Saturday 4 May 2013

3up Becomes 4UP Drum Roll To Freya, Steven ,Pauline And Mel ....

For our finale night of 3UP sters we welcome  Freya, Steven, Pauline and Mel.

Freya Price

Here is my make, using the frame, Mini Wooden Tag, Flowers, PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paints and music stamp!

Next up is ....

Steven Macari

I’m new to this and this is my first challenge, so when I opened my parcel I went “uh uh, ehhh ok! Why, oh why did I say yes?” this lasted about three days!

My #3UP ingredients were:

Metal Numerals 6(9) & 4 
Tando chipboard key.

I tried to find a connection between the key and the numbers and settled on the idea that there was a lock somewhere that involved the number 64 and therefore needed a lock.

All the “added” pieces are die cut from Grungeboard.I started with the lock. I cut a mini label and a keyhole. I cut the keyhole plate down from an ornate shape to a circle. I stuck some pink newspaper to the label and washed it in Irish Cream and Mocha Mousse Fresco Paints and stamped it with sepia Archival using Mini 75 stamp

I brushed on Grunge Paste to the keyhole plate and painted it with Mocha Mousse, rubbed on some Copper and Emerald Treasure Gold to get a metal/verdigris look and attached it to the label with brads. I dabbed Blood Orange around the edges of the label

The scrolls were smeared with Grunge Paste and buffed with the same colours of Treasure Gold to give a plasterwork effect.

The numerals were done in exactly the same way as the keyhole adding some Hyde Park. I painted the key with Chocolate Pudding and then used Copper, Emerald and Ruby Treasure Gold.

The frame, and a 5 x 5cm piece of Grundgeboard were sponge painted in Nougat, Stone, Irish Cream and Mocha Mousse with Snowflake used through  Mini Bingo (for my 64) and Mini Brocade stencils and a final wash with Hey pesto (love that colour...and the way Leandra pronounces it!). Again I used the same stamp and Archival Ink to stamp all around the frame and the centre card. 

When it was assembled it all decided there was something missing so I added keyholes on all the surfaces. These are die cut from the same die as the keyhole plate, covered in Treasure Gold Emerald and stamped with the same stamp but using Black Archival Ink this time.

Everything was given a “dusting” with Ruby and Renaissance Treasure Gold.

Boy did I have fun getting my fingers dirty!!

Thanks PaperArtsy.

Followed by  ....

Pauline Davidson

I started by painting and blending the Wooden Icon Double using Fresco Acrylic Paints in Mermaid, Guacamole and Mocha Mousse.  I then stamped some hearts from the Squiggly Mini SM04  in Snowflake but they barely show now!!    Then I used the Grunge Paste, coloured it with a bit of Brown Shed and pushed it through a Prima brick mask, on inside and front.  Didn't like the colour much on the background so put some mocha mousse over it.  Then stamped JOFY 11 12 flowers and grasses and coloured them with more Fresco Paint.  

Also stamped the words on card and inked it  with Tea Dye Distress Ink and mounted it on corrugated card for 'signs'.  Stamped the butterfly on card and stuck it on to give some dimension. Cut the wings in half, rubbed some Onyxite Treasure Gold on them and put them behind the saying on the front. Cut the frame in half and made arches on the inside!  

Struggled with the frame - too black - but no idea how to recolour it - looking forward to seeing what others did!  I really enjoyed this and it showed me how much I still have to play and learn!!  

And last but not least is ....

Mel H

I coloured the background of the canvas by applying Mermaid and Sky Fresco paints with a baby wipe (they blend beautifully, but I find using a wipe makes that even easier and is satifyingly 'hands on'!) I added Inky Pool both by sponging through some sequin waste and by stamping with bubble wrap and corrugated card. I then used whatever PaperArtsy Stamps caught my eye from my (fairly extensive!) collection to build up a background.

I ran butterfly paper tape right round the canvas and added Old Gold paint fairly haphazardly to the edge, then spritzed with Perfect Pearls Mist in Heirloom Gold for extra vintage-y sheen! Then I turned to the embellishments. The branch was painted with Guacamole, then sponged with Hey Pesto when that was dry; the butterflies had a base coat of Rose, a layer of Crackle Glaze, then Claret over the top.

All these pieces were also edged with Old Gold. I decided where on the canvas these would go and where I wanted to position my two main stamps (a PaperArtsy Clock and a quotation about butterflies and time which I *love* but sadly have no idea who made the stamp), then sponged on some Nougat to give a base for those stamps.

 I added hands to the clock with Tim Holtz 'spinners'. Finally, feeling that I needed something to balance the greens of the branch, I added some little chipboard squares which were painted with Guacamole and edged with Old Gold.

