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Julie Ann Lee #2 Feathers and Bones (Part 2)

"Hi, Julie Ann here again. Thank you for returning to see what I did next with my little suitcase of 'bones and feathers'. I'm still using USNT3 and 4 stamps, but the inside of my case has a greener, bluer colour scheme". 

First I'll show you how I decorated the sides and then we'll open the lid very gently to see what's going on inside. Still using the pages from my old copy of Thomas Hardy's poems sprayed with diluted Inky Pool, I stamped the feather from MN99 onto it with Potting Soil Archival. You might also be able to see that I have painted the underside. For this I used a mix of Chocolate Pudding and Satin Glaze to give a translucence.

Last month I was making feathers to decorate a box, but I wanted this one to be feathery while still looking like a peeled layer on my battered suitcase, so I snipped the sides to look feathery without actually cutting right up close to the feather.

I added a piece of cocktail stick to create a spine for my feather. The look I wanted to achieve was of torn labels morphing into feathers on the outside of the case.

Here's how it looked attached to the case. I edged the feathery edges with some Green Amber Treasure Gold. This seemed to work well with the combination of Fresco and Glaze and it hinted at the more vivid colours that would be blossoming into life inside the case. Now what about the other side?

This time I spray painted some of the text with Inky Pool over Guacamole and then stamped the three eggs from USNT3 onto it in Potting Soil Archival. I distressed the torn edges with some of the Potting Soil and coloured the curled corners with Florentine Treasure Gold. Now we should maybe take a peek inside.

Before the outside of my case was decorated, I painted the inside with a couple of coats of Antarctic before spraying with diluted mists of Inky PoolGuacamole and Blood Orange. When this was dry, I took a Stencil Girl stencil of leaves and used Cut N Dry to sponge through Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Evergreen Bough and Peeled Paint.

Then, in order to make it seem like shabby paper lining, I distressed the edges with some Chocolate Pudding.

I had been really looking forward to working on the embellishments to go inside my case, as I felt that these would bring the project to life! I chose two little wooden Prima birds in flight and painted them first with Antarctic and then with an edging of Inky Pool, adding green gem eyes. I really love these little resin topiary trees, which I used first on my last month's project.I painted this one with Guacamole then Hey Pesto. The pot and stand were painted with Nougat and then French Roast on the urn.

Next I took a piece of Smoothy heavy card, tore two edges and folded back the other two sides. I painted the background with Antarctic and then spray painted with Inky Pool and very watered down Guacamole. The small spray bottles are really great for creating misting effects. I half filled them with water and then added a few drops of colour to get a washy effect, but you could create different effects with different parts water to paint. I sponged the edges with Inky Pool and then Hey Pesto. I then stamped the tree from USNT3 using Inky Pool Fresco rather than ink. I really liked the feathery, rather ethereal effect.

Here are my layers in place. I curled back the edges and coloured them with Aquamarine Treasure Gold and you might be able to see that I used a little Green Amber TG on the topiary tree with a touch of Florentine on the urn. it really is magical when you apply the TG over the Fresco - different transformations take place with different under-colours. Thank you so much for looking at the stages of this project. 

Please stop by tomorrow when I will show you the finishing touches to inside the suitcase.

Leandra Says: Wow I love the watery, foresty colours Julie Ann!, and Treasure Gold is always the perfect finish!!

Gillian Says: The layers and embellishments look wonderful,Julie Ann, I love how realistic Mini 99 looks on the outer edge of the case.

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Julie Ann's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday February 16th 2014.


Unknown said...

This is just glorious. Sorry I won't get time to play along this week as I will be out all weekend.

Helen said...

Gorgeous!! Dont know how you get s stencil inside the case!

Kathi said...

Oooh. This is so pretty!

Hazel Agnew said...

It is magical Julie Ann. I just love everything about it. So original and fresh! Xx

Carol Q said...

you really did go for it with this project Julie Ann. love your topiary tree. a fabulous project.

massofhair said...

Fantastic project Julie Ann. Sorry won't be playing along this week, still not too well:-) xxx

Craftyfield said...

Gorgeous! Love that feather stamp and you made it look so real.

sam21ski said...

Ooooh, great feather xxx

Unknown said...

Love it! xx

Alison said...

It's beautiful Julie Ann! I really love the background effect inside the case. I have yet to try misting the watered down paints...maybe this week I finally will!
Alison xxx

craftimamma said...

Like Alison I haven't tried misting with the paints yet either but it does look fabulous so if I don't get chance to do a full project this week (the bad back is limiting play time :( ) I'd really like to have a go a tag with the sprays.

Love tonights continuation of your beautiful suitcase Julie Ann and so looking forward to the final touches tomorrow.

Lesley Xx

Anonymous said...

SO beautiful!!! I would love to see it in real life, it looks amazing.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Every bit as beautiful as I'd expected! Keep seeing the misting with paint - yet to give it a go! Chrisx

Kezzy said...

Wow such a beautiful second stage, the feather looks so real. The inside is truly amazing, I love the background with the painted gorgeous prima embellishment and the birds. I love the way you have the birds floating by adding the awesome corners you have painted. It all looks so dreamy. Can't wait for the 3rd stage this evening :-) Kezzy xxx

Apex Technology said...

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butterfly said...

So delicious - love how you've altered the resin urn, and the little birds are adorable. The touches of TG on the curled paper edges are fabulous, and I love the paint-stamped tree. Beautiful how you've mounted it inside the case. Looking forward to the last pieces falling into place tonight!
Alison x

Dianne said...

Hello Miss Julie Ann I'm glad I waited to see it in it's entirety.. ****KABOOM****.. This is THE BOMB...

Dianne said...

I was so excited I click the wrong button LOL.. Loooooving the feathers, those eggs are gorgeous, the colors are glorious, the leaves are gorgeous, how did you get that stencil in there, love the misting,the birds and topiary are fabulous, look real,that tree is FANTASTIC,it looks like a magical theater, just outstanding work..

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful to see this beautiful project coming together, Julie Ann,

Lucy x

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