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2015 Topic 21 Abstract Art {Challenge}

 2015 Topic 21: Abstract Art

by Amy Longcope, "Virtue"

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 20: Triptychs Challenge...

Hi, Darcy here. Well '3 is the magic number' or so it seems. I love things in 3's myself and the triptychs produced have been wonderful. We've had Autumn colours, quirky faces and even some Christmas creeping in. These 3somes really don't look like craft projects but definitely pieces of art. I hope you have them all displayed proudly. 

The winner of Triptychs is: Christine from Craftyfield Blog

Please get in touch with Darcy to claim your prize.

Well done to this week's winner, it's Leandra back to get you fired up with ideas you might like to try over the next 2 weeks.

Dare I say it, November is here, and that means that the year is nearly over! Although if you think that there is still 1/6th of the year left to go, then it sounds a lot longer.

This fantastic abstract topic is for those of you who love random, and having a play. You might need to think a bit about composition, simple use of colour, layers of texture, more than you normally do, and finishing touches are often all about a touch of bling, metallic shine or a glint; Gold or silver leaf sheets, Treasure Gold, Twinkling sparkles from Glitter glues or embossing powders, metal embellishments etc, This is certainly a great opportunity to go back to the gels, mediums, texture pastes, crackles and have some random fun!

In fact, I find the hard part is restricting yourself to work with just a few products and a limited palette until you get the hang of it. With abstract, often simple is best. But, that is just a matter of personal opinion, and for this topic in particular there are no rules, just jump in and have a go and see what happens. If you are a 50 layer kind of creative, then do that! If not, then don't! There are some great videos at the end of this post that might give you a sense of where to start.

My challenge to you is to go LARGE! Pull out those big canvases, choose a colour palette that works in a room of your home, and do something massive to hang o the wall! Come on give it a go! I know you've got this!! Work on the floor with some newspaper down if you have to,work outside...just have a go! It'll be fun.

Here is another piece by Erin Ashley. I adore this kind of abstract with contrasting colours top and bottom, gorgeous texture and subtle depth of shadow and texture. It can't be that hard to do if you start with some grunge paste, layer on some colours, and add more layers on top. Perhaps working with a palette knife too, and I'm thinking some watery washes of colour to accent textures too, perhaps with water soluble crayons. I've been meaning to give this kind of thing a go for some time, and I think its a nice place to start with abstract. You can see at the top of the post I pinned a few others in the same vein.

This next artist, Belinda Fireman has an awesome website with all kinds of bright gorgeous layers to her work. She seems to use the blocking technique a lot, and I love how colourful here pieces are. Here is an example from her 2013 paintings - there are loads more examples here.

You can see the rectangle shapes are selected with black pen from the background, then she blocks with contrasting colours the surrounding areas, and adds white and red accents for contrast. Here is another with a circles theme, and again, black, red and white accents on the top layer. This looks so vibrant, and so much fun, but where to start?

Maybe make a painted random background in colours of your choice using paints, stamps etc. Pick a shape for your theme, and then go for it singling out areas of the background with various sizes of your chosen shape. Block out with opaque paints areas of the background, blending into other colours as you go, then start doodling some details on the top in white, black and red.

What about this concept, lots of small pieces of art making up a larger one? Found here.

Here are a couple found on a blog post here, but no credit links to the artists which is a bit frustrating.Again, simple layers of paint done with a spatula/ palette knife. I think this might be by MaryAnn Wakeley.

Not sure who this is but it looks fun to make and less challenging!

And I adore this with the stunning use of gold by Makoto Fujimura. Opulent.

And what about Jodi Ohl? 

Gorgeous website here, online classes galore. Beautifully bright use of colour from her podtastic concept. Again, colour blocking, I seem to be seeing this technique a lot lately. But Jodi does so many different things you really should check her out!

Ok so how about this for an idea? 

And going along similar lines this balloon printing idea found here along with lots of other DIY canvas ideas...

