Saturday, 18 May 2013

Grunge Paste - techniques, ideas and more

Earlier this year we released a new product onto the market called Grunge Paste. Here's an introductory video , Grunge Paste 101, showing the core features of the product.

It's a texture medium, very smooth, a bit runny, and almost clay-like which is easy to apply, fast drying and a lot of fun to use.The really cool, and unique thing is you can tint it any colour you like using the Fresco Chalk Acrylic Paints, so you can have 52 shades of paste with our current colour palette. As there is no pigment in the Paste, it only takes a couple of drops of paint to change the colour of the paste. You can also add metallic glaze (sparkly), pearlescent glaze (pearl -like) or inclusions like glitter etc.

This week we have made some more detailed videos showing some of the techniques.
Grunge Paste 102 explains how to stamp into texture. 
You have probably seen me do this in videos before over the years as it's a technique we have taught since 2006/7 The Grunge Paste produces extremely sharp detail which is not lost when the product is heat-dried.

Grunge Paste 103 shows how to use the paste through Stencils (or some people/ companies like to call them templates or masks), cleaning up, and painting over the top of the texture, sanding back etc.

Grunge Paste 104 is how to tint Grunge Paste with Paint, and then applying the tinted paint through a stencil onto a pre-painted background.

Grunge Paste 105 explains using Treasure Gold Metal Gilding Wax on top of painted Stencil Paste to create a faux metal, vintage effect. This would be great on mirror frames, photo frames, as well as for all your Paper Crafting or mixed media Projects!

This is just the beginning of what you can do with this stuff, it can be used onto fabric, wood, you can embed items into it...and loads more too! Keep an eye on the Blog as now that the new semester has started, lots of our new Guest Designers have been experimenting too!

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sam21ski said...

Absolutely fab videos all of them and of course wonderful techniques.

Thanks for sharing

Sam xxx

Lin said...

brilliant videos guys..thank you !! you are so good to us!!!

Lou said...

Told you , you need to down online course. Love lou

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leandra xxx you re still my favourite teacher LOL

Helen said...

Brilliant videos, Leandra, thanks to you and Mark for getting these up. had fun with TG today as a result!

Anonymous said...

Terrific videos, thanks so much!

Julie Lee said...

These are so helpful - I can't wait to try out all these techniques. There are just not enough hours in the day! x

Suzanne C said...

Been playing with my grunge paste and love it! Great tutorials!

Unknown said...

Merci pour avoir partager avec nous ces videos.

Craftyfield said...

The videos are great, thanks Leandra for taking the time to do them. You make it look easy and haphazard, but I know this isn't quite right as your results are gorgeous and mine decidedly lacklustre !

Kezzy said...

Wow so loving grunge paste and I'm half way through the videos. Already can't wait to get playing and already realised I should be stirring the paste oops still worked though lol :-) Kezzy xxx

Trish said...

Wow, thank you so much for the fab videos! Love your grunge paste...

Alison said...

Thanks for those fabulous videos Leandra! Very informative!
Alison xx

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