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Welcome Back Carol Quance #1 Tag Book Part 1 ....

"I like making books. I came across the spine for this book somewhere on the internet but I don’t know where so if anyone has seen it before just shout and I will happily credit the person who came up with the idea".

Book spine: Start by cutting 2 pieces of Thorndon Hall Paper 10½ x 4½ inches (I tend to swap between cm and inches. Inches were just more convenient here so I hope I don’t confuse anyone!). Score the paper along its width every inch so that you have 10 x 1 inch panels and a half inch panel at one end.  Crease the folds as if making a fan.

You are now going to join the two pieces together. Remember the half inch pieces need to be on the outside edge. Each panel makes two slots into which you will put the tags. Punch holes in each fold holding two of the folds together at the same time so that the holes align.  These will be the slots for the tags to fit into. 

Then join two folds together in order to create a slot for your tag to go into. I decided to join the folds together with eyelets but you could use brads, ribbon and fibres depending on the effect you want to create. I marked the position of the eyelet holes ¼ inch down from the top and in the middle of each 1” panel. Each 10½ piece of card makes 2½ slots so one end of each piece has one fold and you need to join both together to create one long piece with five slots in it for 5 tags. 

Your tags should fit snugly into each slot.  You should now have something that looks like the pic below with two folds joined together for a tag to be placed in between.

Book covers:  I cut two pieces of mount board 6¾ x 4½ inches for the covers and one piece 2½ x 4½ inches for the spine back. I came up with the idea of joining them with some Grunge Board, so cut two pieces and joined them to the spine and covers with some very large stationery split pins/brads.

I also trimmed the brads.

To create some dimension, I used a mixture of embossed and die cut letters and shapes which I stuck to the outside of the book cover. 

 I also smooshed some Grunge Paste through the Mini Swiss Dot Stencil. It was then painted with Nougat Fresco Paint.

Then I started adding colour with some Cut N Dry foam using these colours below

Note the paints weren't added in any particular order. By the time I reached here, I hated it and started painting all over again! (As you do).

Some time later….. I was happier with the paint process. I added TreasureGold to highlight and returned to my fave gold UTEE to complete. 

 The inside was painted with Pansy.

I added the lovely long stamped image from LPCO12 to the inside covers which also had the added benefit of covering up the brads. 

The spine was then added and I stuck it in place using quite a lot of high tack double sided tape. 

Join me tomorrow night when I will show you all the tags, then join me again on Wednesday night for my final project of the week. Until then!

Leandra Says: These papers were always a fav of ours here at PA HQ, great to see you incorporating them into this project, can't wait to see more.

Gillian Says: The combination of different elements in this project looks great together Carol, love the Treasured Gold highlights.

To join in with this weeks GD challenge, simply click HERE to upload your artwork.


Helen said...

Looks good so far, Carol. Can't wait to see the tags.

Lin said...

Well I do love a hand made book..I have seen this technique before Carol but can't for the life of me remember where... Love the colours and all the different textures you've used and can't wait to see the tags!!

Craftyfield said...

The book cover is fantastic, love the touch of gold on the embossed areas.

Julie Lee said...

Great idea for tags and it looks lovely too! Thanks for sharing this; it's really useful. Julie Ann xx

Unknown said...

That's Fab! I might try a mini version to put in the house Im doing for my Lydia...

sam21ski said...


Sam xxx

ria gall said...

what a great tutorial I am looking forward to the next stages to see where you take this

butterfly said...

Really like all the dimensional elements on the cover... looking forward to seeing what's next!
Alison x

G Peplow said...

Wonderful, love the how to and it's looking gorgeous already:D Gay x

Karin said...

Great project Carol, lots of wonderful texture and paint.

Julie S said...

Oh, Carol. This looks like a really fun project.

Netty said...

loving the dimensional elements Carol, its going to be fab. Annette x

Monique said...

Beautiful booklet! I have seen the accordion fold binding before, many times, but can't remember where. I haven't seen this way of making the covers before. The look stunning.

craftimamma said...

Can't wait to see more of this Carol, it's looking fabulous so far. Love handmade books of any kind so I'm sure to like the finished piece. All the texture and dimension is gorgeous up to press.

Lesley Xx

Suzanne C said...

Love the step outs and can't wait to see the rest. Beautiful book!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow amazing gorgeous tag book, what a fantastic idea and a stunning tutorial :-) Kezzy xxx

Anonymous said...

It look amazing, but I have to admit, the idea of making this scares me hugely. Not only am I HOPELESS at measuring, but the instructions are like a foreign language - you've written them brilliantly, but my brain just doesn't compute. :)

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