Thursday 20 February 2014

All covered up... {with brand new JOFY stamps by Jo Firth-Young}

Hi everyone, Jo here.  My project this month is to give inexpensive notebooks a makeover... a 'JOFY' make-over.  I used my new stamps, stencils and paints!!.. and combined them with some old favourites - scallops and buttons.

I bought a pack of inexpensive notebooks from a high street shop - I chose these because they are spiral bound (my bookbinding of choice) - easy to use, work with and alter - the spiral binding is easy to take apart and put back together. 

I chose to alter the book with butterflies because if the image still showed after I had painted the covers it would be quite a nice 'hidden/ghost' image (though I was sure the opaque paints would cover successfully)

The covers had a slightly glossy surface and so I sanded them lightly to give a key for the paint.

I planned to create lots of washed, random layers- initial layers were using Chalk from the JOFY Limited Edition Fresco Finish paints:

I worked with the covers laid on the worktop with the open edges 'together' because these are the edges that, when the book is closed, will be closest/seen together.
I painted all over the covers with a mix of Chalk and Dusty Teal (also part of the JOFY paint set).

Then painted roughly around all edges with a mix of Chalk & French Roast, leaving the centre paler - ready for stamping and further embellishment.

I stamped the scallop border image (JOFY13) onto book text, cut it out and into small strips and laid them in place on the covers along with a text panel (JM40). I glued the scallop strips in place but removed the panel so that I could add stenciled images.

I added stenciled poppy heads (Chalk Fresco Finish). This is one of my four new stencils: PS007 

I decided to use paint rather than Grunge Paste on the cover as I wanted to keep the surface relatively smooth.

Next I stamped small stems (JM33) across the bottom edge of the cover (Black Archival ink)

Unfortunately at this point in the process I was 'in the zone' and so busy stamping I forgot to take a photo - I'd glued the white script panel onto the book cover and stamped large seed heads over the top.
The large seed head is from JOFY23:

Now I began painting the flowers with pops of colour (& remembered to take photos!) - a wash of French Roast on the large stems with Dolly Mix on the spots, Amethyst and Hey Pesto (with a touch of Tinned Peas) on the small stems. 

Here is the finished book - front and back covers, re-assembled, and painted with a couple of layers of Matte Glaze to protect the book when being handled/used & general wear & tear. I chose Matte Glaze because I didn't want to lose the 'chalk' matte finish of the paints.

As I said earlier I was in the creating 'zone' and I had 2 notebooks remaining so.... was given a book text makeover:

I covered front and back covers in book text. Blocked out a panel with Chalk. Stamped numbers (mix of Chalk and Dusty Teal) randomly over the cover & shaded on one side (French Roast). 


Stamped single stems (JOFY24, on left above) along the bottom along with the scallop border (JOFY13). A big flower was added (JOFY22, on right above)- painting and adding the flower head and leaves separately. Added a button for the centre (there had to be a button somewhere!).

... and the last remaining book had a paint & paper makeover: 

Pieces of Chatsworth paper - the lovely new PaperArtsy papers - were used to cover the notebook. A wash of Dusty Teal & Chalk was added all over and concentrated around the edges. Numbers were stamped on in Chalk (I really like using the numbers of JOFY22 as a background image).  Various flowers added (large star centre flower is from JOFY24) and coloured.  The covers were again painted in Matte Glaze to protect them from wear and tear.

Here are the 3 books together... all with the same colour scheme, with similar elements but given different treatments.

I hope this inspires you to find an old notebook that would benefit from a bit of a 'make-over' - if it does please link up what you make and join in the challenge.

Thanks for popping by.

(PS - apologies for the state/paintiness of my workdesk - I'll try to keep it cleaner next time!)

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Jo's techniques, then link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday February 23rd 2014.


Helen said...

oh wow!! I need to go and buy some books I can take apart... These are beautiful, I love the colours, and of course your new stamps/stencils!

Lucy Edmondson said...

I love these notebooks, JoFY! Such great tips along the way such as using the Matte Glaze to protect them and keep the chalk finish. Have been trying to get my hands on your new paints; really want that Amethyst!

Lucy x

Unknown said...

gorgeous! x

margaret said...

Lovely books Jo love your new stamps, stencils and paint. I did buy the letters and numbers sets they are so useful. Margaret

Kathi said...

Wonderful collection of notebooks.

Thanks for sharing photos and descriptions of your creative process.

Congratulations on all of your fabulous "must have" products!

Anonymous said...

Jo, they are all gorgeous. I love the colours you used & the stamps & stencils are great. I hope to get some of your new goodies at Ally Pally.

Miriam said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....more NEEDS added to the list!

Alison said...

These are so pretty Jo! Your new stamps & stencils are lovely!
Alison xxx

massofhair said...

Fabulous note books Jo, very pretty & great colours:-) x

Julie Lee said...

Really lovely! I have to have that lovely scallop edge: it looks wonderful with the new stamps and colours and stencils - well, it all looks great really! Julie Ann xxx

Linda M. Cain said...

I LOVE it! Gorgeous colors!


Debs M said...

FABULOUS!!! gorgeous colours and stamps/stencils x

Unknown said...

Your projects are stunning x

Gery said...

This realy is great!!!! First I learned how to take a notebook apart! I didn't know, you could do that! Than I enjoyed reading the complete story how you came to these stunning results. Your stamps on them look great and all together with the painting, they became wonderful presents. Thanks for this lesson and sharing.
Groetjes Gery

Jude said...

Wow! These are fabulous. Love the designs and colours. Will have to try this out. Just need to invest in some more of your amazing stamps!
Hugs Jude x

Unknown said...

These are so pretty, Jo.

Unknown said...

Fabulous, lovely creation "make over".

Sid said...

Loving the new stamps and the way they have been used on this project !

Paula Pascual said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Art By Wanda said...

Your covered notebooks are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful Jo, I want the vase stamp so I can make a vase book! Awesome!!!
All my crafty love and crafty wishes,
Bracken xxx

craftimamma said...

Absolutely delightful Jo! What beautiful little gifts these would make. Oh how I want those new stamps and stencils (got the paints ;D).

Lesley Xx

Jenni said...

Your books are gorgeous - love those new stamps, stencils and paint colours, yummy! This is definitely a project I'd like to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

Words and Pictures said...

What a gorgeous trio - fabulous! The book text one is my favourite (no surprises there then!).
Alison x