Thursday 21 May 2020

2020 #9 The Eyes have it - with FP {by Nikki Acton}

2020 Topic 9: Collage It

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

Nikki suggests that her collaged treatment of France's new stamps might be classed as weird, but I'm going with wonderful! Lots of lovely layers of paper, paint and tissue for a mix of opaque and translucent make for some unique collage journal pages with those fabulous faces.
~ Keren, Leandra

Hi everyone, Nikki from Addicted to Art here sharing some collage work with one of France Papillon's new stamp sets.

When the announcement was made about France joining the PaperArtsy team as a designer I was instantly drawn (like many of us) to FP002 - with the bold but attractive face and wonderful French sayings. These sorts of stamp sets make for great collage opportunities. My intention was to create a little book, but as I worked on my pre-folded pages I realised I had added way too much and they would no longer fold. So now they will be journal pages!

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

Often when I get a new stamp set I stamp all the images - maybe cut them out - and see how they work together. This is what I did here although I stamped onto different colours of painted card (quick swipe with the brayer) and tissue paper. I started cutting out images, tearing bits of card and moving things around.

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

Each of my 4 base pieces of card were also brayered with a 2 or 3 different colours - as a starting point. Here are the colours I used:

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

I like to use tissue paper in this sort of project as it provides translucent layers to work - the stamped words on the tissue below do not completely hide the face.

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

I introduced 2 stencils into the projects - initially to add interest to the backgrounds but this developed further as my compositions got even more weird as you can see below! I used PS110 and PS169 - both by Tracy Scott.

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

Collage is a great opportunity to just play - some things work - some things don't! Despite being a little too symmetrical I think this one is my favourite - the 2 background faces are stamped on tissue but I have added extra paint once stuck down. Book pages and scraps of card with the numbers stamp added - plus the fabulous dots stamp and words stamp.

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

PaperArtsy FP002 Collage by Nikki Acton

I am not sure this is quite how France envisaged her stamps being used and I acknowledge some might find these a little weird! But I had fun and that is the main thing. This is a great set for this sort of thing, pick your favourite stamp set or stamps and have a go!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great week of collage!

Nikki x

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Helen said...

just love the colours on these Nikki.

Miriam said...

Great project Nikki

PaperArtsy said...

I adore this colour combo NIKKI and what fantastic creative fun !! Beautiful!

A Pink said...

Fantastic Creativity Nikki resulting in some fabulous journal pages . x