Wednesday 25 July 2012


So how gorgeous is the weather??? Been waiting for this for so long, and it is utterly fabulous. We are on for 32 Celsius tomorrow !! Woop woop. Finally! So the stuff on my desk this week is me playing about with distress ink-putting it on and taking it you do...

I was so torn yesterday afternoon. I was really keen to just lie in the sun after dropping off the sack of post to the post office.....but I was itching to play with some rubber stamps I gave myself 30 mins to see what I could do.

I haven't used my distress inks in ages, so I put several colours with CND foam onto an A4 piece of card. Then I spied a stencil nearby. I have no idea why I haven't tried this idea before...I'm sure you all have done this loads of times!!!! I put the stencil over the distress ink background, dabbed some cut n dry foam into a spritz of water, and tapped the water gently through the stencil. Of course, as you well know, distress ink kind of gets bleached off by the water, through the stencil, looks like ink has been removed!!! LOVE THAT!! Why have I not done this before?

Then I dipped a large script into the water too, and stamped that to 'bleach' more ink away. You can see it on the yellow section above left.

I stamped the large...and it is large....collage stamp HP1216 (above) in a deep green permanent's a lovely ink...I bought it in Paris, never seen it here, but it's manufactured by Tsukineko for a French-based, Japanese owned stamp company...and heat set. The ink I think is probably a similar formula to versafine, an oil-based permanent.

Next i either removed ink with a wet paintbrush from the image, or I applied more distress with a wet paint brush to add deeper colour. You get the idea. Sometimes I removed, then put a different colour on top...

Anyway, it's a work in progress, I still have to layer it up, embellish it and so forth, but that is what is deffo on my desk ATM!

Oh yes, and this is on my desk too. A couple of weeks back I used a crackle glaze that looked from the outside to be more or less the same as our Freso Finish crackle glaze, however, apparently it has a 4 hour window of opportunity to apply your top coat. So that got me wondering if ours had a use-by time for the top coat. So I base-coated a small paper mâché board gold. Dried it. Put on the layer of crackle glaze, and set it to one side. That was probably 2-3 weeks ago. So today I applied black on top and voila. It cracked instantly, just like it usually does! Yay. I couldn't see any reason why it wouldn't, so I was pretty glad and relieved to prove my theory correct.

If you get a chance to show us your desk, pop along to Julia's blog here, and make sure you link your post on her's pretty easy, just follow the instructions

Hope you have a lovely week/weekend, and don't forget to watch the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics on Friday night!!



Francesca said...

Nice to see a professional's desk,do like the colour combination, although the card looks bigger than A4. Loving your new stamps. Francesca #53

Miriam said...

Fabulous work Leandra. Love the new stamp sets - will be placing my order soon!!! Love the colours and thanks for the great idea with the stencil and water!

May said...

I need those stamps.... will get my order in soon... LOVE IT!!!! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#11

Helen said...

Lovely to see you joining in again, glad you tore yourself away from the sun long enough - and I love how you applied the water through the stencil - I do it by spraying but haven't had such good effects, will try your way when it's cool enough (and when I get home from work, more to the point!!) Will have to buy that stamp soon, every time I see it I love it more! Just need to find some dosh.
Helen, 6

Tammy said...

Love the colors you used! Aren't distress inks the best? I love finding new things like this and happy accidents too that turn out something fun. Enjoy the sunshine! Happy WOYWW - Tammy #90

Julia Dunnit said...

See, the timelessness of your crackle makes it a leader if you ask me. Love the colours that you played with, very impressed at your 30 minute production..I've just about find the ink and paper in that time!!

jill said...

love the colours you've used. I'm a fan of Paperartsy stamps , Happy crafting jill #32

Words and Pictures said...

Stunning work in progress - that new stamp is unbelievably gorgeous, and your colouring of it is sensational. (Background ain't bad either!!) Sun vs crafting... hmm - it's a toughie!
Alison x

donnalouiserodgers said...

it doesn't matter if everyone has done it before ,

that is what I love about crafting the first time YOU ( or anyone else) does it - it is Always Magic!

glad the crackle didn't let you down, now off to set up the outside bar tv and BBQ ( and umbrellas just in case)


Anonymous said...

You did all of that in half an hour???!!! *Slaps hand over forehead whilst hunting about for the smelling salts!* It would take me half an hour just to decide what to do and what to use!

Brenda 86

Ali H said...

lots of experimenting this week ! Thanks for showing all the ideas ! Ali #97

Neet said...

Love that stitchery image and what you have done with it. Funny thing, I spritzed through a stencil the other day (first time like you have) on a Distress background. Thought I had discovered a new technique only to have someone tell me they love doing it. Doh! It's my 14th July post if you want to see.
Hope all is well with Paperartsy family.
Hugs, neet xxx

Shoshi said...

Excellent post - love the colours and textures. I love crackle effect, and really like this dark with light crackles - a bit different from the normal!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - glad you enjoyed my annotated photo!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #51

Eliza said...

I so loved your post so informative and excellent, I think I got the idea and might give it ago myself this week. Love how the script in the yellow is but isn't there.... Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me.

Eliza was #16 but now #17
I've gotten older.

SueH said...

Thanks for stopping by this week Leandra, I’m so late getting round to everyone again but better late than never!

Yours is always a very busy work area and it never fails to impress.
Well, I’m someone who hadn’t thought on using the stencils in that way with my distress inks but will definitely give a go now I’ve seen what great effects you’ve achieved. Loving the way you’ve painted the stamp too.

Happy Crafting!

Anonymous said...

good post, added you to my RSS reader.

shamraiz said...

Stunning work in progress - that new stamp is unbelievably gorgeous, and your coloring of it is sensational.hope you enjoy your 32celcius