Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I wish it was a play day today because I have lots of ideas whizzing about for ArtsyCrafts that I want to explore, but that might be happening later in the week if everything goes according to plan.....for now this is a small bit of the lot that is on my production table to tackle today. Is it OK to show my work desk rather than my play desk???...., it is craft related...think of it as a top secret BTS (behind the scenes) sneaky peeky of my day job.... You can share your desk with other like minded, craftty, nosey people too if you want. Go to Julia's blog and follow the destructions. Its easy -spesh if you are nosey like me!! I love seeing how people organise their spaces...or in these baskets...minis waiting to be packaged up to go in stock.
I have about 400 minis to do today, this is just the tip of the mini iceberg....
Ohhh heres the best bit....this week we have had a regular supply of baking from Miss Millie (age 13) who cooked up a storm over the weekend. Mary Berry's banana bread recipe (no failures here, unlike those slebs who don't know the diff between a t and T of baking powder!), and Gran's caramel slice...aka Millionaire's shortbread or its called 'sticky wicket' if you ar a northerner I hear. Whatevs, it's yum and calorifically off the scale!!! But we don't have it very often, so it's allowed!
This morning I'm working on orders to go out later today to craft shops in Belgium, Canada, France and the Netherlands. It's a never ending battle here to keep the hundreds of hooks as full as possible. I prefer it when we can pick, pack and ship in minutes. So we usually press and trim rubber nearly every day to keep hooks as full as possible....we do have elves to keep productive.....maybe I should try to get a pic of an elf one day for you to see!!
Piles of sheets of minis and stamps waiting to be trimmed peeled and stuck to their index sheets. I quite like these jobs. I find myself dreaming about all the things you could do with them....probably spend much of my day dreaming come to think of it! And in the distance, Hot Picks etc. I need to get cracking I think!
Keeping our PaperArtsy world fully stocked is the same challenge as having your house looking show-home perfect, your clothes washed and ironed and your fridge chokkka full on a daily basis. It's probably not achievable all the time is it!!!  Oh well...back to the dreaming then!
Still, it's all worth it when I get to wake up to this view every day...well on frosty winter days anyway!! Just snapped as the sun was coming up across Creaseys Farm yesterday morning. Always amazes me the number of trails in the sky from airplanes. We are pretty much under flight paths of Heathrow, Stanstead and London City airports. We don't really hear the planes as they are pretty high, but I always feel a niggling concern about those trails and the effect they have on the environment.
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Yes, i can comment again. All those wonderful posts about pastels and paint and all i got was a blank space so i could not tell how lovely it was to see you blogging so much to give us tips, techniques and great tags. Margriet

Crafting Queen said...

Wish that was my desk with all those lovely stamps. :)

Inkypinkycraft said...

Oh my gosh, look at all those yummy stamps.....wish that was my desk!!!!fab frosty photo, happy woyww hugs trace x no9

Neil said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us WOYWWers this morning! I hope you have a wonderful week. A desk is a desk, whether at home or not. I enjoyed seeing your desk with all that lovely stuff ready to go so we can play and create! Now of course you've made me really really peckish, and nothing in the house as nice as that to eat; it's not fair!
Neil # 34

sandra de said...

Your morning tea looks delicious and those stamps look pretty good as well. Have loved your portfolio pastel ideas. Wonderful information you have shared and will be giving this a go asap.

Lindart said...

Wish I could work for you! Your day seems like a lot of fun!

Katie said...

That seems like such a fun job! All of those yummy baked goods all look delicious too. I'm sitting here with just a cup of tea and no treats, and definitely nothing crafty at work, so I'm very jealous!

Happy WOYWW! Katie #16

Ellie Knol said...

You said : 'I find myself dreaming about all the things you could do with them...'

I would not only dream, but ink some of them quickly!

Neet said...

Great photo Leandra - what a view, as you say, to waken up to.
Mmm... the food looks yummy so congrats to Miss Millie for the baking.
Given Mary a hug from you - wish you were coming over for CHA.
Hugs, Neet
ps I remember the stories - Long Island ring any bells?

Brenda B said...

Beautiful, beautiful view to have from your real workdesk! Send Miss Millie my way please, I'm in need of some home made baking, good old comfort food! Love to see the whole process of stamp making and packaging, must be never ending!

Brenda 104

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Look at all that rubber! My goodness. I could totally see myself handling it and daydreaming about it for sure. Great view too!

Unknown said...

cor i would like that job as well lol, bet you come up with some awesome ideas

hugs and thanks for the snoop
Judie xx

yoursartfully said...

Hope you've saved some of that caramel/shortbread thingy for me on Friday. Lots and lots of brownie points to head chef Millie, she's a star!!!

Fab view of the farm, very different from the rainy day when I was last there!!

Kim Dellow said...

No sorry, what did you say? I got distracted by all the cakes - and my favourites too - millionaires shortcake yumsk!
Ok sorry, focussed again...nope gone again - lots of pictures of yummy stamps. So hard to concentrate!
Kim #81

Katie said...

What interesting stamps! I'd love to look through them all!

katie (112)

VonnyK said...

I can see why you daydream, so many stamps. Do you get to test them all first?

Von #30 :)

Sid said...

Fab and what a lot of work in progress !

Bridget Larsen said...

Wow I love your stamps, I own a few of them
Bridget #26

Morti said...

Oooh - couldn't leave a comment last week so it's good to be able to this! Fab insight into your desk and what you have piled on it - JD is ok as long as we don't blatantly advertise stuff, and I can't say as you've done that!

Wish I could make it to Warrington..... sigh....

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