Sunday 26 May 2013

Winners ....

Huge thanks to Carol for her fantastic projects this week on the PaperArtsy blog, Carol certainly had you all running to your stash eager to create as you can tell by the Challenge entries this week.

Without further ado onto our winners from Carol's challenge .... Leandra sneakily offered 4 prizes this week ... apparently she is sending out a new item mentioned on last nights blog post in each prize baggie. So these 4 people are the first to get their hands on new stash!
Random winner #1 from last week's first draw (every single entry linked): Jax
Random winner #2 (selected from one entry per person linked) is: Kirsten Alicia

 and our two extra winners this week are Lin ....

 and .... Janet

We are really excited also by our Fourth Guest Designer who will be making her debut in just 15 minutes .... Please join us in welcoming Darcy Wilkinson. I know a few of us already follow Darcy's work but if you haven't here is a few samples to inspire you, and a lovely intro from Darcy herself. 

"Hi I am Darcy, 43 years old and living in the North East of the UK. A professional title for me would be Mixed Media Artist, however on a day to day basis I like to use the term 'sticker and gluer and maker of stuff"
I have been 'making stuff' forever. You name it and I have had a go at it, but with no art qualifications i am very much a 'Jack of all trades and master of none'. 

I started with yarn, when my great grandmother taught me to knit at age 4. I continued to knit throughout my childhood, and occasionally dabbled in drawing.  In my late teens I learnt to crochet, only the basics, it was never a great love for me. Then I moved onto cross stitch, machine embroidery, making bags, patchwork and quilting and every kind of paper-crafts. 

I have qualifications in traditional Millinery, but pretty much everything else is self taught. My grandmother was a head baker, so I guess that is where I got my love of making cakes. 

I have never taken art classes, and I think that is a good thing, it means I am free to use whatever medium I want in whatever way that I want. I am not entirely lawless, but I do find following 'art rules' very stifling. 

These days I do more paper-craft style projects than fabric crafts.  I do not have the discipline, nor the technical knowledge to keep an artists sketchbook, but I can do  art journals. I love them, mainly because they feed my passion for layers and texture,but also because I am enchanted with turning pages to see what comes next.  

I also love to build... I enjoy making things totally from scratch. I make journals, storage, bags, dolls.. I get as much enjoyment from the building as I do from the decorating.  Some of the things I will show you this week are builds, and some are bought items decorated. 

When Leandra first asked me to be a guest designer it totally threw me into a panic, I think she guessed that from the message I sent back! LOL I explained that I didn't think my projects would be of interest to the PaperArtsy followers, but she assured me it would all be OK. So I jumped on board and then panicked about what I was going to make for you. 

Some months, and many, many lists later and here we are at my semester. I am beyond excited to be a part of this, and yes still a little terrified. I hope that I can show you things that you perhaps would never have thought of making. Things that might take you out of your comfort zone. Things that encourage you to play, because at the end of the day it's all about having fun. 

I know you are in for real treat this coming week! Darcy blows me away with what she does how she does it, words truly escape me, but I am sure, by the end of the week you will certainly know what I mean. That brain of hers could well be wired differently to the rest of us, and lucky her.... because she comes out with stuff that finds you asking yourself 'why didn't I think of that?' and ohhhhhh, and ahhhhhh ! For example, look at the painting above, the eggs in the nest a JOFY flower stamps (the circular heads), who would have thought of that?? Darcy, that's who! She seems oblivious to how clever she really is, and its lovely to have her share this semester on the blog with you all.

Darcy is the epitome of a 'think outside the box' crafter. The detail in the small-print of her creativity never ceases to astonish, and although you likely won't have time this week to create projects from start to finish along the lines of those she is shares, there will be plenty of techniques, ideas, or new concepts that you might like to try out for this week's challenge. 

It's over to you, the challenge is about how you are inspired by our blogger-of -the-week, you don't need to copy a project exactly, a spin off creation sparked by the blog posts is entirely appropriate too.

The prize this week will be a brand new JOFY A5 size plate, I get to choose and surprise you, so it will be just like Xmas when you open the challenge post! You know how much i love a surprise!

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If you are inspired by Darcy this week, and would like to play along and share your art with us, then please feel free to link your work here, and go in the pools for a chance to win PaperArtsy stash.Draw 1 is 1 entry per person, and Draw 2 is for all the names entered, except the winner of Draw 1, so you can enter multiple times or enter just once and be in to win!


Helen said...

Well done to all 4 winners, you lucky ladies!! And welcome Darcy, I know we are going to love your projects.

Steven said...

Yeah to all four lucky winners and double yeah to Darcy, this is gonna be fun!!!

Lin said...

OH welcome Darcy!! knew we'd be seeing you at some stage..can't wait to see what you've come up with!!! I know we're gonna love them :D

Trish said...

Well done winners, I bet you're excited about your surprise goodies!
Welcome Darcy, your samples look amazing, and I am so excited about your semester! Roll on this week :)

Kezzy said...

Ooooo I can't wait to see what Darcy does. A huge congrats to the winners even though I'm green with envy lol new stuff never to be seen yet lucky you :-) hugs Kezzy xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm a winner!! Thanks so much Leandra & congrats to the others. And a big welcome to Darcy, I'm really looking forward to seeing your makes. These are gorgeous.

Julie Lee said...

Well done to the lucky winners! Enjoy. I'm off to Stratford next week, but as soon as I return on Friday I plan to catch up with what Darcy's been up to and try to play along! I love her brilliant, original ideas - really inspiring! xxx

ionabunny said...

Congrats to the lucky winners.

sam21ski said...

Well done to this weeks winners and a warm welcome to Darcy, can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Sam xxx

Alison said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Can't wait to see what Darcy has in store!
Alison xxx

Words and Pictures said...

Congrats to the winners... and I can't wait to see what Darcy has in store for us!
Alison x

Janet said...

I'm a lucky winner, congrats to the others. Looking forward to seeing Darcy's work
Janet x