And what a thoroughly enjoyable, messy day I had! Many thanks :)

So #PATWITS, #3UP peeps we hope you have enjoyed this week of beautiful projects.

  Leandra and I would like to say a "huge thank you" to all our 3Up sters who took part in this mystery game .... it has been "totes amazeballs" to see everyone's own unique creativity unfold. Also a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and support our guests.


Unknown said...

Well Steven, what can I say but amazeballs! Well done on your firdt challenge.

Congrats to the ladies too, all marvellous makes again.

Darcy Marshall said...

Well done 4UPsters, you all did an amazing job. Fabulous to see so many varied projects.

Great stuff Steven, on your first challenge, love how you thought about it and came up with a story for your components.

Lin said...

Well Freya Mel Pauline and Steve you have done amazing's fantastic how every bodies projects look so different but all beautiful!!

humel said...

Fabby work, fellow 3 - sorry, 4 up-sters! I love your shades of blue, Freya; great themed project, Steven; and that brickwork is darling, Pauline!

PS There are loads more pics of mine on my blog:

Thanks again, lovely PaperArtsy :)

Helen said...

Well done to the latest - last, sob!! - #3ups (4ups) your projects are all gorgeous!
Freya, your flower frame is just beautiful;
Steven, I really love your keyholes, they really finish off your project perfectly and the key itself is a real 'I want' piece;
Pauline,your arch icon looks fabulous with the texture on it, and
Mel, your canvas is beautiful - I love how you've balanced the branch withthe little squares, but the stamping is wonderful.

Kezzy said...

Wow absolutely amazing week and such awesome creations. I am half way through everyone's Blog as well lol to comment so bare with me I have managed to get side tracked looking at the rest of everyone's Blog lol. Happy Crafting :-) Kezzy xxx

Rainbow Lady said...

Wow what can I say tonight... wonderful creations - all 4 are superb. Steven can't believe you have not done this before lol.
Well done to everyone for some fabulous works of art. x

Helen said...

I should have also said, thanks to Leandra and Gillian for hosting this fun, and supplying us with the mystery crafting goodies, it was a privilege to take part. thanks!!

judith@poppy cottage said...

More amazing projects from the four of you. I'm sad this week is over. It's been great tuning in every night. You have done a great job all of you again with your bits and bobs, Judith xx

Anonymous said...

Well, the #3up fun has certainly ended on a high note. These projects are seriously gorgeous, all four of you did a brilliant job.
Thanks again to Leandra & Gillian for including me this week, it was an honour & a pleasure.

PaperArtsy said...

You guys have all been amazing this week. big hats off to one and all! And of course to Gillian for keeping you all in line with deadlines!

Been an absolute pleasure to feature you all on the blog, and we hope to re-visit this feature at the end of Semester 2 when we will likely need another catch up week to get the months on schedule for the last 4 designers of the year!

Thanks to all


Crafty Humphreys said...

Total gorgeousness from all of you - and such a fab range of colours and styles......'sigh of happiness' I love crafting going to do some myself now (while watching 'The Voice'! Suz xxx

Alison said...

Another night of fabulous inspiration! Well done to Freya, Mel, Pauline & Steven!
Alison xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks again and #3UP cheers for asking me to play along. Can't wait for round 2. I hope everyone involved enjoyed it as much as I did.

Big thanks to Gillian and Leandra. Fab idea, great challenge, loved every minute. Nervous tho I was, it's been amazing.

Words and Pictures said...

What a finale to a fabulous week - amazing!
Alison x

Julie Lee said...

Amazing, contrasting projects, all bursting with colour and ideas! Thanks to all who shared their creativity and to Leandra and Gillian for hosting! Really enjoyed every day of it! xxx

Unknown said...

It's been great fun taking part, but even more fabulous seeing the other #3up #patwits projects! I loved how different they all were! Well done everyone & a big thank you to Gillian & Leandra for including me in a fabulous week of arty crafty fun! xxx

sam21ski said...

Great projects to wrap up the #3up -pers week.

Well done to everyone, great makes and fab to see such different projects.

Thanks to Leandra for supplying the items and to Gillian for the blogging and scheduling!!!

It was great fun, but very hard to keep it under wraps!!!

Sam xxx

yoursartfully said...

What a perfect end to a brilliant week. Fabulous projects again this evening, it's been such fun checking every evening to see what you've all been creating.


Carol Q said...

well done chaps absolutely scrumptious and imaginative projects rounding off a very creative week!

ionabunny said...

Wow, four fab projects. What an amazing week

Dawn Louise said...

All brilliant and so creative and different, I've enjoyed lookin at them all this week..

Steven said...

Such a rewarding experience on many levels, thanks to Leandra and Gillian and well done all the #3UP #PATWITS.

Trish said...

Amazing - such great inspiration!