Monday 30 January 2012

Any Excuse to hit {Bluewater} but this is the best one yet|!

Many of you already know about the HobbyCrafts shows around the UK, the biggie is the NEC in Spring and Autumn. Well we won't be exhibiting at Birmingham this Spring due to other commitments in Paris (not hard to pick Paris any day of the year is it!) but the crowd at ICHF who organise the HobbyCrafts shows have added 2 new shows to their schedule, and its just 40mins from PA HQ, so of course we are going to....BLUEWATER MALL to do a show. Woooohooooo! Excited Much! And all the Downton Abbey costumes are on show!! So excited to see that too!!

So what's not to like about a craft show at my favourite mall. A zillion shops AND a HobbyCrafts and Creative Stitches show all in one - my 2 most favourite things to do ever! Shop and craft....and.... (shhh) eat, and there are loads of yummo places to eat! I can't wait!!
And my partner in ArtsyCrafts events, the one and only Mrs Linda Brown will be making an appearance demoing on our stand for all 4 days of the show! How lucky are you to see her back in action??? So.... if you are having LB withdrawal symptoms, then get your tush down to Kent, and you can catch up with all her goss and of course coolio techniques with all things PaperArtsy. Look at the flash brand new demo desk Mr PA has made just for her!

A word of advice re driving, if you are coming from the Essex side on the M25, come off the bridge in the left hand lane, and take the very left hand toll gate, because the slip road to Bluewater is straight ahead of you and its easy to sneak onto it from the left hand toll booth! Don't say i didn't tell you!!! You do not want to be 12 toll booths over on the right hand side and trying to cut across all those lanes of traffic!! 
So we have porta-loos for sale at the show! I know, this is no ordinary PaperArtsy stand I tell you, and you can rely on us to bring you the newest must have crafting items!! If you were following me on twitter over the last 5 days, you will have seen sneaky peeks of us trimming our piles (not THAT kind of piles!! We are talking rubber of course!) And of course we are taking lots of the new products we have just received for the show. Including the portaloos. (technically they are beach huts, but they really do look like the cutest little outhouse don't you think??) 
We also have 12 brand new stencils from Crafters Workshop, these are on offer at the show, almost £1 off at £3.95, here is just 2 of the newest designs. Plus rusting powder - you need to see this stuff..take a look at Kim Dellow's blog, scroll down to WOYWW on January 25, 2012, she's mega-rusting!

And today Lynne H (aka @bodgerbird on twitter, aka Cheryl, Tim's class know.... Blingy Lynne) got busy on packing up several walls of grid wall with numerous PaperArtsy stamps, here they are ready to load into the van tomorrow.
So I guess you want to know the show details right???

Where: Glow event Centre, Bluewater Mall, Kent, DA9 9SG
When: Thurs - Sun  (this weekend) Feb 2-5,  9.30am - 5.30pm
PaperArtsy Stand: BB42, Lower Level
 (HobbyCrafts on the lower level, Creative Stitches on the Upper Level)
Nearest Car Park: Thames Walk Car Park (near Marks and Spencers)

And if you follow our blog, or tweet me please tell me, i often know people look familiar, but can't place if they are an ArtsyCrafter, a Tweepster, or a long time show-groupie. just remind me where I know you from so I remember! Don't be shy!

See you later this week



yoursartfully said...

Thank you, thank you Mr Paperartsy, I'm loving the look of my new demo desk. Green would have been nice but I'll settle for blue!!!

It's gonna be a lot of fun playing, oops should I say working with all the new stuff. Got a few cool demos buzzing around my head already.

See you Thursday morning!!!
Don't work too hard

Neil said...

Hi there Leandra, I think I have to sneak a visit on Thursday. I've seen you demoing at Ally Pally but we've not actually met yet; other than WOYWW and your kind visits to my blog. So I'll say hi on Thursday. Neil (Neelzexpressionz)

Siobhan Brignull said...

right Ive had bad news but it becomes good news, Ive been blown out for my saturday visit, so Im going to come on friday instead, whats the bad news I hear you say "well with no-one else to consider I may just stay with you all day LOL, should I bring a chair" looking forward to seeing you and a porta loo is now top of the wish list closely followed by some of the new fresco's . . toodle pips be there or be square : )

Alison said...

Yay!!! Coming to see you tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see all the new stuff! xox