Sunday 1 April 2018

PaperArtsy Shows {change is afoot}

PaperArtsy REDUCED Show Schedule: 2018
~ change is afoot~

Hi everyone, we hope you are well, and enjoyed your Easter break - hope you enjoyed that chocolate too!

We have had a pretty crazy year so far, which has been super-wonderful; we are really pleased that our efforts to grow our wholesale business, particularly internationally over the past few years are on track as planned. Subsequently, demand is steadily growing all over the world for our products, and more than anything, we want to ensure meeting that demand is our primary focus. 

Consequently, we have taken the decision to cease to exhibit at consumer shows. 
Don't rub your eyes, I promise this isn't an April fools joke! It is for real!

So the final shows we will attend are:

Beyond that, at this point we have no plans to attend any more consumer shows.

We know that we have stockists keen to represent our brand at the shows we have regularly attended for the past 5 years (or longer), so of course, you will still see PaperArtsy products at all those shows we have exhibited at in the past.

For us it is a massive relief to know we will gain about 10-12 weeks of production time back here at HQ, which we desperately need, and wooohooo, no more show stress!! Yes we know that the very most lovely part of shows is ACTUALLY doing them: talking to you lot, sharing our tips and tricks, answering your wonderful product questions, catching up with friends, making new ones.....but, flip side...., the awful side of getting ready for shows is a lot more stressful: the travel, the weather dramas, the build up/ break down, the ordering, the planning of rack displays, the make and take prep and the staffing juggle, the unpacking back at HQ! Those jobs I will not miss one bit!

So, let me tell you about our plans for the final 2 shows....

I'm guessing you may want to come and see us for the last time, and grab yourself some stamps and other goodies! We certainly have so much to share with you! And of course a few bargains are to be had too!

At Ally Pally, we have Kay Carley demoing and teaching a make and take on Saturday. She will be sharing ideas with her new stamp release, and I for one cannot wait to see how she builds her layers so meticulously!

We also have Raquel (aka ScrapCosy) who will be teaching Make and Takes and sharing amazing ideas with Oxide Inks on the demo desk too - she is so clever with those and her stamps and infusions!!

Leandra will also be demoing, and doing make and takes too. She has some cool new ink pads to share with you, and some Seth painterly layers that are super fun to create.

Courtney also will be teaching make and takes; she has a fun Oxide reinker idea that you are going to love!

And of course we also will be sharing plenty of ideas with all our other gorgeous new stamps, from Zinski to Sara Naumann, Tracy Scott, and of course JoFY stamps too...and we have some lovely new designs from Darcy, Emma Godfrey... well I am sure you will have a very hard time choosing your favourites.

In addition, we have a lot of journals, gel plates, washi tapes, a selection from Jane Davenport, plus stuff from the designers at Ranger, as well as embellishments, stencils and the widest selection of ink pads we have ever brought to a show before. Oh and of course gels, texture pastes and other sticky, crackly loveliness that allows you to have so much mixed media fun!

Don't forget to bring your Fresco list with you, we now have 120 Frescos available in 2018, that is 5 racks, so 20% more than the picture at the top of this post! Tracy and Seth both have new colours this year, so that is an extra 12 colours to see!

Version Scrap will be all of the above, PLUS we have 2 more make and takes on offer as the show is a day longer than AllyPally. 

We will be sharing with you a wonderful make with Tracy Scott's new stamps and paints

And we also have a JoFY original make and take too using her new stamps, stencils and other tips and tricks!

On the stand in Paris we also have Dounia and Florence to teach make and takes (in French), and we hope to get Dounia demoing too! In addition we have Raquel coming to the show for the first time, she will be demoing for the 3 days with Leandra, plus Courtney will be there for the first time to help keep the stock looking topped up. Mark and Audrey will be doing their usual cashier duties. 

Lauren is off the hook for both shows, her husband is whisking her away for their (special) wedding anniversary, so she will be easting and drinking her way across Europe!

So, as ever, there will be a lot to see at both shows, and we really do look forward to catching up with you all!

See you there!

Leandra and the PA crew xx


Helen said...

I knew that you weren't doing shows other than Ally Pally but didn't realise that after next week you weren't even doing that... Gutted doesn't begin to describe how we all feel... see you next Saturday!

The Artistic Stamper Creative team said...

Awww that is sad news but also very understandable and brilliant news that you are expanding across the world.
If by chance you change your mind, my dream job would be the one you are letting go, travelling to events, demoing, organising, just sayin!!!
much love to the PA crew xxxxxxx
Hmmm just thought its April 1st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Visiting UK from Australia and had put Ally Pally on the to do list.
Will definitely be coming to say G'day :-)

Lin said...

