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2016 #6 My Grandmother's Doily {by Lesley Ebdon}

2016 Topic 6: Liquid Sculpting Medium

Hi everyone, Lesley here tonight to share a Powertex and Hot Picks project with you. I've been to a couple of lovely, messy workshops recently creating with Powertex products so jumped in when I saw this topic coming up as one of the challenge themes. PaperArtsy products and Powertex, Wow, what a combination! Add to that mix one of my treasured doilies crocheted by my Grandmother and I created a doily 'vase'.

Step 1 : I started with a plain black glass vase and after making sure it was clean of any greasy finger marks, etc., and well dusted with an antistatic bag I stamped images from HP1008, HP1010 and a sentiment from HP1102 using Versamark ink and heat embossed them with WOW Vanilla White embossing powder.


Step 2 : Once it had cooled down I covered the vase with cling film, turned it upside down with a kitchen roll middle inside it to raise it from the surface a little. I soaked the doily in Ivory Powertex, working it into the cotton yarn with my fingers (unless you like getting your hands extremely messy and sticky then latex gloves are a must, lol) draped it over the vase and then used my hairdryer to start the curing process whilst coaxing the doily into the shape I wanted. Once it was stiff enough to hold the shape I left it overnight to cure. (Apologies for shadowed photo but it was late at night when I took this one). 

Step 3 : Next I set about creating a butterfly. I drew the basic shape I wanted and cut it out as a template then dug out a wire working pin board that hasn't seen the light of day for years. I pinned around the template keeping the shape as much as possible and then wrapped wire round the pins twice for strength. I covered the wire with masking tape.

Step 4 : Time to get messy with Powertex again! First I removed the glass vase from the doily and using some old gauze dressing I had in my 'might come in handy' box and I cut a piece into strips about 2” wide then kept dipping a finger into the Powertex and very gently covering the gauze which I wrapped around the butterfly shape leaving a few tattered ends here and there. I used the same gauze to drape pieces onto the doily 'vase' and a tip for this is to use a wooden kebab skewer to tease the fragile gauze into the shapes you want. I again used a hairdryer to speed up the curing which didn't take long as the gauze was so fine. I then applied Sapphire, Classic and White Fire Treasure Gold to all the gauzy areas on the doily vase and the wavy folds around the top together with the butterfly.

Step 5: Now I turned to the flowers. I took a 12” x 12” sheet of good quality blue scrapbook paper, roughly brayered Buff (discontinued) and Snowflake Fresco Finish paints and then stamped the same 'bubbles' all over which I had embossed onto the vase, this time using Snowflake paint. I used a die to cut out the large spiral flowers.

Step 6 : I created wire stems covered with florists sticky tape which I glued to the back of the flowers with a glue gun and also added some stamens to the middles with the hot glue. To finish them off I edged the petals with White Fire Treasure Gold.

Step 7 : Finally, I removed the cling film and put the glass vase back into the doily, added the flowers and then glued the butterfly, with which I was inordinately pleased (it doesn't take much, lol), to the rim with hot glue.

I chose to keep my Treasure Gold colours very subtle but you could make them much stronger or you could dry brush your choice of Fresco colours. The finished doily vase reminded me very much of the little stiffened crochet baskets my Gran used to make which I think were starched. Powertex is a lot more fun and much more permanent, lol! There are quite a few similar ways doilies and lace can be used, for example you could shape them around blown up balloons to make light/lamp shades or over nicely shaped bowls to create lacy ones as tea light holders. Another tip is to remember Powertex only works with natural fibres not synthetic apparently although I haven't tried it myself. I hope this has given you a few ideas for using a permanent fabric stiffener.

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Wow Lesley what a wonderful way to use a treasured piece from your Grandmother, practical and beautiful and so much better than being stored in a drawer. Well done for taking the plunge and using it. ~Darcy

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Helen said...

I read the header as " my grandmother's dolly" not doily, lol! It's just beautiful Lesley. well done for stamping so clearly on the vase.

Julie Lee said...

What a wonderful effect, Lesley and so right for springtime!Love the butterfly - well, everything about the project really! I have lots of crochet doilies somewhere, this has really inspired me to use them in a new way! What a lovely project! xx

Hazel Agnew said...

This is brilliant Lesley! So innovative and so beautiful! When I read the title I thought, oh no, not a toilet roll cover...haha! Everything about it is wonderful....very clever art! Big pat on the back! Xx

Steven said...

Clever and lovely! Congrats you!! xx

Craftyfield said...

I admire the stamping too, it's not easy on glass! Very inspiring project, not sure I'll have the time but the butterfly is something I would like to try.

butterfly said...

Glorious, Lesley - what a beautiful creation and a wonderful way to preserve a family heirloom.
Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is absolutely amazing, Lesley! You have really shown an interesting and clever way with powered, I am so in love with that butterfly!

Lucy x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wowser! This is fabulous Lesley. A triumph! Lx

craftytrog said...

Stunning!!! x

Lin said...

wow Lesley this is gorgeous!! love the embossing on the vase and what a lovely way to use your grandmothers doily xxx

Aquarius said...

Beautiful as always and really good to have a detailed step by step. Lovely way to use a crochet lace doily which brings it up to date and into view rather than have it languishing in a drawer maybe.

pennylopes54 said...

Beautiful creation Lesley. I particularly love the flowers :)

JoFY said...

Lovely project - so nice that you've given a treasured item a new lease of life - I'm sure your Grandmother would approve! :o)

Annie said...

A stunning project Lesley and a great step by step too. Just purchased some Powertex and look forward to using it.
TFS and best wishes
Annie x

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Stunning Lesley, it's great when you can take something that's a little neglected and give a new life. I can see that I shall have to have take the plunge and buy some powertex.

Sue xx

cuilliesocks said...

Oh my goodness Lesley, what a wonderful creation, a real work of art, you are so very talented. I love this, Kate x

mamablitger said...

Lesley this project is so elegant, pretty and romantic. What a cute idea. Really love that you could use an old doily from your grandmother.. I love the result of your effoerts. Thank you for sharing your lovely art.
Hugs from Monica... Spain

Etsuko said...

Fantastic project Lesly! Beautiful flowers and love the doily effect. xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow Lesley, this is superb!!! What an amazing project! LOVE the butterfly and the doily well and the whole thing really. I think you have just persuaded me that I "need" Powertex.....

Sarah B said...

wow Lesley this is so beautiful - I need some powertex as I've a number of this lace doilies gathering dust somewhere. The butterflies are cute too.xx

Cocofolies said...

Glorious creation Lesley, wow...!!! All your ideas and everything created from scratch is fabulous... I'm very happy to have been able to catch-up with your post! Hugs, Coco Xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Lesley this fabulous, such a wonderful creative idea. I love how you made the butterfly and your stamping on the vase is fantastic. Love it hugs Debsxxx sorry I'm late in commenting not felt well the last few days xxxx

Ruth said...

Amazing work Lesley, love how all 4 elements were created and came together beautifully, have to agree the butterfly is a shabby stunner!! Hugs Ruth xxx

Kirsten said...

So beautiful!!!

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