Friday 24 May 2019

2019 #8 Put a Brush on it: MDF canvas with ESA07 {by Lotte Kristensen}

2019 Topic 8: Put a Brush On It

There is something really wonderful about a large stamp. You can use it in whole or part, and Lotte has created a wonderful composition with stamped layers using different inks in the background to the contrasting coloured ink for the focal point. An effective technique for any surface. ~ Leandra

Hey everyone, Lotte here - proving that I'm not one for subtlety; when Leandra announced the topic was 'Put a Brush On It', I took it *quite* literally!!  The result is this quirky little MDF chunkie, in a understated colour combo of blues and browns, with black and white highlights.

I started off by painting the front and sides of the 6" square chunkie (from That's Crafty!), carefully avoiding getting paint on the tabs.

Lake Wanaka Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic is an opaque colour, so you don't even need to undercoat - hurrah!  I also painted the handle and filament part of a brush that had been overlooked in a clean up (ahem), and set aside to dry:

Then I lightly sanded (in one direction only, vertically) the panel, before adding a spritz of Tea Dye Distress Ink Spray on both the panel and the brush.  I added some shading with Shadow Gray Ranger Archival Ink Pad around the edges of the panel, swiping directly with the pad, and blending with a stippling brush.

Next I stamped 'Classified' From Eclectica: Seth Apter set 07 (ESA07) in Potting Soil Ranger Archival Ink Pad on both the panel and the handle of the brush:

Then, using Onyx Black Versafine Ink Pad I stamped the main image and the belt onto the panel, and the bit of the main image that says 'lost and found' onto the brush.
When stamping onto the brush, it's easier done upside down, ie pressing the brush against the stamp.  There was a bit of space on top of the brush handle that I filled in with a random part of the main image:

I decided that a bit more texture was needed, so stamped with Potting Soil and some of the smaller images:

I glued the chunkie together, and on the tabs showing to the front used a white Posca pen to colour the tabs, then when dry, added black squares with a black Posca:

Then finally glued on the decorated brush with superglue, also adding some the words 'Lost' and 'Found' in Dymo'ed tape:

And that's it!  Now, usually when I stamp onto canvases, because they always have a 'give' which means the image won't stamp in full, I stamp onto tissue paper which I then adhere with gel medium.  I tried this first, but these images are too detailed and also bleed out on tissue paper (which isn't a problem for simpler designs) so in the end I went with stamping directly onto the panel, BEFORE putting the chunkie together, and got a lovely crisp image which shows all the details to perfection.

Until next time!

Lotte x  


Helen said...

I love this chunky canvas! the brush itself is fabulous.

Miriam said...

This is wonderful Lotte

Words and Pictures said...

Just fabulous, Lotte! Love the words on the brush.
Alison x

craftytrog said...

Very cool!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is wonderful, Lotte, you have done it so brilliantly!

Lucy x

A Pink said...

Fabulous ! Lotte. Seths stamps were a great choice for this project and love the colour palette . the B&W tabs are very effective .

Lauren Hatwell said...

Love everything about it Lotte. Its great! Lx