiety for what lays ahead in this family celebration. She has been dressed with meticulous detail for this day.

Even a records are being kept for this no-expense spared ceremony ...

Lynne Perrella - A5 stamp set 068 {LPC068}

Four stamps on this set, from a small torn fragment to the bold framed focal, the torso style is easy to morph into a classic LPC paper doll with its ready to go shape.

Egyptian Dreamer

With her bobbed head, this woman really evokes an Egyptian vibe. Sometimes, when making release samples, simple is enough. I am not a natural of a stripped back, minimal style, but when working on kraft it somehow falls into place with ease. Kraft card seem to suit the style of this release.

These designs, with their complexity, offer much to explore, shells, patterns ... even in classic monotone version. Kraft adds warmth and the pop of white across her face offers a focus. A splash of red would not go amiss, pass the lipstick! The simple white splatters mimic the black splatter often seen in a LPC stamp design.

...and a smidge of vintage lace to her hair, this tag is ready for a gift or as a topper on a card. 


In the same vein as the previous sample, but with a few more layers, and a square of colour from a much larger, colourful background. 

Playing with the same elements, colour, kraft, torn book pages gives time to expand the basic idea in different directions.

Can you spot the stamp, from the same set, used for the edges on this matting layer? I actually used 2, and was really excited about how simple and striking it ended up! 

Cover Girl

This face is so beautiful. I loved the colour spotlight so much, she made it onto front cover of my mini book. You will see it much better in the live over in PaperArtsy People.

Journal Spread - Face Off

Lynne told me she has envisioned these 2 images facing off ... but we only realised this after we went to production with the designs. In hindsight, we could have done them the same size. And also in hindsight, if the image on the right was lower on the page, their eyes would be in line and I see now that would have looked better. Hey ho, nothing is ever perfect, so let's embrace the imperfect and enjoy the other aspects of this spread that I absolutely love!

Like these vivid fresco paint colours on this page (Tango, Bougainvillea, Caribbean Sea, Dirty Lime and Ochre). And where they intersect new colours emerge as these are all translucent, except the bright blue, so they layer over each other, can you see the purple emerging? This concept is similar to Mattints, but paint is a pigment, and so much more grunty ... it would take numerous layers of Mattint to build the same intensity that one swoop of paint offers.

Swoops of paint on a catalyst tool is all it takes with a bit of stencilling and stamping. The images were coloured from behind directly onto the tissue paper. I find colouring once or twice from the reverse side before sticking it in adds a lot of depth of colour. Only the faces had some Heavy Cream mixed in with Glow Mattint to block out the background layer on the page, I think it helps the face become a focal.

The rest of the background can generally be seen through the tissue, and the Mattints added to the tissue highlight Lynne's intention, that these fabrics are bold and sparkling .... albeit minus the sparkle - I have not found my glitter glue since we moved! Must still be in a box somewhere!

I might not have found glitter, but I did find a tub of Ranger Enamel Accents .... I guess these might be discontinued, but they and Wendy Vecchi had a series of colours, and they are pretty ideal for this. I found you can control the dots to be super tiny ..or bigger you can see below. And they certainly are glossy and reflecting the light!

Journal Spread - Here come the Girls

Kind of feels like a whole lot of Girl Power here, strong women, a dynasty of sorts from a bygone Silk Road era!

The whole team were stamped onto a piece of blank tissue, and Glow was applied from the reverse side into all the background areas. A mix of Glow and Heavy Cream Paint tinted the faces from behind too, to block out the journal background layers that would appear from the front. More colour is then applied on top once the images are secure and dry. I use PaperArtsy Matte glaze generously under the tissue, then apply more on top to stick in in position. As it is Matte, you can add more colour layers (paint and pencils if you wish), as the toothy surface accepts everything you throw at it with ease!

The front was all about embellishing with the enamel accents - perhaps I might have headed a bit more in the direction of aboriginal dot art ... but as I mastered the dot sizes, I realised how it was also possible to add lines, not just dots. 

Head dress envy - dots on dots, between dots and more ...

The overall background on this was mostly Mattint Glow and The Pink, also some Just walnut splatter and a few stencilled words and patterns. As I am nearing the end of my journal, and the pages are quite uneven, it really is nice to be able to work on tissue and colour the imagery before sticking it into the pages ... much better result, and I particularly love how the glow added to the tissue, really gives a tissue halo - you can see the intensity of colour builds if you colour both sides before sticking it down. Those layers strengthen the tissue too!

I used Versafine Clair by Tsukineko in Nocturne Black for all my stamping on tissue, it does not wick - the viscosity of the ink is thick enough to stay put. Thinner inks seem to keep on travelling and you can end up with a slightly more blurry image.

It is a massive privilege for us to be able to bring these new designs from Lynne Perrella to fruition. She really is the OG collage stamp artist, and for me personally, it is super exciting to see her continue to create such delightful images. I hope you agree.

Many of our regular stockists will have these in stock now for you to purchase, or on the way. 

Please be aware that this week these is the annual craft trade show on in the USA, so some stockists may be away for a few days to attend, this might also mean they drop their shopping links into the live chat on the replay rather than during live.

Thanks for joining us again!

Have a wonderfully craft week and we'll se you here tomorrow for Nicci's live


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