Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 Round Up: Time, Flowers, Gels and Mediums {curated by Wanda Hentges}

Good Evening again, Leandra here to kick off Part 5 of our 2015 review.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, do you have a sense of urgency to get something done? Why is it the older we get the faster time passes? Here we are on the cusp of a New Year and it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the turn of the century! Tomorrow is the start of the 16th year of this century... Wow!

I'm feeling the need to write lists to keep me on track and utilise my time well. Darcy and I often joke that our lists have lists! There are zillions of apps to help us manage our time more efficiently, but there is nothing like a planner on the wall and LISTS! But no matter what the system, I feel more able to relax and be creative when all the chores are done, when the house is tidy, and when the bleugh things on my to do list are ticked off as done. It's then that I most enjoy my "me-time".

Early on in our marriage we devised 'pink' and 'blue' jobs to divvy up household chores (I know - perhaps it seems outdated and a tad sexist in this day and age - but it works for us) To be fair, they could be any allocated colour- but for us, Mark has the blue jobs and I get the pink ones, and we're not changing our system in order to be politically correct now!

Mark's jobs (his choice) are the garden, putting out the bins, doing the lawns, fixing or building things, checking cars are functioning and general repairs around the house, painting etc. My pink jobs are writing lists/ allocating all household tasks (ie delegating LOL) ....and (yawn) indoor stuff eg. housework, ironing, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and generally being the taxi service for the non-driving teens. Our tasks seem to play to our strengths. I would much rather do housework and potter indoors than mow the lawn or garden.... I'm rubbish at gardening! My favourite pinkie is cooking or baking.

The kids are pretty competent at most Pink and Blue jobs now they are 15, 17, 19 and 21. More of our pink and blue lists gets delegated to the junior people of this house the older they get...we see both pink and blue jobs are important training.... otherwise how will they cope when they leave home?

So, knowing that a new, quieter era is around he corner as our kids grow up and face leaving the nest later in 2016, I have signed up to Wanderlust. It's an online course run by a long-standing PaperArtsy retailer, Artist Trading Post and I'm doing it just because I CAN ! I think I need a cue to share more pink jobs and enjoy more 'me-time'. Now that the kids are skilled up in all tasks, they can be the new pink-blue army! They can cook, clean, garden, sort the rubbish and do their own washing/ ironing, so that should free me/us up to do other things. Perfect!

Enjoy tonight's post curated by the ever so versatile Wanda Hentges and we hope you celebrate this evening, a very Happy New Year!!! 

{My taxi service is booked in for 3 New Year's Eve collections tonight apparently!}


Hello Bloggers, Wanda Hentges here.  It has been a busy year at my place.  Our oldest son got married to a wonderful girl that we love and we "started" a huge house project - putting on an addition, new siding on the whole house, some foundation work, and we intend to gut and remodel the old part of the house.  I don't expect we will be completely done until next fall.  With all of this going on I have mostly made cards and tags this year with a bit of other things (journal pages, canvases, etc.) thrown in. 

Since being creative is something I "need" to be doing, lack of time just means simplifying or keeping to smaller projects like cards and tags.  I still love making my own backgrounds and enjoy trying new ideas or expanding on old ideas.  Another thing I've tried my hand at a few times is leaving white space.  I tend to make a full background and build upon it.  I see so many gorgeous projects out there that leave lots of open space and I've pushed myself at times to give this a try.  Other times... I'm just back in my box :-)

Topic 13: Time
Our first walk down memory lane tonight is Topic 13: Time.  We tend to think more about time at this time of the year but it effects us every day, every hour, every moment of the year.  

I really love Tracy Scott's Flower Clock!!!  It's bright and colorful making it fun to check the time throughout the day. I love, love, love that the butterfly is on the hand and moves around the clock and the words are a perfect reminder to be careful with our time as once it's gone, it's gone.

For a clock on the go, Clare Lloyd's Rag Time Charm project is perfect.  You could make several of these fabric bracelets in different colors and patterns to match outfits and use different timepieces and charms or just move the same one from bracelet to bracelet.    

Hazel Agnew's Elephant in the Room project is so much fun and sure to grab anyone's attention when they walk into the room.  It's important to remember the good times!!!  The black and white with a pop of color is wonderful!!!  If elephants aren't your thing, the techniques used to make this can be used on your favorite paper mache item.  

Time waits for no one, but just maybe this wonderful, full of texture triptych, Wait For Me by Liesbeth Fidder, could get it to change it's mind.  The texture, cascading images and metallic highlights combine for a fabulous project.  

Lastly, I love these journal pages by Leandra.  There are clocks in my garden! is a fabulous spread!!!  The girl really looks like she's in a garden of clock flowers.  The colors, layout, and shading are fantastic!!!


Topic 14: Flowers
There are a few things that often make their way into what I create but none more than flowers.  I love flowers!!!  My home would probably be surrounded with them if I didn't hate weeding so much :-)  LOL  Besides I'd rather be stamping, painting, or getting inky instead of working outside.  So I create with flowers and fill the inside of our home with them!!

Lynne Moncrieff's Golden hours among the Flowers is a wonderful canvas!! Stamping into the clay is a fabulous idea that worked so well.  It's fabulous how she layered the pieces onto her canvas. 

