Monday 3 November 2014

Registration Open for #3UP end of Semester 3

Hi Everyone, Leandra here

This post was supposed to go up over the weekend, but as many of you are aware, we had a retailer training event in Coventry organised by CHA-UK, so that kind of took over, and I simply did not find a second last week to get the post done. Oh well, not the end of the world. So I'm sneaking it in ahead of Wanda's Guest Designer Posts which of course starts tonight for the next 3 days.

So, as we have done for every #3UP in the past, I am mixing it up again, lets see what you think this time!

This #3UP will be called: My Fave Technique

  • You can do a short blog post showing your favourite technique. You could use ink, paint, dyes, pencils, markers etc and work on any kind of surface that suits that particular technique. 
  • Your technique must somehow incorporate stamping and so therefore we ask just one thing, that the technique must feature PaperArtsy stamps.
  • We ask that you explain the technique in no more than 3 photos and 3 paragraphs
  • If applicable to your technique, you are welcome to show us a crafty item or creation you have made utilising that technique. If you do this you may include a further 2 photos to show the item, preferably full size, and close up.
  • Remember, its always correct crafting etiquette to give credit where due, so please make sure in your description to acknowledge where you first heard about the technique, and what you like about it so much. Or, if it was a happy accident that you discovered yourself, then tell us about how it came about.

SO... what do you think? At this point just get your thinking caps on and notebooks out, and start jotting down your ideas. 

You don't actually need to DO anything yet, first you need to register that you are keen to be one of the  #3Up list, then we will do the draw, and if your name gets pulled out of the hat, then you will get the thumbs up and you can crack on with your submission.

How do you become a #3UP player?

Step 1: Register you want to play along 
Via the PaperArtsy Facebook Page - leave a comment on the #3UP post following this format : My fave technique for #3UP is XXXXX

Or on twitter publicly Tweet Leandra following this format: @PaperArtsy My fave technique for #3UP is XXXXX

Or email direct to Leandra and tell her: My fave technique for #3UP is XXXXX

If you are a #3UPNewbie (ie have not been drawn from the hat previously, or have not played along before) then please add the #3UPnewbie hash-tag to your registration so we are aware. 

We do draw randomly, but it is nice if we can try to arrange newbie posts and give them a special toot toot in among  the die hard #3Uppers!

Step 2: Tweet me, FB me or email me you registration ASAP
You have 5 days to sign up, ie register by Friday November 7th at midnight GMT, that's 00:00 London Time

Step 3: You will receive confirmation 
If your named is pulled from the hat to be a #3UP player this time, you will get either an email, or Private Message on FB, or Direct Message on Saturday, noon (London time, that's 12:00 GMT) . In other words, we will confirm back with you on the same forum you registered with us.

Step 4: Deadline December 15th
You can start emailing you post to your submissions as soon as you like. The deadline is December 15th, which I hope won't cramp your Xmas style too much. 

Once we have allocated each of you a specific #3UP night, then there may be another week or so of flexibility on that date, but it's better we aim earlier than later considering the time of year.


  • Remember photos must be clear, in focus and well lit please, this can make such a difference, try to take pics on a white background where possible so the colours are clear.
  • It's nice for us to hear about your feelings and passion for the technique, so don't be a robot, just write like you are talking to us. But don't rabbit on too much or Leandra will have to edit you! LOL

Good luck and registration is now OPEN! 


Steven said...

Interesting one!!

craftimamma said...

Hmmmm, now that's going to take some thinking about! There are so many 'favourites' ;-)

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

ooh, like Lesley - one favourite??! will get my thinking cap on.

Unknown said...

Ooh better get my thinking cap on then! ;)

massofhair said...

Liking this idea very much. Know what i would do already :-) xxx

Kirsten said...

If you haven't gone for this before, don't hesitate, do it. It's great fun! And I love the new spin on it. Going to be interesting to see what people come up with.

ionabunny said...

Hmm, sounds interesting. Will have a little think. What fun. Not sure about editing the rabbit but hope you might pull one out of the hat LOL. Hugz

judith@poppy cottage said...

Sounds great, always love the 3UP challenges, Judith xx

Kezzy said...

Oh no, I got the date wrong, need to look harder next time. I really must keep trying this tweeting, I just can't get my head around hashtag lol. Maybe next time :-) Kezzy xxx