Wednesday 4 July 2012

Brilliant 2012 Extravaganza

How the week is flying by! I've been trying to blog all week about my lovely weekend demoing at the Craft Barn extravaganza. What follows are a few of the samples I made over the weekend featuring a sampling of our newest stamps.
This London Bus sample (HP1208) has painted 'crunchy' craft glassine waxed paper, alternating with mica-powdered die cut flowers. The painted background are 2 colours, the top one 'crackled' over the lower, and washed with watery contrasting paint. Embellished with plaquette number, and a bedtime key.
This again is a crackled , painted background, also over stamped with that lovely fine script from mini 61, and the new cotton reel mini 65. Hot Pick 1214 features labels that can be stamped and wrapped with thread, a great way to bring dimension to the card. And the lace from Hot Pick 1212 is so fine, despite this, it stamps up on top of the painted background with amazing detail. This is one of the fantastic features of the fresco finish acrylic paint, it is so matte, that stamping on top is easy! The dress form comes from the new Hot Pick 1215. Again, a crunchy, fresco-painted die cut flower using grunge flower 1, and the set grunge flower 2/3 layered together is the embellishment I can't live without at the moment.


We even have some new collages stamps to match these dies on Hot Pick plate 1209. This plate also has some awesome union jack bunting.

28 demonstrators each doing something different at the Craft Barn is an amazing opportunity to see new products and plenty of ideas how to use them all! Every year there are people discovering this weekend, and loving every minute meeting other like minded crafters, meeting crafty friends, old and new.

This sample above shows the efficiency of using our newest stamping surface, 'Crackly', a robust coated tissue paper, on a particularly textured surface, in this case it was crackled, then sanded and was quite lumpy. Crackly is a perfect medium to use when you want to add an image to an uneven surfaces like wood, canvas, or even a heavily painted tag. Stamp the image in an archival ink (ranger archival, versafine), heat set, and then you can paint from the reverse with opaque paints, or from the front with translucent, so as not to compromise the blackness of the stamped image. Once painted, you can adhere easily to the receiving surface with Satin Glaze.

This lovely label (Hot pick 1212) was stamped onto painted fabric with coffee archival ink, heat set and painted. The paint smoothes out the texture of the fabric, allowing the detail of the stamp to be seen clearly.

So those are some of my samples, but the day before, lucky for Lynne (aka Blingy Lynne, Essex Lynne, Cheryl or Bodgerbird - how does one person have so many names!) and I, we pleaded our case for a day off last week, and off we zoomed down to Lingfield early Friday morning to actually take a class for a change rather than teach one!!

Andy Skinner was weaving his magic with paint to create all kinds of aged effects, and showed us in a perfectly chilled out manner how to turn a paper mâché box into this rather special little number.

I particularly enjoyed the patina effect on the roof, and making the corners of the crackled facings look dented and rain-washed drippy-rusty. If you want to learn these and other techniques, then I suggest you sign up for his online classes, they look marvellous! He also teaches at the Craft Barn every month, so maybe you could catch him there.

So back to the weekend itself, plenty of visitors came by to take a look, many familiar faces! Here is Alison, Beccy, Mickey, Stephanie and Paula. They basically took over my desk and jumped in boots and all Sunday afternoon- they just couldn't watch any longer and had to have a go!

.... so I made space, gave them each a tag, and they played with paint, stencils and for the best part of an hour painted, stamped and embellished what turned into epic tags!

..... While i had a cup of tea, and the brownie Anna gave me the day before-it was delish!

Somehow I have lost steph's photo ( unless I forgot to take one, but I'm sure I did!!!) , but I do have pics of Alison's

Here is Beccy's

This one is Mickey's

And this was Paula's

On Sunday I also popped into the Victoria Hall and walked straight into Helen Chilton, who is partial to a Lynne Perrella stamp or 3! She was showing her amazing pull-tab cards! I think they are fantastic, and so well suited to this technique.

Here you can see them in greater detail.

So I'll finish up with a few more samples I made over the weekend

This one is made on the chunky hanging boards that are so cheap and easy to work on, a paper mâché surface, about 1cm deep, they make a great dimensional addition to your project. I painted it with French roast and hey pesto, then sponged old gold through the diamond stencil. Over this a small Artemio bird (these come 3 per pack) was painted in hey pesto and pumpkin soup, then lightly stamped with script. The whole piece was layered onto another painted tag, and torn sections of old book pages, crunchy, calico were used to create a textured contrast.

And these last 2 again show how stamping on crackly, colouring it, then adding it to your background is a great way to make the colours pop off the background.

I do have a bit of a simple trick you may like to try..... Crackly is a robust coated tissue paper, and if you colour in the image with paint, and once dry, paint over the entire back with snowflake white opaque paint. When you stick the finished piece of tissue onto the background, the background will not show through the tissue, so that the colours of the image stay true. It's a really nice way to attach an image to an uneven surface.

So there you have it, another fantastic weekend, make sure you don't miss the 2013 event!



Inkypinkycraft said...

Some great pieces, looks like everyone hadlots of fun!! Have a few those stamps on my wish list!!! Trace x

Sid said...

Brilliant art all round Leandra !

Helen said...

It was a fab day on Saturday - looks much less crowded on Sunday, how lovely that the girls got time to play themselves!! Your demos were as always, fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I knew I should have gone back on Sunday!!!!! :) LOVE your samples & the tags the Sundays girls made are terrific.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous post with all the lovely samples and techniques tips.
Sounds like a wonderful weekend, so may be i should think about it next year.

Roberta said...

Your pictures look amazing Leandra - think Marion and I might have to consider this event for next year :-)

Alison said...

Fabulous new stamps, & your samples as gorgeous as ever!
It was really great to catch up with you over the weekend Leandra, & so kind & generous of you to let us play with your paints & stash on Sunday... I think you can see how much fun we all had! Lol!
Glad you & 'Blingy Lynne' had a chance to play on friday too, Andy's class was brilliant!
Alison xx

whyducks said...

It was a great weekend, I was exhausted just watching, so how you felt at the end of it, I can only imagine! Great you had time to do a class as well, it must have been very scary for Andy to do a class with you in it, as you are such a talented crafter. Nice to see all your lovely work and chat to you again. I do wish you would come and do a class at the Craft Barn.

Helen said...

Love all your samples Leandra - wish I'd had a chance to visit your hall!
PS See you got my double chin!!!

Hilda said...

Brilliant Leandra, the weekend was absolutely fabulous and although I did come and hover at the back, the crowds round your desk each time I got there were so dense, I kept promising myself to come back, but somehow the time just flew away - probably something to do with meeting up with my internet forum Kiwi pals and others from around the world, so much chatting and laughing to do as well!!!!!

Paula said...

Thanks so much Leandra for the wonderful playtime you gave us on the last day. It was so much fun.
Your demos and samples were fabulous and everything is on my wishlist. I adore the new sewing inspired stamps best of all.x

Marion said...

Thanks for showing us, slowly and with patience, the correct way to use the crackle glaze and how to make those dots 'pop'. I've had some Fresco paints for a year and never could get it quite right until now. I love your demos and I'm sorry that I missed that impromptu workshop by about 15 minutes. Steph and Paula were so excited about it!

Gio said...

Leandra , i love to read this recap of the weekend.

I was so happy to met you , you were so kind and you're inspired me.

I got that cracly stuff, and can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leandra just want to say i also really enjoy watching you , you have given us some amazing ideas , will you be doing some youtube demo's on what you did at the craft barn , that would be great .
love Annie xxx i was one that watched you late sat evening but again on the sunday,.xx