Friday 8 April 2016

2016 #7 Ir-'resist'-ible {by Florence Adam}

2016 #Topic 3: Resists 

Hi everyone Florence of Mlle d'Antan here, joining you this evening with a post about Resists. This is my second blog post for PaperArtsy and I have enjoyed working on this project. I am currently on the PaperArtsy stand for Version Scrap in Paris when the blog post will be online. Tonight this is a very shabby chic project I’m sharing with you. I did not know what  “resists” were until Darcy explained them to me (who does a wonderful job by correcting my English! Thanks Darcy!) Basically I was doing it without knowing there was a word for it. I chose the beautiful Lynne Perrella stamps LPC030 for this project and used only the biggest stamp.

Step One: My very first idea was to do the project on a canvas, but in the end I was not very inspired. Once upon a time there was an old wood beam at the back of my Mum’s garden. I thought I could definitely give another life to this beam. I started to sand a little bit, then rub some candle wax to do the resist, to do the barrier. Then It was a mix of different layers: some Mushroom, some Chalk, some Taupe, some sanding, some candle and again some Fresco.

Step Two: I randomly put some modelling paste on the left side, and added some green chicken wire. I stapled the chicken wire on the wood to make sure it will be secure. I then painted over this with Pewter. There is some resist here again, I guess, as the paint does not  cover the modeling paste where the chicken wire is.

Step Three: I still didn’t really know where I was going, but suddenly I thought that I will give a 3-Dimension to few areas of the stamp. Then, one small piece of wood, covered with Taupe and Mushroom, using the candle in between so the paint can resist, I glued some buttons and then painted over again with Mushroom, Taupe and a bit of Chalk.

On another small piece of wood, I made the same system with nibs. 

Step Four: On the third piece of wood, same preparation, and then with Jet Black Archival Ink, I have stamped the face of the lady in the middle and then I stamped on the edges some buttons and added ink stain. To finish, I added some lace on top to make her “a hat”. 

On cardstock I have stamped the main image, also onto a piece of cotton fabric, and on corrugated card.  On the fourth piece, I have glued on a piece of glass, a heart, painted and stamped.


Step Five: On the right side, I started to paste some old paper, I wrote with Glossy Accent (to do the resist), then I put over some Fresco (A mix of Mushroom, Pewter, Taupe) and then wipe on the glossy. 
Sorry, the weather was so nice this day, so much sun that, I have shadows on my photos.

Step Six: I stamped with Jet Black Archival Ink on a tissue paper the right corner of the main stamp. I have added this part on a glass bottle. I added some buttons in this glass bottle, put a wire around so it attaches to the chicken wire. I thought “let’s glue a bit with the glue gun” to make sure that it’s strong enough. Good, all done! Project finished! “Oh no, the glass bottle is not straight, let’s put it back straight!” I should not have told myself! I completely broke this very fine glass bottle! OMG I had to go in an emergency (not to the hospital, just a little cut, I am fine!), to the garden centre store for a replacement bottle! I found one; a bit bigger than the original one. Next time I won’t glue it, just keep it in place with the wire.

I hope that you like this project and I also hope to see your version one day! It was so much fun to try to use the images of a rubber stamp in 3D. I like this project because it’s quite dimensional, with plenty of textures, layers and in a family of colors I am keen of. I had fun to try to re-use older post themes, as transparent and  hearts.
So in the meantime, stay inspired, stay creative and  have a lot of fun!

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Bravo Florence! to create such a beautiful piece despite incurring an injury in the process! The combination of candle and chicken wire and glossy accents have made for very interesting resists. They all add to the natural beauty and texture of the wood. A great find in your mum's garden, you definitely brought it back to life. ~Darcy 

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Helen said...

this is a beautiful project!

craftytrog said...


craftimamma said...

Lots of lovely texture and interest on this piece Florence. I love the little bottle (sorry you had an accident with the first one) and all the different pieces of wood to create the dimension. Totally unique!

Lesley Xx

Etsuko said...

Gorgeous mix-media project, great LP images. xx

Annie said...

a fabulous alteration that looks amazing.....thank you for sharing your step by step.............must give this a try

Best wishes
Annie x

Kirsten said...

Wow! Amazing collection of layers & textures, it looks great.

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is wonderful, Florence, is has a real French chic feel to it which I love!

Lucy x

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Aaww Florence this is amazing, beautiful in every way X

Unknown said...

thanks to all of you girls! Next time no more home deco for me! I think it's too big and then the photo of the finished piece doesn't show all the details...So I am disappointed with the first photo :(
We probably had as good time in Version Paris that you had in Ally Pally for the luckiest ones ! x