Sunday 2 September 2018

2018 Topic 15: Artist Trading Coins {Topic Introduction and Challenge}

 2018 Topic 15: Artist Trading Coins

Hello everyone, Darcy here with a new topic. Recently a new trend has emerged called Artist Trading Coins, we will be looking at how they came about and showcasing some fabulous samples to inspire you. 

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 14: Baked Texture Challenge...

The winner is: Corinne from Scrapcocofolies

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In the past we have looked at ATCs, Artist Trading Cards, we discovered the origins, the required sizes, how they could be swapped and we saw fabulous examples. Well now there is a new trend in swappables. With the same initials, it can be confusing, but today we will be looking at the other form of ATCs, these are Artist Trading Coins. 

Here is a set utilising a fresco paint masterboard, some brusho and a Jofy flower stamp. 

Catherine Johnson

I tried to track down where this new trend had started and I was pointed in the direction of Craftyhodges on facebook. I reached out to her and it turns out craftyhodges is a lovely lady by the name of Joanne Hodges. Living in Portland, Oregon,USA, she  has been papercrafting for around 10 years and before that she was a quilter. 

I asked her about the origins of Artist Trading Coins, and this is what she had to say...

Hi Darcy! exciting to hear from you, thank you for your interest. Like you, I also did some research and I do believe that I am the originator of the Artist Trading Coins. I came up with the idea when I was in the shower one morning thinking about my YouTube subscribers and what I could come up with that would be different and fun for them to make.

 I had recently been thinking about Bit coins (crypto currency) and somehow the ideas melded together! My first thought was to call them Crafty Coins....but then I realised they were similar to artist trading cards, just a different format. Then I thought about how much fun they would be to trade and share in happy mail, pocket letters, etc. I made a couple of samples and I was hooked.

 I kept the 2.5" size to be consistent with ATCs. If you've read Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic" you know about the concept of ideas that are free floating and move from one person to the next until someone acts upon them.....well, that's exactly what I did!! Joanne

Thankyou Joanne. Isn't it wonderful to know how the idea floated around, melded with others and was finally brought to fruition, in the shower no less. I am sure we have all had great ideas in the shower, but Joanne acted on hers and now we have a fabulous new trend of swappable art. Check out Joanne's youtube channel for inspiration on coins and journalling. 

Here are some examples of Joanne's artist trading coins. 

This blog has lots of inspirational coins, but this set caught my eye as being really fun with great composition and titles. 

Alie Hhoogenboezem-de-Vries

Remember regular ATCS are 3.5inches by 2.5 inches, coins are 2.5 inches in diameter, this means they will fit into the same storage and pockets, so that anyone who collects them can trade and collect easily. 

Speaking of storage, here is one idea to keep your coins safe, for a full tutorial check out the link under the image. 

Sue Ralph
If you would rather have a book of coins then you really need to follow this next tutorial, simple, effective and very clear measurements and instructions. the coins look wonderful in the pockets in this book. 

A lovely nature themed set now, the backgrounds here are so soft and delicate, they really support the focal images. 

Gerry van der Velden

Another fun set, this time with some stitching around the edge. Like regular trading cards, you can add a little texture but don't make them too bulky as that makes mailing difficult. Stitching is the perfect to add texture without bulk. 

Clare Lloyd
Another fun set, showing  that you do not need to make each coin drastically different, you can make sets with each one almost identical, the advantage of this approach is that they are quicker to make. 

But anything goes, same, similar or each one different, it is up to you. 

Jay Jay 
Three sets now, all from one artist, I included them all as each set is so different, great compositions and layering as well as fabulous colour choices. 

Henriette Geurkink
I love this set for the hats, I do think more people should wear hats. 


This pair are so striking, the images are lovely in their own right but the addition of black and white penwork has really brought these to life. Sometimes all it takes is small finishing touches to completely transform a project. 

This set caught my eye because of the houses and the textured,layered backgrounds. So many wonderful small details to look at, with many more on her facebook page do check her out. 

Milo Lilja
I love this set, quirky stamps always make me smile. 

Angela Jeanette
Fabulous faces next, what makes these stand out are the little additions, tiny bits of stamping of patterns and butterflies and the snippets of text. 

This set is very different to the rest, in that bits are not 'stuck on', look carefully at the figures, they have been created using masks. The dark shadowing around each figure is so effective. 

Jana Lehmann

Here is a great video, taking us from the gelli printed backgrounds to the finished coins. 

Wow! so much inspiration, doesn't it just make you want to dive in, whether you make them for yourselves or  to swap in a group I hope you have fun. Dont forget to link up so we can see what you have made. Remember we also have a facebook group, anything made with PaperArtsy products can be shown in there. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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congratulations Corinne.

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awesome theme - so hope I get the chance to join in!!! Love all the inspiration - thankyou xx

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Awww, I love ATCoins. I am so all over this topic. Hugz

Hazel Agnew said...

Congratulations Coco. New challenge not my thing but will follow with interest! Xx

Cocofolies said...

All is said about ATC coins, thank you Darcy! So fun to do, it itches me to create some samples myself quickly now,as soon as I can free just a bit of time in the coming days. Wow, all the chosen samples tonight are awesome, all different and so beautiful. What a great start for this new challenge!!
and oooh... Is it possible that I won the previous challenge?
I'm thrilled to bits! Thank you so much Darcy, Leandra and Mark!!
Lots of Hugs, Coco xx

Cocofolies said...

Also Thank you Helen and Hatzel! Xx

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Fabulous topic....I blame Becky Bailey completely for the addiction I have! Lol!

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Congratulations Corinne. Fabulous new topic and great samples. xx

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Congratulations Corinne.

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Thanks for linking to my videos in your post - glad you found them inspirational. Great theme for your challenge x

Julia said...

Congrats to Corrine on the win.
Great topic for the challenge and well done for finding out the origin of them, that was an interesting read. Love those quirky house coins and the masked figures.

Unknown said...

I love this topic... working on small pieces totally gives the freedom to experiment. Lots of great inspiration as well. I'm working on a 52 card pick-up project so this gave me some great ideas for all those backgrounds that I've created.