Sunday 13 December 2015

2015 #23 Snow People Landscape {by Darcy Wilkinson PA.Signature Designer}

2015 Topic 23: Christmas

Hi everyone, Darcy here. Christmas is almost upon us, cards are being made.. gifts are being wrapped. It is all too easy to forget to take time out for ourselves just for a little play. This was a play session, but turned out cute. In fact if I knew anyone geting married this Christmas it would make a great Mr and Mrs gift. 

Onto an 8x8 greyboard I added Teresa Green, Granny Smith, Professor Plum and Captain Peacock using a credit card as a scraper. This creates great overlaps and texture. once dry I added a little Snowflake with a brayer. 

I then ripped up some inch wide strips of sheer fabrics and lay them across the board. I twisted them slightly and secured with dabs of matte gel. 

Next I used a heat gun over the fabric strips, because they are synthetic the heat causes them to shrink and curl. This ads great texture and the initial background shows through a bit more. 

I glued some book text to card for a little extra strength, wiped this over with a little Hey Pesto and Snowflake. Then I embossed the word tree from EDY15. 

I used WOW embossing powder in Bark, Metalline Green, Evergreen and Vintage Champagne. I glued the tree onto the bottom left corner over the fabric strips. 

Next I embossed the stars from the same stamp plate. This time I used WOW Bright White. It is possible to emboss over the fabric.. as it has already been heated up and shrunk it really shouldn't shrink any further. That's not to say it definitely won't so just go careful and keep the heat gun moving.

I love how it looks at this stage, so pretty, a bit of glitz and so much texture. 

Now to make the Snow people and the holly. Thanks to Lauren for this idea, I loved her paper clay snowman from launch night.  I rolled out some Artista superlight paper clay and pressed down the snowman from EDY15, I carefully trimmed around him and set him aside to dry.

From EDY04 I did the same thing with the holly and berries. 

I knew I wanted a Mrs. Snow, so I pressed the snowman again and while still damp I flattened the hat area and using a bone folder I marked out a new hat with a bow. I left them to dry over night and then gave them a base coat of paint, pushing it down into all the dips and lines. 

Then I was able to carefully paint the 'sticky-out bits' ..the raised sections. Once done I added a little glitter glue and glossy accents to the eyes. 

My snow people were glued in place and some snow added using Dreamweaver Crackle paste. This was heat set and then a little glitter glue painted over it. 

How cute are they?

Not forgetting the paper clay holly. This was painted with Holly and Granny smith and then brushed over with White Fire Treasure gold. The berries were coloured with Ruby Treasure Gold and then had glossy accents added. 

I hope you liked that, paper clay is a brilliant way to get more from your stamps and add great dimension to a project, as is the addition of fabric. it has been a wonderful year here on the blog, thankyou to everyone who bought my stamps. I always love to see what you make with them. Have a great Christmas and New Year. 

Darcy x


Helen said...

Oh that's gorgeous Darcy

Helen said...

Oh that's gorgeous Darcy

Kirsten said...

This is wonderful, Darcy. I love the fabric layers & the snow people are really cute.

Hazel Agnew said...

Stunning backdrop for showcasing your gorgeous stamps Darcy! Loving the layers....I would prob have to have the fire brigade out if I tried that....but can't beat a hunky fireman! Loving the project! Xx

Craftyfield said...

Love the paper clay embellishments and the sheer fabrics background is also a great idea. It would certainly make a good keepsake for newly married couples!

Unknown said...

Hey Darcy!!! Look at you!!!! Brilliant & clever idea everywhere in this piece of art ! Congrats !! Mr & mrs are such a cutie!!! Need to try the fabric !!! Thanks for sharing and merry Christmas as well!! Xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh I LOVE this! Great to see Mr Snow has found himself a young lady. I love her pretty hat. The sheer fabric background is such a great touch. It really does make the whole piece feel magical; a bit like the Northern Lights. Lx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh those clay snow people are wonderful, Darcy! I just love the idea of applying the heat gun to the fabric too!

Lucy x

Deborah Wainwright said...

Love the colours you used Darcy, one of my fav palettes at the mo. I too love Lauren's stamping into clay and you have created a fab couple with your great stamps xx

craftytrog said...

Fabulous!!! I love the background & Mr. and Mrs. Snow! xxx

Julia Aston said...

Wonderful background and fun snowpeople!

Annie60 said...

Just love this,,xx

Cocofolies said...

What a fantastic project Darcy, LOVE it!!! xx

SewPaperPaint said...

How fun is this! Darling card!

Unknown said...

Wow this is great Darcy! I cant believe all the detail you created on your snowpeople and love the shrivelled fabric.
Really gorgeous, fun project and I love it!

Lesley Xx

Sarah B said...

wow this is gorgeous - love the clay figures xx