Thursday 16 October 2014

Portfolio Experiments {with Lynne Perrella Stamps by Helen Chilton}

hi everyone, Darcy here to introduce another of my 'experimenters'. Tonight I leave you with Helen Chilton who has some fabulous ideas using Portfolio pastels. You really need to try these out. 

Hi Everyone, Helen here. This time I'm doing an experimental post (you know how I love experimenting) with Portfolios. We all know how great they are with water but I thought I'd also try them out with my heat gun. A heat gun with a stand is the best type to use here. Otherwise all you need are your Portfolios, a small fat metal palette knife, cocktail sticks and a stencil or two.

Here's the finished card using four different techniques:

Technique 1: Shave, heat and spread:
Scrape some shavings of your crayon onto card, Heat up the metal blade of the palette knife and start to squish. Then apply heat directly to melt the crayon and spread the colour out.  Note: if you just go straight in with your heat gun, it'll blow the shavings away.

Once happy with your placement ,add different colour shavings and repeat. This linen card gives a great texture:

Technique 2: Stencilling with melted crayon.
Draw round the flower from stencil  ELB 004  then shave some yellow onto the petal. Start heating from underneath to melt, then apply heat on top and spread out with cocktail stick. 

To add detail to petals, add a tiny shaving of pink, heat as before and pull out in lines:

Technique 3: Colouring in with melted Portfolios.
Stamp your image in permanent black onto glossy cardstock - it needs to be glossy (ie. non porous) to avoid the oil from the Portfolios creating a transparent halo round your colouring. Drop tiny shavings where you want to colour. Start heating underneath, then on top and move colour round with cocktail stick: 

I used the gorgeous oriental girl from LPC022


Technique 4: Making a stencil impression.
Melt a puddle of crayon onto card and press leaf from stencil ELB 002 into it. Leave to cool down and solidify and then gently remove stencil. Cut out leaf:

And that's it for my experiments - I'm sure there's lots more you can do but I ran out of room!
Here's a close up of the coloured stamped image.

So, get out your Portfolios and your heat gun - I'd love to see what you come up with!

Thanks Helen from all at PaperArtsy HQ. We love your experiments. Your whole approach to creating is so intuitive, we cannot fail to be inspired and encouraged. Using the Portfolios with the stencil is just genius. 

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craftytrog said...

Fab ideas & experiments Helen! xxx

Helen said...

great playing!

Lyn said...

I knew this was yours before I read the blurb Helen, your use of colour never fails to impress x

Craftyfield said...

Playing with Portfolios sounds great fun and I love what Helen did with them, great colours!

Unknown said...

Love the colours. Great experiment! X

Unknown said...

Cool, nice and messy, love it x

Julie Lee said...

Love how bright and Painty this is! It's so inspiring. It's so nice to see the Asian Lynne Perrella stamps again. I so love them and I need to be reminded how they can look great in so many different ways! xxx

Lucy Edmondson said...

I love these experiments, helen, so vibrant and great to have some more ideas with my portfolios. Can't wait to play!

Lucy x said...

I'm having a giggle as I read this Helen as I did this accidentally with Portfolios! Of course I didn't think to take it further like you have so wonderfully.
My portfolios are coming out so I can experiment some more!

Sid said...

Great stuff Helen !

My name is Cindy said...

AWESOME! Helen, I have been sitting on my hands for this stamp set for, well ages, because I wasn't sure what I would use it for. But those images are stunning and I love what you have done with those colours ........ thanks mate, more reasons to go shopping....(as if we need any)

Etsuko said...

Beautiful bright card and idea is fab!! I haven't Portfolios yet but I really play along with you when I'll get it. xxx

Kirsten said...

I like these ideas a lot! And the finished piece is gorgeous.

Art By Wanda said...

Very Cool!!!!!!!!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow truly awesome stunning creation and a fab tutorial. I haven't used my portfolios for ages, really must get them out. Happy Creating ☺ Kezzy xxx