Monday 27 October 2014

Welcome Back Lelainia Lloyd Project #1 Alternative Festive Gift Card Idea

"Hi everyone Lelainia here! So excited to be working with Lynne Perrella images this month! I have been thinking about the holidays which are rolling up on us quickly. I wanted to help give you a jump start on preparing, so the projects I’ll be sharing this month will reflect that. My first project is a quick and easy one which lends itself well to giving small gifts, but making the presentation extra special".

I began by stamping the smaller face image from the LPC006 on a Size 6 Manila Tag with Black StazOn Ink. 

To add colour to the image, I pulled out my trusty Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels. I use a simple trick to control where the colour goes when working on small pieces: I use a small tipped paint brush (in this case, a Plaid #2 shader) dipped in water to paint the colours on. I put a minimal amount of water on the brush and then swipe it against the pastel to pick up colour. I keep a paper towel nearby to remove excess water by dabbing the brush on it if the brush is a bit too wet.

The less water you use, the more intense the colours will be.

While that tag was drying, I took a second Size 6 Manila Tag and stamped the flag image onto it.

I repeated the image 3 times working my way down the tag. I let some of the image bleed off the sides-I never like anything to look too perfect.

I painted the designs on the flags using my shader paint brush and the Portfolio Oil Pastels.

Next, I put the two tags back to back, blank sides together and I straight stitched around them on 3 sides, leaving the top open. 

I used a very scant 1/8 inch seam allowance to make sure that there would be enough room for a gift card to fit inside. I started stitching on the right hand side, just below where the corner is angled. 

I went around the 3 sides twice, just to make the stitching stand out and I was purposely messy about it.

For the next step, I cut a strip of cardstock 1 inch x 11inches and folded it in half lengthwise. I put the gift card between the fold. This strip is going to allow the gift card to be easily removed when the recipient opens it.

I slid the gift card with the strip around it into the tag pocket and then centred the top of the strip so it showed in the tag hole.

I used my hole punch to punch a hole through the strip.

Finally, I cut a piece of sari silk fibres 48 inches long and folded it into 4. I chose sari silk because I thought it would go nicely with the prayer flags on the reverse, but also because they are so colourful. You can use any fibres or ribbons you have on hand. I threaded the sari silk through the holes and tied a knot. 

Join me again tomorrow evening when I will have another project to share with you all.


A huge thank you from the PA team for sharing this alternative gift idea for the upcoming holiday season. Love the vivid depth that you have achieved using the Oil Pastels. The colours from the Sahri ribbon match perfectly with the focal image.

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Julie Lee said...

Gorgeous, vivid colour and the sari ribbon is perfect with the tag. Those LP images are so versatile! They always look so different depending on the technique and presentation! Nice project! xxx

Helen said...

Love it! I haven't got as far as planning gifts yet, but this will be very useful as I will be giving monetary gifts to some nieces and nephews!

Art By Wanda said...

Great idea!!! Nice colors!!!

Kirsten said...

That's a great idea! said...

Great post -- love the ideas and the tips. I want to try this -- thanks so much.

craftytrog said...

Great idea and I love the bold colours!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Thanks everyone! I can't wait to see yours!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow truly awesome gift card tag, such an amazing tutorial, definitely might be doing these for crimbo. Happy Creating ☺ Kezzy xxx

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Okay Kezzy, I have to ask: What is crimbo? (I'm Canadian.)