Monday 25 July 2016

2016 #14 Shadow Box Frame {by Ruth Mescall}

 2016 Topic 14: Colour mixing

Hi everyone Ruth here.

Tonight I'd like to share with you this evening with a post about mixing and using complementary colours.

I love experimenting but frequently play safe with my colour schemes and use colours near each other on the colour wheel. I find monochromatic and analogous palettes really pleasing to my eye but wanted to get a bit more savvy in using opposite or complementary colours in my work as I've had mixed success probably more by luck than design!

I admire Dina Wakley's use of white space with pops of colour and thought I'd try and combine this modern fresh look with beautiful vintage Ink and the Dog mini images. These are a perfect size for ATC's, but in this instance I've used a playing card size which is slightly narrower to create my 'When I grow up' shadow box frame.

Step One: The images and background stamps I've used are Ink and the Dog  Mini 03Mini 04Mini 11Mini 12Mini 23 and Mini 29 and I thought a blue and orange colour scheme would work best with these. 4 strips of Smoothy stamping card have been base coated with Snowflake fresco acrylic paint, then I used the gorgeous Glass Blue which is a translucent and mixed a little China in to give some opacity. The technique I've used is the card scraper technique or faux printed look (see Kim Dellow's you tube video here). I scraped less on each piece as I went along.

Step Two: I decided to make a monochromatic background for one of them (far left) and then use blue and a blue green to complement the orange. For the monochromatic one, I've also used white -snowflake to create tints and black - Little Black Dress to create shades which I used to stencil some circles on. I've already knocked back the one on the far left with snowflake to create a more subtle base for the stamped images and create more white space to rest the eye. 

Step Three: Where I've usually gone wrong in the past is in trying to use equal amounts of all the colours, so this time I've made the second one predominantly blue, the third green and the fourth orange, all with small amounts of the other colours still in there. 

For the blue green shade I used Caribbean Sea mixed with a little Captain Peacock. The blues and greens overlapping were fine but the orange, a mix of Yellow Submarine and Tango didn't, mainly because it's a translucent, so they look like they have been mixed together. So to get around this I brayered white over some areas before I added the orange. I had also been scrapping any remaining paint on to brown gummed tape to use around the outside of the box, this was inspired by a recent Jo Firth Young post here.

Step Four: Next to see where each image looked best before stamping in Cobalt Blue archival Ink. Once trimmed I used Treasure Gold in Florentine around the side of the card.

Step Five: The frame was  a sturdy box I'd salvaged and coated in snowflake. I added some stamping to the border before adhering.

Step Six:  I masked off and stamped a border strip on the inside in blue archival to match the outside border. To create depth and visual interest I used foam pads and small tubes of card to support the cards at different levels.

Think this is my favourite image, I even managed to get a touch of orange on the starfish.

I really enjoyed exploring this topic, creating something vintage with a fresh twist, something I want to keep developing. I've generally felt I had a good eye for colour but found it interesting referring to the colour wheel and seeing what I think of as orange or blue/ blue green isn't always the true colour but slightly further around on the wheel and why it could alter your final result. Blues seemed to suit the sea theme but you could try the opposite, orange and yellow orange to complement a blue, or use other complementary colours such as red and green, violet and yellow. Enjoy exploring the colours you have and see what beautiful hues you can create. 

Ruth x


Ruth this is such a great explanation of complementary colours, and a really great tip with the snowflake layer before the orange. Love that tape idea too! Thanks so much for sharing, particularly on a colour combo that can be a tad tricky to execute! ~Gillian

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Helen said...

Beautiful Ruth.

Julie Lee said...

So effective, Ruth! I know how tempting it can be to stay with colours we have come to love and that we know will work well for us. You stepped out of your comfort zone and created a really eye-catching piece. xx

Mac Mable said...

Such an informative blog post, thank you so much and loving the 3D effect you've created, thank you x

Miriam said...

Lovely project Ruth.... really like the pop of colour with the white :)

Craftyfield said...

I love all 4 ATCs! Well worth trying new colour schemes...

Hazel Agnew said...

Great explanation, great colours Ruth. Clever piece of art it! Xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Really enjoyed this Ruth. You explained everything so succinctly and the results are great. Lx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Lovely, Ruth, love the white with the bright colours and cobalt ink,

Lucy x

Lin said...

Love this Ruth..excellent step by step x

craftytrog said...

Wonderful project Ruth! Love the colours and those stamps! x

craftytrog said...

Wonderful project Ruth! Love the colours and those stamps! x

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Gorgeous creation Ruth, yes Dina's stuff is lovely isn't it :)
Donna xx

craftimamma said...

Fab project Ruth with excellent step by steps. Love the colours you worked with and I am currently enjoying Kim's scraping method of applying paint too. I really like the complimentary strip around the outside and the less obvious stamped strip on the inside pulling the whole piece together.

Lesley Xx

Artmadnana said...

Gosh I've only just caught up with this. How gorgeous are these ATCs in the decorated tray. Love the way you created the strip around the outside. Gorgeous colour mixing.