Aww although I can understand your reasons we are gutted about not seeing you at the shows..i just hope the other retailers do represent you well at the shows

We'll surely miss you xxx

Unknown said...
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Sarah B said...

gutted not being able to meet you guys any longer but fully understand what a drain and stress the shows must be. all I can say is a massive thank you for the years you have done them - honestly without seeing your demonstrations a number of years back I would have never got into into this type of crafting. Good luck and best wishes for the future xx

Kathyk said...

Sorry to hear but totally understand the rationale behind your decision - best of luck peeps

And happy "special" anniversary to Lauren and hubby



Sandie said...

I totally understand but am really sad to hear of this decision. What's worse is that I can't make Ally Pally this time!! Gutted :(

Redanne said...

You will most definitely be missed at Port Sunlight, you are the main reason I attend.... but you have clearly worked so hard to build up the business to be a huge success and I totally understand your need to concentrate on 'keeping the home fires burning'. Wishing you lots more success! Anne x

Miriam said...

Sad but I understand.... Will be gutted...but maybe going forward you can join us at a show or two!

craftimamma said...

Gutted does not even come close!

Best wishes to you all and I hope it works out well. Xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Have always enjoyed the "family" feel of PaperArtsy and can't imagine not meeting up at your stand! Also, liked to revisit old HotPicks and find ones that I didn't have.
As everyone else, I understand and realise that you need some balance in your lives.
Can't make it to AllyPally unfortunately. I hope that we don't all disperse into other realms when the glue that held us together disappears.
Wishing you well for the future and feel very sad! 😞

pearshapedcrafting said...

Shows won't be the same without you but a more relaxed Leandra and Mark has got to be good! May your long deserved international profile continue to grow! Chrisx

pearshapedcrafting said...
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Linda said...

I'm gutted you're not going to be at Port Sunlight ...... you will be missed. I'll have to re-jig my shopping list now..... or more to the point will have to shop online before I go! Good luck for the future ... not that you'll need it xx

Craftyfield said...

I'm pleased to hear you're doing well and can take a backseat from the demos but sad I will not be able to meet you on the rare occasions I make it to one of these shows. Still, the Paper Artsy family carries on, just getting bigger all the time, Yeah!!!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

This is very sad news as you are the only reason I go to Doncaster's Stamp Magic show. I understand your reasons and I hope I will still be able to access all the stock you sell, it's not always easy as there are few companies that stock everything especially the older stamps. I've seen the list of stockists but often they don't have things in stock and you don't have everything on-line that you bring to the shows. Sadly I can't make Ally Pally so will miss all the fun you have on offer, maybe you could show us some more pics. on the blog? Still there is one good thing, I wont spend as much cash this year!

Nicole said...

Oh my! I know this is selfish of me but I will miss you so much. I can't believe this is your last Version Scrap in Paris ever.... my treat each year was to meet you and be glued to your stand for your demoes, chat with you. I can understand though you want some time for you... but your resellers are not you even if they sell your products. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you in person for several years. xx

Unknown said...

Sad to here but understand looking forward to seeing you next Sunday at ally pally love my visit to see you and make and take xxx

Steven said...

Understand but sad like all.

craftytrog said...

Happy for your success and totally understand your decision. Ally Pally won't be the same though! See you Saturday xxx

Seth said...

It has been so exciting seeing more and more PaperArtsy products across the globe. No doubt the attendees at the shows will miss you...but thrilled for you that you will have more time to dedicate to actually making the incredible items that you are known for.

hettie said...

I love your stuff and I'm so glad I know and attend my favourite shop to get my supplies .fave rave Stourbridge stock your items and its so hard to choose I want them all .

Kirsten said...

Thank goodness I'm able to go to AP next Saturday! You will be hugely missed at the shows, but I understand your reasons completely. Onwards and upwards!!

Clare said...

So sad that I won’t be able to meet you guys at a show. I was always hoping that one day I would make it but it won’t stop my Paperartsy ❤️! I hope this gives you some much deserved breathing time as you mentioned how much how much hard work goes into the preparation of the shows. Viva Paperartsy!

Raquel Burillo said...

It's really sad but at the same time I feel happy for you, it will really be a relief and having less stress in your lives can only be good. I feel so lucky to be able to share the last shows with you, guys! A very big thank you, because due to you being at Ally Pally I dared to show you my designs and I could become part of the PA family. You're the best!! :) Ally pally won't be the same... Big hug and kisses! See you Saturday!!

Joan said...

Gutted ! I've been waiting to get to Port Sunlight in May to stock up on your stamps and see your great demonstrations, I have bought stamps I would never have considered until I saw you using them. Off to have a little weep in the corner .

rachel said...

Cannot imagine port sunlight without you guys. Will miss you. So sad xxx

PaperArtsy said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments! We feel your pain, and of course we will miss you all too! Shows are great social occasions!

I think we will deffo have to try to do more live streaming this year so that you guys still get your fix! Perhaps the occasional Friday evening with gin might be the way forward??!!! Could be interesting! And a laugh! And we might find out from each other about new gins as well as crafty techniques!!

Leandra x