Sunday 20 September 2015

2015 #17 Walk On The Moors {by Darcy Wilkinson PA. Signature Designer}

 2015 Topic 17: Pigment Powders

Hi everyone, Darcy here.  This is such a great topic, I have had my Brushos for more years than I can remember and it is wonderful to see them becoming popular again. I first used Brushos with textiles, so that is what I have gone back to today. I live around 20 minutes from the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors, and these are my inspiration for this project. All those yummy blues, greens and purples of fields and heather take my breath away. 

Top Tip: Put some damp paper towels or kitchen roll down on your desk, under and around your working space. These powders will travel, no matter how careful you are. They will fall and be held in place by the damp towels, making your clean up much easier. 

I began with a piece of 12" x 9" watercolour paper. I washed this with Turquoise at the top and Lime Green at the bottom. I then covered this with scrunched cling film and left it to dry. 

The next technique is to apply masking fluid, droplets at the top and lines at the bottom. Once this was dry I washed over the page with Cobalt Blue and Leaf Green. Again it is left to dry and then the masking fluid can be rubbed off. 

My next layer involves making patterns with a candle, then adding another wash of colour. once dry the page can be heated and the candle wax wiped away. 

The above three techniques are masking techniques, each prevents the ink reaching certain parts of the page. this next one is a removal technique. I used household bleach and stamps from EDY09 and EDY10 to add the birds and grasses.

Dip the stamp into some bleach and tap off, then take to the page and press down, the stamp needs to be held in place a few seconds longer than usual. When you lift off the stamp you will see that the image is bleached out.

Clean your stamp immediately to remove leftover bleach and work in a well ventilated area. 

Once the bleach was dry on the page, I over-stamped the birds using Watering Can Archival ink.

Now to create the heather of the moorlands. I dropped Brusho crystals directly onto damp babywipes, and then heated them with a heat gun. this not only dries the babywipe and ink but also causes the wipe to shrink and curl, creating great texture.

I ripped the pieces up and layered them onto the page. I secured them with just a little glue. 

I coloured some thread with Brushos and gathered lots of different sized beads.

Next came an evening of beading and adding French knots with the coloured thread. I stitched right through the babywipe fabric and the watercolour paper. making sure each piece was secured.

I love how it looks now, the bright blue open sky, the colours of the heather, and the beads acting as small moorland flowers.

I spritzed some white cotton fabric with water and then dropped on some more Brusho crystals. Once dry I stamped up the stems and leaves and flowers from EDY10


I layered this fabric with thick vilene and then a backing fabric and outlined each piece with free machine embroidery. Then these were all cut out. I also did a few small flowers from HP1009.

Finally I coloured some smoothy card with Brushos  in Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine and Purple. I stamped the butterfly from HP1301, then cut this out.

I gave it 2 coats of Satin Glaze and attached it to the page using matte gel. The stems, leaves and flowers were stitched in place with more beads added to the centres. 

I had such fun making this, it really took me back to my textiles and embroidery days. We are so lucky to be able to mix together so many interesting mediums. I hope it gave you some ideas.

Remember that Brushos are not permanent, only use them on fabrics that will not be laundered.

Darcy. x

I will be demoing and doing make and takes at Stampers Grove in Edinburgh on Sat 3rd October. and teaching an all day workshop there on Sun 4th October. There are still places available on both days. Ring them to secure a place. 

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Helen said...

wow, what a fabulous project! Love your heather, and those wonderful flowers.

Jay said...

looks real enough to get mosquito bites from. awesome colors and texture

margaret said...

Great idea sprinkling Brushos on to baby wipes, not to self must try.

Ruth said...

This is such a stunning project, love the baby wipe heather and inspiring use of brushos!! Ruth x

Kirsten said...

Wow Darcy, that is gorgeous!! I love the beads on the torn baby wipes.

Fliss said...

Absolutely stunning Darcy and amazing use of Brushos too. Must try this as your results are so beautiful.
Fliss x

Lin said...

very clever Darcy..excellent tecniques!! X

SueC said...

Fantastic Darcy! Love how you've translated the North York's Moors inspiration into your project, stunning! Sue C x

craftytrog said...

Absolutely gorgeous...great techniques Darcy! xxx

Craftyfield said...

Such creative techniques! Lovely project Darcy.

Keren Baker said...

Wow. I was stunned at the heather and sky. Adore the stained threads and beads and French knots. Just stunning!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Darcy that's amazing; really amazing. So many fantastic layers. I can't wait to try drying and colouring babywipes and I really love the beading. It adds such great texture.


Lucy Edmondson said...

This is amazing, I love the beaded babywipe flowers!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Sensational and Inspirational.
I am really taken with the free motion stitching which is well beyond my mere capabilities but I absolutely love the effect. Darcy, you created a most spectacular scene.

Kathi said...

This is genius. Pure and unadulterated.

Wow. Great tips too. I never would have thought of the baby wipes/Brushoes technique, which creates gorgeous results.

All that beading and stitching is beyond me, but almost makes me want to try it because it yields such a wonderful look.

Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial, which I will pin post-haste as a memory aide! :D

Unknown said...

Gorgeous project Darcy. Nothing I love more than random stitching and beading to create special effects (takes me back to my own college work too) and combined with those fab pieces of wipes your results are stunning.

Lesley Xx

Etsuko said...

What a gorgeous project Darcy!! Your images and techniques are AMAZING, and you added French Knots and free machine embroidery are beautiful. I love love it. xxx

Unknown said...

Fabulous Darcy-love the baby wipe technique!

SCarol said...

Wonderful project. Love the idea of brushos on baby wipes.

Sarah B said...

I'd looked at this on my phone but it didn't show all the fab detail now I've looked again.....I made such a mess using Brushos the other day I've already got coloured baby wipes so will have to try heating them lol
brilliant project xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

Fantastic Darcy! The dried baby wipes look a lot like dyed fleece! Fabulous textures and inspiring uses for Brushos! Such a clever girlie! Xx

Art By Wanda said...

Totally gorgeous, Darcy!!!!!!!!!!! A fabulous piece of art!!!

Julie Lee said...

I must get out my ever-growing Baby-wipe collection, Darcy and get creating with them! How beautifully you have evoked the wonderful natural world of the Yorkshire Moors. I have lots of memories of walking here when I was a young student from down south! This is a truly lovely project full of colour and texture. xxx

Anneke said...

Love this baby wipe idea, great in combination with the beads and stitches!
A beautiful project! said...

What a totally interesting and intriguing post. Thank you for sharing.