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2019 #8 Put a Brush on it: Walk like an Egyptian with LPC {by Chris Dark}

2019 Topic 8: Put a Brush on it

You can always rely on our bloggers to come up with something new to try, and in this post it's a lovely babywipe-paint-infusions combo and Chris magically creates a lovely stone background, absolutely perfect for these Egyptian themed stamps from Lynne Perrella to sit upon. Oh and let's play 'spot the brush' !! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Chris Dark  here with you today, and I'd like to share my project for topic 8, put a brush on it. 

I thought a bit about how to interpret the brush element, I imagined that there might be some actual paint brushes used in various ways so I decided not to take that route. I'd chosen Lynne Perrella's stamp set 038, I love those beetles, this set has been calling to me for ages because of the bugs and the Egyptian theme and it gave me the idea of doodling the brush element, mark making like hieroglyphics I suppose! 

Having decided on how I was incorporating the required element the rest was an enjoyable play with the background, stamping and colouring. I also used an older Lynne Perrella set 003 for the postcard stamp to add a bit of interest.

Stamping with Infusions is becoming a favourite technique, I love the mix of Terracotta and Olive tree I used for the beetles.

I had fun with a mixed paint and babywipe background. I used Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics in Terracotta and Nougat

Over the top of my paint I used Infusions in Terracotta and Golden Sands.

After drying everything off, I had the sandy/stone background I wanted, I love those little hints of a pinky tone in there together with the specks of brown from the walnut crystals that were left in tact.

Next up The stamping with Lynne Perrella Set 38 (LPC038).

I used my stamp positioning folder to do the stamping as I wasn't sure of my colouring medium at this point and I may have wanted to re-stamp after colouring.

The detail in these stamps is phenomenal! Adding colour brings out the details even more!

I coloured with copic markers with some pastel pencil over the top. The beetles as I mentioned before were stamped with Infusions powders sprinkled onto the stamp and spritzed with water. Initally I stamped the beetles in black but on this occasion I decided to push them into the background more, it just shows how a project can change as you go along. I cut the black beetles off and they can be used elsewhere.

A glitter helps to give a sparkle to the colouring and loose watercolour effect on the beetles.

My doodled paint brushes create the border on the left and there's very minimal colouring on the figure.

Here the beetles show up better, the extra doodled brush has been coloured and the other layers of gold mirror card and painted corrugated card add different textures and reflection.

I added mica powder and some glitter glue for a little more texture and aged appearance.

The corrugated card has been painted first of all with Beach Hut with random dabs of Claret, Orchid, and Tinned Peas Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics.

Seam binding ribbon has been dyed with Infusions for another nice touch of vintage. I sprinkled Frankly Scarlet, and The Sage onto the ribbon and what a lovely combo it is!

I like this angle, it shows the shimmer of the mica, the warm gold reflection of the mirror card and the sparkle of the glitter glue and sequins.

I'm very happy with all aspects of this piece I know I have this background recipe written down now for future reference and I'm particularly pleased with those beetles, I will have to do a specimen piece with some heat embossed beetles next time. I hope you'll have a try with some of the ideas here and stay with us for some wonderful creations with the brush theme from the rest of the contributors this fortnight. 

Thanks for joining me tonight, wishing you a creative week!

Instgram: @chrisd999


Miriam said...

Great project Chris.... Not surprised you're pleased with it!

butterfly said...

Gorgeous colouring on the image and I just love that sparkling corrugated background.
Alison x

Rosa Oman said...

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Mac Mable said...

Such a unique project, love the background and those fun Beatles x

Lucy Edmondson said...

That's wonderful, i love the papyrus effect you have created, so clever! X

Susan Battensby said...

Love all your great background textures.
Did wonder at first glance where the brush was but can see it now.
Great project.

A Pink said...

A wonderful project , Chris with some very effective use of the mediums and stamps . x

Craftyfield said...

Fabulous colouring on the Egyptian lady, very like the frescos we see in Egypt! Love the background, Fresco paint and Infusions are a great mix of medias...

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