Friday 1 July 2016

2016 #13 Patterned Scraps {by Justine Hovey}

2016 Topic #13: Paper Piecing

Hi everyone Justine here, joining you this evening with a post about Paper Piecing. This is a fun technique that I often forget about so I thought I would do a post to remind everyone just how great this technique is and how much variety it can bring to your project. It is also a great way to use up your patterned paper scraps! 

For this card I used traditional paper piecing. I took some pictures along the way to make it easy for you to follow the process. 

To create this card, you will need some patterned papers that coordinate well with each other, a card base, scissors, a stamping tool of your preference and some back ink.

I stamped out the moth stamp from the Eclectica Darcy 19 set onto the card base and onto each patterned paper I was planning to use.


I cut out various pieces of the patterned paper and attached them to their matching spot on the card base. I made sure to alternate colours so that no same colour was touching the other. I repeated this until the entire butterfly was covered and I stamped the sentiment onto the card base. 

I did the exact same technique for this card here except I used the flowers from EDY19. This card proved to be a lot easier since the pieces I cut out were much larger and not as numerous as the butterfly. I think they both look a little like stained glass. I’m sure you could run some Glossy Accents overtop and it would look even better! Don’t you love afterthoughts after you finish a project?

For my last project today, I interpreted paper piecing a little differently. I decided to take some masking paper and piece it creatively onto a stamp to create a beautiful mask.

As you can see I took the branch stamp with the berries on it from the EDY19 set and “pieced” all the berries with masking tape to cover them up. I inked up my stamp with black ink and removed all those pieces of masking tape before stamping onto my card base. I used the MISTI Stamping Tool to ensure that I was able to stamp in the same spot twice without error.

After I stamped in black, I cleaned my stamp thoroughly and dried it. Then I covered my stamp in red ink (berries included of course) and stamped it in the same spot. It not only made the branches a deeper black and the berries red which is a great contrast colour, but it also gave a bit of a shadow to the branches that I really like.

I repeated this stamping technique all over the card until I was satisfied (three times). Lastly, I stamped the sentiment.

I have to say that these projects were really fun to create but were a bit time consuming. I did have to redo the last card because I didn’t dry my stamp in between colours. However, I find fussy cutting quite therapeutic though. Do you enjoy fussy cutting or is it something you try to avoid? 
Thanks for joining me today for my Guest post at PaperArtsy. If you enjoyed these cards, you can find me all over social media! 


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Oh Justine you have such patience, that fussy cutting for the moth was a labour of love, well worth it though. The flower takes on new life with those patterned paper, Glossy Accents would be a great addition. Great tip for using pieces of paper to mask off stamps, very effective. ~Darcy 

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Miriam said...

Beautiful projects - look so soft and lovely :)

Unknown said...

Lovely results.:)

craftimamma said...

These cards are beautiful examples of the clean and (not so) simple style! I have to admit though I love fussy cutting so the first two are right up my street. Very clever interpretation of paper piecing for your third card.

Lesley Xx

craftimamma said...
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Julie Lee said...

Such beautiful and deceptively simple work! I really admire this style, which I find very difficult to emulate myself!xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Three very elegant cards Justine. A great way to use up those patterned papers or little bits of left over masterboards that are just too good to throw away.

Kirsten said...

Three lovely cards & well done for persevering with all that fussy cutting, it was worth it!