Jenny Atkinson's scrapbook page is beautiful!!  I love how the colors in the photo are extended onto the page along with all that texture and beautiful white flowers that match the picture so well.

The Garden Slate Panel by Lauren Hatwell would be great to hang by any patio or deck.  I especially like how she used the acetate and glitter glue to give the piece some bling and can imagine how it catches the light out in the sun!!!

I love the beautiful, bright colors Anneke De Clerk has used on her Canvas.  I can't help but smile and feel the joy when I look at it!!

This Notebook Holder by Clare Charvill is wonderful!!!  All the fussy cutting and detail work really make it stand out!!

Topic 15: Gels and Mediums

I REALLY enjoyed the Gels and Mediums topic.  I LOVE the wonderful textures and effects you can get by using all the different mediums out there.  If learning more about this is something you want to do then you should definitely go back and read through every single post shared for this topic!!  They were all great!!! 
I love Liz Borer's Inspired by Fibre Paste project with all it's texture and beautiful, soft colors!!!  Her technique of putting the paste onto palette paper so you can take the pieces off and incorporate them into your project is fabulous!!!

I've always loved resist and Ellen Vargo's gel resist card is fabulous!!!  I really like the colors and use of maps.  The words are a great reminder of how today impacts tomorrow.  

Lets not forget the talented Debs Wainwright and her Syringed GP Tree.  I never would have thought to put GB in a syringe.. oh, the ideas... genius!!!

Sue Carrington's Drippage Canvas is beautiful!!!!!!!  The clear tar gel drips are fantastic and so is the way she "shadowed" flowers in the background topped with all the beautiful colored flowers.

My favorite technique shared for this topic was Lin Brown's Paua Shell Effect.  Totally Amazing!!!!  You have to go watch the video!!!

Also you should not miss Leandra's Masterclass chocked full of fabulous information about gels and mediums!!!!!!

And Finally from me....

How about an item that links all 3 of these topics - time, flowers, and mediums? I chose to make.... a card :-) I've stamped into a layer of grungepaste for my background. Over that I've painted, stenciled, and stamped including the word today and then used a wonderful JOFY flower and added a clock for my flower center. Sometimes life gets so busy that a little reminder to do more of what makes us happy is a good thing.

You can catch a bit more the texture in the background from this angle.  

I hope you are enjoying this week of roundups from the year as much as I am!!!!  There really is a wealth of information and learning to be had on the PaperArtsy Blog and on their You Tube channel.  

Thanks so much to PaperArtsy and to YOU, the readers!!!!!!!!  You are appreciated!!!!  Happy New Year!!!



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Helen said...

I'm really looking forward to Wanderlust too, and hope I don't fall behind too soon! Great round up by Wanda, loved the gels and mediums topic. Happy New Year everyone!

Julie Lee said...

Ah, Pink and Blue jobs! I think we have a definite division of labour in our house, but I never thought to colour code it before!I really hope you enjoy the Wanderlust course, Leandra. Can't wait to see what you create in 2016. Once again a fabulous round up. Wanda's work is always so vibrant and eye-catching and the projects she's showcased are just splendid -many of them so experimental, tactile and vivid! What a great year it's been! Happy New Year to Everyone at PaperArtsy!

Kirsten said...

I'm looking forward to Wanderlust too, hope you get plenty of time for yourself in 2016, Leandra. Wonderful review, Wanda, thank you for reminding me of so many gorgeous projects. Happy New Year to PaperArtsy fans everywhere.

Miriam said...

Fabulous review Wanda... love those projects :)

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed this visit, viewing such a range of artwork, perfectly capturing the versatility of PaperArtsy stamps and products.
Honoured that you would select my canvas to share.
Your creation is fabulous, the colours are so joyful!

Astrid Maclean said...

Another set of wonderful projects, such diversity in style and technique, they all demonstrate just how versatile the stamps, paints and other products are. Loved reading about the pink and blue jobs too, sounds as if you are a great mum Leandra, as well as being an inspiring artist..... Happy 2016 to you all!!

craftimamma said...

Another lovely roundup and reminder of wonderful creations we saw over these three topics, thanks Wanda! Your final design to end the post is great and a fab reminder to spend time on ourselves sometimes.

Lesley Xx

Words and Pictures said...

Great choices from Wanda - and more food for thought from Leandra - such great introductions all week, thank you. Looking forward to seeing you on the Wanderlust trail (though as usual I'll probably be pretty quiet on the forums!).
Alison xx

PaperArtsy said...

Fantastic Round up Wanda, and I love your make at the end of the post!! So gorgeous and vibrant! Happy New Year to you too! ~Leandra

geezercrafter said...

Very enjoyable round up, I have just purchased some gel medium, can't wait to get started!!!
Many thanks

Lauren Hatwell said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your incredible and colourful selection of projects from the year Wanda, and what a surprise to see my slate included in the line up. Thank you. Your end project is everything you do so well. You have such a way with colour and placement that I really admire so much. Lx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh I love your card Wanda, and your round up is fabulous; great choices,

Lucy x

craftytrog said...

What a great post! I love your round-up & final project Wanda, & great intro Leandra!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Great post Wanda, loved all choices which I think must be really hard to pick with such a wealth of great work to pick from. Thank you so much for choosing one of my pieces, feeling proud. Debs xx