Wednesday 19 June 2013

Carol Quance #3 Box Canvas ....

Canvas – One woman, Many Faces

Tonight I want to show you a mini canvas.  I used one of the PaperArtsy 6 x 6 Box Canvases for this project and these colours. 

I used the Mini Ledger Stencil and pushed some Grunge Paste through it and left it to dry.  The whole canvas was then painted with Nougat. 

This is an opaque paint and acted as a base for the transluscent colours I had chosen. Once dry, I painted the canvas with London Bus, Smoked Paprika and Pumpkin Soup.  Although I pretty much dried one colour before changing to another, I managed to blur the edges of each colour by having a wet brush brush and brushing the area where the colours changed to combine them. 

I also used the Mini Harlequin Stencil on the sides of the canvas.

At this point the cat decided to pay me a visit!

{Leandra says: Wow s/he looks just like our cat Milo, lucky that the paws still look to be black!}

I decided to decorate the 2 sides with the key stamp from LPCO13 – a lovely detailed key.

Applying keys:  I stamped the keys onto tissue paper with Stazon Black. I painted round the image closely with a water laden brush and pulled the tissue to give a frayed edge.

I then painted a wash of Fresco Smoked Paprika on the reverse side. Smoked Paprika is translucent so you will not lose the image. 

Once dry, I brushed a layer of Fresco Satin Glaze on the back of the key images and applied them to the side of the canvas.  It’s the first time I’ve used Satin Glaze and having previously used PVA to apply my tissue stamped images, this is way better and it’s much easier to apply the tissue, leaving you with a smooth image. As Leandra says in her YouTube video (even though she’s referring to Crackly Tissue, it seems to like being picked up and stuck back down as you smooth out any air bubbles. 

Once the keys were stuck down, I continued painting Smoked Paprika on top of the image and round the edges and eventually you build up enough layers so that you can’t see the edges of your tissue.  It doesn’t take long.  I tended to water down the paint slightly to make it flow more. It’s amazing how the tissue disappears.

I very carefully used a piece of Cut N Dry foam to highlight the stencilling with Liquid Leaf across the front of the canvas.

The main image on the canvas is from LPCO01.  It was stamped twice on card with Stazon and also on Shrink Plastic. I coloured the card images with pens and gave them a coat of Fresco Satin Glaze which gives a lovely smooth finish.

For the top left image,  I initially painted the wings (a TH die) with a  base coat of Fresco Stone and added a layer of Blood Orange mixed with London Bus to make them quite dark and then I thought – ooh what about a Crackle Glaze.  So I started again and re-painted them in stone, added a layer of FrescoCrackle Glaze and then a layer of Blood Orange and London Bus missed together again.  It is REALLY important to make sure that each layer is dry before adding the next one because otherwise your crackle won’t work properly.  You can use your heat gun to help the drying.

I edged the wings with Liquid Leaf.  My gold Krylon pen has finally given up the ghost and I’ve found the dipping it into the Liquid Leaf works just as well. 

The words were printed onto acetate. I couldn’t think how best to apply them to the canvas.  As an experiment I put some eyelets through the four corners and carefully dripped some glue through the eyelet holes.  It actually caught on the canvas and held in place – sorted!

For a change I thought I’d have some feet.  Nothing in the stash so I raided the local DIY and bought a couple of stainless steel door knobs.  To match the colour scheme of the canvas, I coated them in a mixture of gold embossing powder and gold UTEE.  It created this wonderful knobbly texture. 

I super-glued the doorknobs to the bottom of the canvas but my plan is to get the other half to help me screw them in to secure them more firmly.

I hope you have enjoyed the projects this week, I will be back next month with some more PaperArtsy projects.

Leandra Says: Well I am totally loving your feet, but Ive got to say, the colour combo is particularly striking! How cool does that ledger look in the background! A fantastic stencil, and superb once accented with the liquid leaf!!!

Gillian Says: Love this project Carol, my fav of the week, from the rich warm tones of the paints used to the textured feet = one fab canvas. x


Helen said...

not sure why I don't (yet!) have the ledger stencil, I've loved it every time you've used it this week! Your colours today are beautiful and I totally love this project.

Francesca said...

Just loving what you have done. looks great.

Julie S said...

Beautiful,warm colors! I think I need to put the ledger stencil on my wish list; you've done such great things with it!

Unknown said...

Totally cool and I love the tip about dipping Krylon pen in to liquid leaf when it has died a death

Julie Lee said...

A lovely, lovely canvas. These colours are wonderful and beautifully blended. Also your step by step instructions are so clear and full of useful hints. Love the crackle glaze wings. Thank you for 3 great projects. Julie Ann xxx

Suzanne C said...

Awesome! Love the texture with the paint and of course the Handsome regal cat! Beautiful canvas.

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow this is one of my favourite colour combos but I never thought to add London bus, but wow it really makes it pop, and I am so definitely getting those wings dies. I have now got 3 sets of Lynnes stamp sets, I love how you always use them to there full potential and am always wowed what you do with them, your work is so inspirational :-) Kezzy xxx

craftimamma said...

Love this canvas Carol. The colours are gorgeous..... really hot and beautifully blended. Thanks for the tip about attaching the acetate and using your old Krylon pen for the Liquid Leaf. Totally fab inspiration!

Lesley Xx

Lin said...

Beautiful canvas Carol..the colours are great..go so well together and love what you have done with the stamp..very resourceful use of the door knobs lol!! great piece love it!!

sam21ski said...

Wow Carol, this is fabulous, love the colour combo, the stamps and the stencilling looks fantastic.

Have a canvas and a new plate of stamps to play with, so all is good!!

Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

Omg, this is gorgeous!!! the colours are beautiful, I love the texture & the feet look amazing.

Unknown said...

Can't add to what has already been said but I just had to tell you how much I LOVE this!

Kathi said...

Wow! This is absolutely fabulous.

Thanks for the concise instructions and photos.

Your cat is gorgeous!

Pinning it for future reference!

Karin said...

What an amazing project Carol has produced. Love the texture and colour combination. Really fab.

nefertiti said...

Wow! fabulous project and great colours!!bizz

Anonymous said...

Beautiful canvas Carol ! Love the feet ! Sue C x

Rebecca said...

Love it & super colours :)
Happy craftin

Words and Pictures said...

What a fantastic canvas... the gilded wings are brilliant, and I love the gilded ledger in the background too!
Alison x

PetraB said...

terrific colour combination which works so brilliantly with the images

Craftyfield said...

Beautiful canvas, love the warm colours and the quirky details, the door knobs in particular !

Alison said...

Gorgeous canvas Carol! Can't wait to try this myself! xxx

Linda M. Cain said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous favs. And the stamp is, too! LOVE this pieces!


Gio said...

I love to see every single step by step that lead to such a wonderful piece!
Of course the furry assistant gave that unique touch!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

I love the colours, love the textures and stamping on tissue. Fantastic work Carol! xxx

Caroline said...

Oh my..... This is totally awesome!! Amazing colours (only own 2 so far...), love the step by step, the crackle, stamping, especially the magnificent key! The front is something I can only look at in total awe..... One day maybe?! Lol
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! :))