Ok here's another with a touch of bling with gold leaf from Jen Meador who has a gorgeous, delicate colour palette. 

Have all those photos whet your appetite? Maybe you still don't know where to start though. Check out this video from Paul Bozzo, all about starting with texture into a plaster compound. Of course, you could use Grunge Paste for this too, which dries like a plaster and is also sandable. Take note how water is used to release all the items from the plaster (same thing with GP), and how much thought has gone into the composition. You will never view your grandmothers doilies the same way again!

In this video Paul Bozzo shows how he sands and seals the plaster before adding colour with layers of acrylic paint. He seals each layer so he can wipe back thus revealing the earlier layers. It's very cool, and you can see how the paint falls into the textures so beautifully. So cool how he shares his techniques.

Michael Lang is an amazing Abstract artist, his videos are so mesmerising. This one is fabulous. Brilliant how he paints with both hands, one brush to apply the colour, and another to blend out.

Glazing liquid, gels all allow layers to be built gradually. He is using simple shapes and lines, then building shadows and highlights with dark and light. At the latter stages he adds warmth and depth with brighter colours. Also note the use of white  to highlight accents to key shapes and design lines. These are all things that you guys do on smaller compositions, or journalling backgrounds, so upsize and go large! Loved the spots, flecks and drips that as we all know as great additions to any background. Did you spot the bubble wrap? This video highlights so well how working layers builds amazing depth.

Here is another video from Michael, look carefully at what he is using; palette knives of all shapes and sizes, a bin lid, set squares, lots of gel medium and squeegee bottles with different size nozzles. It must have taken days to dry before the colour could be added on top! Awesome use of interference and metallic paint layers. 

Don't forget to follow my 'Abstract' Pinterest board if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples there! 

I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!


Topic 21: Abstract Art PaperArtsy Blog Challenge

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Helen said...

well done Christine. This one looks a whole heap of fun!

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Hi! This challenge/post is way too exciting to be ignored!!! :)

craftimamma said...

Congratulations comes the hard part.....choosing, lol! Interesting topic for #21 but not even sure I have anything 'huge' lol!

Lesley Xx

Craftyfield said...

Happy dance! Looking forward to the abstract inspiration and a bit a shopping...

Etsuko said...

Congratulations Christine. So exciting this topic and fab Paul Bozzo videos. xx

Suzanne C said...

Leandra I am loving these challenges! The mix of art and styles is fantastic and such a wonderful way to inspire us to try new things using our favorite PaperArtsy supplies!

Julie Lee said...

Really inspirational! Can't wait to see what the DT and those who link up come up with in the next couple of weeks! Very exciting! xx

sheila 77 said...

Great topic, and I spent a very happy rainy windy afternoon making my abstract, thanks.

geezercrafter said...

Great challenge, so much inspiration. Looking forward to taking part.

Linda Kunsman said...

what a completely FABULOUS post-I LOVE all the examples and the varieties! This is right up my alley so I am looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

Kirsten said...

I clicked onto this post a few hours ago & got totally engrossed in following the links & watching the videos. I absolutely love abstract art & it's thrilling to see so many artists new to me.
Terrific entries in the challenge already.
Congrats to Christine for winning the previous challenge.

Unknown said...

Every day since this post came out I have is the day I will have time enjoy it... NOT. Finally today... I have looked and watched and admired all the art here and on your pinterest page too! Wow. I just love doing this kind of painting but seldom share it because none of my blogs are "into" it! This was so so so fun to see. Right up my alley!!! Thanks bunches and bunches for such a delightful way to spend part of my Sat looking at all this yumminess!!! Thanks bunches too the DT for their inspirations also. j.

Mona Pendleton said...

Thanks for all the wonderful and inspirational samples and thanks for the fun challenge!

Angelnorth said...

I finally managed to play another challenge and this one was certainly challenging for me - thank you! Lots of lovely ideas in this post and the team have been doing a grand job keeping the inspiration going.