Sunday 14 April 2019

2019 #5 Maps & Plans: Home Is Where The Heart Is with ESN {by Miriam Grazier}

2019 Topic 5: Maps and Plans

Some of the best art incorporates places or memories that are special to us and Miriam shares her love for her home town that has translated into a beautiful piece; full of meaning.

Hi everyone, it's Miriam here with you today, and I'd like to bring you a project sharing the love of my home town, Cardiff.

Cardiff will always be 'home' to me, despite having moved away 19 years ago.  As soon as I saw the topic I knew that I wanted to create something using a map of Cardiff and I managed to find some older maps that would work beautifully with the colour scheme that I chose.  I also met my husband in Cardiff when we were students and so this could also work well as a birthday or anniversary card as it would have a special meaning for us both.

I enjoyed creating this project so much.  It actually felt so right; using products and colours that I love and creating something based on a map of Cardiff.  I thought I would struggle to cut a map up at first (a bit like new paper syndrome) but I ended up using two maps.   

For the base of my project I used the scraped paint technique, using the perfectly sized new spatula that comes with the PaperArtsy brayer.  The scraper is great for this but also for Grunge Paste. I used Fresco Finish Acrylics in the following colours: Pea CoatMermaidBuff, Gold and Koala.

As you might know, I love Sara's stamps, and there were quite a few hearts to choose from.  I went for this one though as it is a more 'open' stamp and I was able to use another map.  The texture on the stamp is amazing too.  I used ESN11 and ESN25 and stencil PS092. It fitted with the old maps that I used.

I kept layering paint, stencils and gold drips onto my project.  This added texture and depth even though the project is fairly flat.

The colours that I chose really worked well with the maps.  Not traditional colours that you would use with hearts but I think this worked for me. 

I really enjoyed using old maps.  I have loads of other ideas where I could put the map down first, or bits of maps and then layers paints and collage.  The ideas are endless, but so much fun.  I also loved adding splashes of Gold Fresco Acrylic paint as it just lifted the project slightly.  

I hope that I have inspired you enough to have a go yourselves.  For those of you, like me, who are scared of ripping up a map; do it!  It's really not that hard when you are creating something that has a special meaning to you.

Thanks for joining me this evening.  I look forward to seeing your creations using Maps and Plans.  

Happy Crafting!


Helen said...

What a great idea for a card and such a personal story behind it.

Caty said...

Absolutely gorgeous !! Love the so beautiful background you have create and those lovely hearts.
Wish you a very nice new w eek,
Big hugs, Caty

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is beautiful, mifiam, stunning colours and nice to honour your home town x

Corrie Herriman said...

SO fabulous ! xx

Jenny Marples said...

So beautiful Miriam - how wonderful that you've chosen to commemorate a place close to your heart.

Chris said...

Beautiful Miriam!I love the colours you chose, all the textures, and the story that goes with it. x